Photo Diary: Pop Rocks – Hugi Film

Hey everyone. So lately I’ve been kinda of obsessed with “film cameras” specifically Hugi and Kuji. Which aren’t real film cameras… they are just APPs on your phone that make your photos look like they were taken back in the 90’s with light leaks and grain. Complete with a fake date in the corner… I have like 10 different ones but Hugi is the best followed by Kuji in case anyone wants to try them out 🙂

These first three were taken by Hugi. In addition to the nostalgic film look… Hello POP ROCKS! LOL. Unfortunately I actually lost both of them after taking these photos and never got to eat them 🙁 thankfully they were lost in my room and are still sealed so one day if they ever turn up again… LOL 😉

The rest of the photos were actually taken with a camera named 1998… which is strange because the year they use it 1996 and I spent almost 30 minutes yesterday trying to figure out which camera used 1998, thinking that logically it would be camera 1998… no. It’s actually Hugi that uses the 1998 date…

Also don’t judge me but I kinda went hog wild on taking these photos so there is quite a few of them… lol I ended up deleting the regular photos I took and opted to just use the “film” ones to post for my diary 😛

Yeah… I promise on my next nostalgic trip using photography I won’t take as many photos… which will be today with my cotton candy push pop 😀 I have lots of cool old skool candy on my hands hahah

Whew. Thankfully that’s finally the last one. Imagine if I had actually edited all the others I took with the normal camera. Aye way too many, I couldn’t even decide which ones to post!! Nor could I really decide which ones are my favorites either… some of them are really similar, yes, but even a slight change can take a photograph a long way.

So, what do you think? Is it film overkill? I should just stick to my real film diaries. I just haven’t had time to develop anything and with real disposable film cameras I tend to spread the photos out so it takes quite a while for me to finish the film roll in order to get it developed in the first place… ironically real film doesn’t even have the date. I mean some cameras did but not the disposable kind… I had a whole black and white roll once. That took years to go through because I don’t take black and white too often…

Anyways though, which one of these is your favorite? Do you have one or you can’t decide? Or you don’t like any of them? Let me know in the comments 🙂 xoxo

xx, Rose

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Photo Diary – New Hair Style (Snapchat)

Hey guys… So I guess none of the blog posts I have been writing and posting have even been going live! I guess that’s my own fault for not checking them LOL. Anyhoo… About two months ago I had to cut my hair. I have never liked my hair short. My hair is naturally curly so when it’s short, I tend to have overly frizzy curls and I think I look a bit like Annie (you know… Red curly hair in an afro-style hair style).

My friend on the other hand thinks I look more like Merida from Brave… But that’s with my LONG hair! I won’t argue with that one. Although Ariel is my princess for life, my red hair isn’t as smooth and wavy as Ariel’s. Well… Maybe if I was underwater haha. So fine then, Merdia, we have cool hair… And a Scottish heritiage!

Haha. Anywho, the point being my hair is short but for the first time in my life… I actually really like how it came out! Especially since I cut itself and it’s only the second time in my life that I have done that. New photos will be coming soon but for the mean time… Here’s my Snapchat diary! My hair is about a half an inch longer now lol but obviously you can’t really tell.

It’s shorter on the left side (stage right – LMFAO) so I don’t part it down the middle… And yes it was supposed to be. What do you think of it? Way too long of a blog about nothing but cutting my hair? Yeah… I agree. Pfft. Let me know in the comments below!

xo, Rose

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Personal Style: Safety When It Comes To Fire










Hype my Look

Red Dress: Forever 21
Red Feather Clip: LA Swap Meet
Zebra Heels: Madden Girls (Burlington Coat Factory)
Gray Jeans: Bullhead (Pac Sun)
Bangle: Forever 21
Safety Pin: Regular ones – Wal Mart, Large one – In N Out (My friend used to work there)


Photos: Me (I did not have a tripod which is why some are cropped weird. I set the camera on top of my trash can).
These were taken in November 2011, I got my new camera & my CF card had the originals of these are some other outfits that I lost on them 🙂

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Photo Diary: The Style of My Sister’s Wedding

Hey crazies, these photos are from a while ago back when my sister got married to her husband.  They are adorable & i LOVE her styling for it.  She wore red Converse All-Stars down the aisle the entire time and never even had a pair of heels.  Not to mention her top hat! So this is my photo diary from backstage at the wedding and the fitting of the dress the week or so before the wedding.

Also I have some great news! I will be getting a new DSLR camera at the beginning of next month! It’s on it’s way which is super exciting to me! I can start to document my daily outfits and basically everything else again!










That’s my mom in the background laughing! And the boy in the blue shirt is my first and oldest nephew.









I do believe she made the top hat herself using a hat from the dollar store! Shes always been super crafty and stylish with no effort. What do you think of her dress / outfit? x

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Behind the Scenes: Mixed Media Design + Organization At It’s Finest

After several months (years really) of working on a new clothing collection, it has finally happened and a day after I announce it’s coming out, I officially decide to move it over to my website, put it under my name and get rid of I’m A Jerk Industries entirely (don’t worry, this is a good decision).  I was finally able to start working on my new collection after finding a way to make it happen but realized that the production cost of this collection is going to raise prices a little higher than IAJ ever had (not unaffordable, just not the cheapest). Since this was happening, I pondered simply having two lines a more upscale one under “Rose Pendleton” and a slightly less expensive one for “I’m A Jerk Industries“.  Finally after considering this option and having prints with both logos I have decided to ultimately shut down I’m A Jerk Industries for good and start fresh with just my name. My newest collection “Lights” will launch in February. I’m currently deleting and merging all my social media accounts together and hopefully Facebook will change I’m A Jerk’s name for me. I have ONE twitter account but will have TWO Instagram’s (one for the blog posts & one for my portfolio) If Facebook doesn’t let me change I’m A Jerk’s name, I’ll be getting a new Facebook for myself/clothing line so RSH is more a fashion website rather than personal blog. I have one Tumblr. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the upcoming designs!


Sorry for the quality. Lights is going to have everything from makeup & tote bags to tank tops, sweaters, shirts, pins, & even socks! Don’t expect me to sit on my butt for too long either, I have so many designs in mind that very soon new hats & beanies will be added (but you can still get the old I’m A Jerk Industries ones in my new store) and another new collection will be launched before the end of 2016 trust me! Lights is extremely diverse and features amazing floral prints, light textures, makeup, rad word sayings & even CHEESEBURGERS and french fries! All designs are original mixed media artwork blending photography & graphics made by me so you might see these around again featured on my new website available for use as design resources (for PERSONAL NON PROFIT use only). The designs above have the old bleeding heart logo on them, because not all of them have been changed yet, but I might leave it on a couple of them, because I think it goes really well.

I decided to change the name for one main reason. I lost I’m A Jerk Industries’ domain name and someone else bought it, and finally after months of waiting became available for purchase again.  The second I saw that I immediately purchased it and this time I’m not letting it expire ever again even if I’m not using it for anything. If you go there at the moment, you might notice #1 nothing’s really there yet, #2 it’s having some design/coding issues. I’m working on both.  With that said, I’m also getting rid of Rogue Daisies, my trendy little online clothing shop. Don’t cry though, because it’s simply moving to become apart of Rosie Says Hello!

Rosie Says Hello has been having some major work done on it.  I’m turning it into more of a professional fashion blog with more exclusive content from events like interviews, videos, behind the scenes stuff, etc.  It’s still going to be my blog and RSH and will be linking to each other ( won’t have a blog so you don’t have to worry about subscribing to two different ones!) This leaves me with TWO “companies” Rose Pendleton which will offer design + photography services, plus sell my clothing designs and Rosie Says Hello which will focus a little less on just me and a little more on featuring other amazing artists in the form of interviews, photos, videos, as well as my personal work. If you remember I’m A Jerk TV it was a five minute web show that featured and interviewed artists at events, that will be restarting right here as RSH TV! It’s going to be interviews & event coverage but also tutorials, shopping hauls and even “home movies” which are short 1-5 minute films with usually just myself acting like the one I posted previously called “The Prom”. I’m going to try to post a new episode at least once every two weeks, but at least once a month.  It’s just going to be a little hard for me right now because my car was in an accident at the end of December and I won’t be getting it back. Lastly, in addition to adding RSH TV, it’s going to have a brand new little shop (off because profit making isn’t allowed) just for my visitors!

The only thing that’s really NEW so far that you might not be following yet, is the RSH YouTube channel that I created years ago and never really used, but check it out because there are some fashion shows already featured! And new videos are on their way including the one above from the Concept LA event & another one from the Raw Artists Hollywood show I was apart of for Coruscate Innovations! If I can somehow figure out how to download the old I’m A Jerk TV episodes from the Vimeo page, I might upload these too.

So bottom line, you might notice the navigation is a little funky, I’ve added categories and really if you click on ANYTHING right now it’s going to lead you to a 404 error page, because I moved all my blogs out of categories to recreate them.  I’m letting you know, because I’m not sure if I will be fixing it tomorrow or the next day, so be patient and don’t freak out! I’m also going to work on getting up a scheduled list of upcoming articles/posts and finally work on the ones people have requested me to write in the past! I’m also getting rid of my filmography & resumes, etc. They will be moving over to my portfolio at Thanks for taking the time to read all this! Wish me luck and be excited for the changes! They’re good I swear!

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Behind the Scenes: Modeling vs. Styling

I wanted to touched base on the different types of “photo shoots” that are put together for Rosie Says Hello.  Their are basic styling or “how to” guides, which is my own personal closet or clothing in the form of a styling tutorial where I’ve given some thought into each of the outfits or ideas themselves.  For example, How To Style “A Dress Different Ways” or “I’m A Jerk Wraps 12 Ways or even “Baseball Caps”.  I’ve had some friends come to me for advice on styling particular types of clothing like skater skirts (it’s scheduled to be shot!).  These “styling guides” are like I said ideas that I’ve thought of or have been asked to do and come from my own personal closet.

8688035506_00a7baf4aa_oAll articles from this How To shoot were from my own closet.  (The Cramps tee was provided by Franky’s Boutique but was given to me for styling on a DIFFERENT shoot [I’m A Jerk Magazine A/W 2010] a few years PRIOR to this styling guide), and therefore this was not promoting a product, but rather a written styling tutorial using my own personal style and closet of clothing.

A sponsor shoot is also different, but can sometimes be thrown into a mix of a styling tutorial.  For example, I once had ask me to put together a styling guide on what I would wear to Vegas to feature on their website.  Although it was a “sponsor shoot”, they didn’t provide any of the clothing, and only featured the written styling tutorial on their website.  A sponsor shoot would be when a particular company sends me an item of clothing or jewelry (even a beauty product for review, etc.) and I then put together a styling tutorial based around their piece to help promote them!

DSC_1152Dress was provided by Biology Boutique which shortly was used in a giveaway between Rosie Says Hello’s followers and Biology Boutique’s followers!

There are TWO more types of photo shoots but mainly fall into the same category which would be an actual modeling photo shoots.  Obviously on a “real” photo shoot (unless it’s for portfolio purposes), you aren’t going to be using your own personal clothing, there will usually be another stylist, makeup artist and your look may change several times throughout the shoot, etc.  These I very RARELY style myself, however on one occasion I had an online magazine ask me to style a basic t-shirt promoting their magazine not their clothing.  That event was very rare, but I feel it falls more into the modeling photo shoot rather than a sponsored style shoot especially since it’s a lifestyle magazine and not a fashion, style or beauty magazine.

Rose-PonyBoyTee-0335This is the particular shoot I was speaking of.  It was for the lifestyle magazine “The Name’s Ponyboy” and had three different sections one featuring a full outfit with the shirt + sticker, second being just the shirt + sticker and third just me and the sticker 😉

I hope this helps separate sponsored shoots from styling tutorials to actual modeling jobs.  I’m going to make a list so you can see what is going to be posted (and so I can keep track of what needs to be posted) I once again will also be posting these articles, all my previous modeling jobs, all my previous acting & crew work jobs as well as my personal style posts and product reviews.  Other section of the website that I really want to bring back is the “Horror Movie Review” section because I had a LOT of fun posting about horror movies and reviewing them.  Horror movies are one of my favorite things next to watercolors and flowers 😛 Stay tuned! Another article or post should go up tonight!

I have to style for the shoot tomorrow still! x

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Travel: The History of San Dimas


Hello ladies & gentlemen!  For those who don’t know I’m a huge history fanatic, and so is my mom! We love learning about our surrounding cities and visiting places that have been around for a really long time!  This particular post is about San Dimas (and some of the amazing things I found in vintage shops when we went there).  It’s from a while ago, but better than the last post just a bit.  These photos were once again taken with my iPhone.  I feel the cropping is better than the woods, but definitely still too many textures used on each and every single photo!20130726-213806.jpg Even the main streets of San Dimas look vintage which is really rad!  It’s apart of Route 66 for those who didn’t know.  The main street has A LOT of vintage/antique shops and it’s where I got some of my all time FAVORITE THINGS including my vintage Vans fedora!20130726-214430.jpg


Another amazing thing I got when we went is the unicorn crystal and my lion necklace (I am a Leo after all).  The Nightmare necklace is from Jac Vanek.

20130726-200233.jpg 20130726-194954.jpg


Their main street features a lot of old cars and car shops that have been around since the days of Route 66 as well! 20130726-214441.jpg 20130726-214414.jpg 20130726-214407.jpg 20130726-214027.jpg 20130726-213833.jpg

We went on a tour of one of the original railroad stations and went through a museum that talked about all the ways people used to use it as main transportation and they showed us the signals for the trains.  I’m pretty sure the train still runs but not in the same way.  Now it’s mostly just to show people how it all worked!20130726-213843.jpg 20130726-213746.jpg 20130726-213912.jpg 20130726-213854.jpg




I believe this was the LAST time I took photos using my iPhone before my DSLR arrived in the mail.  Again, I personally believe these are edited much better than the other ones I just posted.  What are your opinions?  Are you into history and seeing old things?  Or maybe just thrifting and vintage shopping?  Either way I remember this day was a lot of fun! x

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Photography: Phone Tip #1 – Relax On Those Filters

I remember one of the last time I went out somewhere before replacing my first DSLR (named Joe) with a smaller DSLR (named Patrick) [did you get the pun? ha!].  I went up to a spot in Crestline with my former friend which was kind of like a secret getaway spot for us.  It used to be the site of an old Teenage Campground that was burned down.  Now it’s just a large grassy area with a flowing river, rocks and lots of wildlife!

On this particular day, I used my iPhone to take photos and some of them are pretty great while others… just aren’t.  I did want to share them either way! 20130726-192951.jpg 20130726-192937.jpg

The editing on them is horrible! One of the main reasons I no longer use “Light Leaks” or textures on my photos is because I definitely used to over use them. Anyways, on our way down, we spotted a mother deer with two baby deer and cautiously stood by not moving as they crossed the river!  She watched us the entire time, ready to charge if she needed.20130726-192921.jpg We were pretty far away so the image is zoomed and cropped (which is the reason it’s low quality and horribly pixelated). The baby deer aren’t in the photo, but they were in front of her as she protected them from any danger including me and my former friend.

20130726-192759.jpg 20130726-192742.jpg 20130726-192728.jpg

Photography tips that I would definitely give off of this post, is in nature, leave it natural! It’s definitely best to use natural lighting and only use textures or light leaks on your photos if it’s absolutely needed. Or every once in a while if you feel the need to “decorate” your photos.  Using them on EVERY PHOTO is a HUGE NO-NO!

I’d say there’s TWO photos from this day that I find “acceptable” some were so bad I didn’t even post them this time around, but I’ve left the two OKAY ones for last!


Although this photo does have a light leak, it’s more of a vintage old photo feeling.  Actually it’s one of my favorite photos that I’ve taken with my iPhone and if all these other ones weren’t paired next to it, it might pass as a pretty decent photograph!


The only thing wrong with this one is the horrible cropping.  Again, same “light leak” that makes the photo look old and vintage but the colors give it a forest vibe and I seem to like it.  Just wish I had left the cropping alone and made it a regular photo.

The first one of the sunflower would be in third place mainly because the only thing wrong with it is that it’s slightly double exposed because of the wind.  What do you think of these iphotography pictures? Hit or definite miss? Which is the worst and which one is ACCEPTABLE in your eyes? Opinions anyone? x

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PS. If you have a heart, my DSLR Patrick (the new one I bought to replace my old one Joe) has been stolen (or it was back in June).  I’m currently trying to SAVE up to buy a new one so my photos for my blog can again be DECENT.  If you’d like to help me out check out my stores Rogue Daisies and I’m A Jerk Industries and considering buying something even if it’s just a small necklace for $2 or if you have such a kind heart for the Holidays and want to flat out just donate so I can replace my camera, email me at rosependleton[at] so we can set that up through PayPal or Chase QuickPay (those are the only options I can currently accept right now unless you want to hide some cash in a card and ship it through the mail! Kidding… kinda. And for those who got/liked the first pun, yes… my new camera will probably be named either Andy or Peter.  If you didn’t get the first pun, did you get it now? If not… we probably wouldn’t make great friends. Kidding! Again… kinda.