Pop Culture: Dreadlocks – Culturally Inappropriate or A Symbol of One Love?

Hey guys. So today I heard that Justin Bieber is being attacked because he had dreadlocks. Dreadlocks. Dreadlocks are a natural style of hair and not JUST FOR ONE TYPE OF PERSON. I do not understand how something natural can be considered culturally inappropriate because of someone’s ethnic background? There are tons of other people in the industry who also have this hair style so why attack Justin Bieber for it?

A few years back… Like a decade or so ago… I really loved dreadlocks (and still do!). I loved them so much I decided to actually try dreadlocks! Seriously! I am also a huge fan of cornroll (or is it corn rows? idk my computer wants to auto correct it…) braids and twists too. In high school, my sister would practice on my hair and I got a bunch of cute hair styles involving braids and twists from her! Back then, everyone loved it! Now… I’m not sure how people would take it?

I couldn’t hang because they were way too itchy for me… But for the past two years of my life… I didn’t have a choice. I won’t lie… I fell into a depressed phase of life and stopped caring about a lot in life… This caused me to stop brushing my hair for a while… Which caused it to go into it’s NATURAL state all on its own. Yes, my hair dreaded itself into a side ponytail (I kid you not) and a few smaller dreads in random places for almost a year and a half. I was unable to get it out and finally opted to cut it which lead to my new short hair style I debuted a few days ago on Facebook.

I styled my hair for that time period with my dreadlocks as apart of my style… It finally became too much to handle and I chopped it off myself (after it finally moved far enough from my skull to be cut).

Dreadlocks are not a one size fits some type of hairstyle. Dreadlocks are both a lifestyle (/hairstyle) and a natural form of hair for more than one ethnic group. I cannot speak for everyone’s culture, but I do know that my own culture does naturally grow dreads. To top it off, its still a really cute hairstyle for both guys and girls!! I hope Justin Bieber ignores all the ignorant hate and keeps them!

What do you think? Should Justin have to change his hair? Is he being culturally inappropriate or being racist by having them? Leave your thoughts below!

xo, Rose

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Beauty: “Knot On My Watch” Hair Detangler – Product Review

Hey my loves. So this past year I had some huge problems with my hair being overly dry and getting all tangled together. It got so bad I couldn’t even get a brush through it and I seriously considered chopping off ALL my hair, until…

Knot On My Watch hair detangler is the bees knees. Literally after trying so many different options, I ran into this product and I am never using anything else to detangle my hair ever again.

The instant you put it in your hair the brush just starts to move through the locks. I have extremely curly hair… It’s my lion’s mane (I’m a Leo) and my curls are rather important to me. Plus they keep my neck warm like a scarf during the cold months… So cutting off my hair was literally going to make me super upset. The absolute best part is it’s not expensive at all! I got it at my local Target store for under $15 which is great because before I found it I tried looking for solutions on YouTube and I found some companies and products that may have worked but they weren’t really in my budget at the time.

Has anyone ever tried this product? Did it work for you? What do you guys do when you have hair problems? Let me know in the comments ūüôā

xo, Rose

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Product Review: Kimble Bounce Back Curling Revitalizer

Hey guys! So a few years ago my mom got me this curling revitalizer as a Christmas gift and ever since I haven’t found one that tops it (my next review of a curling revitalizer will be pretty much the opposite of this one). ¬†This one really lives up to it’s name of “Bounce Back” and makes your curls fresh and really bouncy!


It’s a sticky gel. ¬†Almost like hair gel but you apply it after getting out the shower and it works it magic while your hair air drys! That’s it! You just brush it in and it does all the work.


This is my curls before I jumped into the shower. ¬†I have naturally curly hair, so this is pretty much what it looks like everyday. Notice how it’s flat at the top by my roots and doesn’t really start to get curly until it passes my ears. ¬†Then the curls are pretty much all over the place and I don’t mean in a good way!


This is AFTER my hair dried and using the Kimble Bounce Back Curling Revitalizer! The curls start at the roots, they are more spiral shaped, tighter and closer together and go all the way around my head. ¬†I LOVE this product so incredibly much. The way my curls just literally bounce with it is amazing. ¬†I mean I have naturally curly hair so no matter what I do the curls will always be there they don’t “go flat” but they can look disgusting and using this really made them look amazing. I also got two other Kimble products that I didn’t like quite as much. ¬†One was a mint shampoo and I’m not a fan of mint. ¬†When I opened it in the shower, it burned my eyes with the strong small alone… so I’m not saying that I love this product for any reason other than I truly TRULY LOVE IT and have not found anything better to this day.

This product is hard to find in stores. ¬†Usually you can find it at Sally’s or possibly Target if you’re lucky. ¬†But if you don’t feel like going on a hunting trip, you can always order it online. ¬†Becareful of which product you are getting. ¬†They appear to have MANY different ones under the exact same brand and same name but are different types of liquid texture. They also have changed the look of the bottle since I got mine (pictured above) so there are a few different looks that you might find when looking for it. ¬†Mine (above), the newer-older version (below)…


OR these newer bottles of it rather than a squeeze bottle it’s in a pump. ¬†And these below are the ones I was talking about being careful when selecting the RIGHT product.


This one seems right because it’s the Bounce Back Curl in “Curl Cream” form, but it’s NOT the one I tried.SBS-055101

This is the RIGHT one. ¬†It’s the Curling Revitalizer not Curl Cream. (I have not tried the curl cream, but would love to if I ever get my hands on some!)


This last one is a Curl Enhancer and also says Bounce Back Curl on it. ¬†So just remember that you’re looking for the Revitalizer, not cream, not enhancer but the bottles seem to look similar. ¬†You can buy it in the Sally’s Beauty Supply store in person or online. ¬†I’ve also seen it at Target & JcPenney once. ¬†If you are interested in trying the other two they are listed in the online store above in the side where it lists similar products. ¬†The revitalizer seems to be the most expensive of the three, listed at $15.99 while the others are $13.99 and $12.99 respectfully. Have you guys ever tried this out? Do you want to? Let me know your trials below! x


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