Fashion: Accessorize It! – MB&F Watches

Hey guys! So I recently fell in love with these watches. They are men’s watches from the brand MB&F. The purple one is the reason I fell in love with them obviously! However, the unique look of the “3D” watch on your wrist makes for a really awesome design. It’s almost futuristic and reminds me of outer space or the galaxy.

They could also be one of those really old school sun dials where it’s all stone and the sun tells you what time it is. I guess it could also remind you of one of the really huge clocks too like from Back From the Future or Hogwarts… only because of the third movie where the camera takes you directly through the clock with the camera instead of following the actors… either way the watch has an old school meets futuristic type of design!

The last design I posted is called the “Bulldog” and it’s even more 3D than the previous one! I like it because it’s bulky. Since these are for men a traditional watch gold or silver occasionally with diamonds is so basic nowadays but at the same time a digital watch is not even on the same level. It shouldn’t even be a watch honestly. A digital timer can be on your phone. These designs however make a man stand out. Especially since the first impression you give requires a handshake.

Holding out your hand while wearing one of these designs will sure grab some attention! It also means you pay attention to detail. A little detail your client might see and like about you as well! Either way, these watches come in purple, blue and nice light teal color. The Bulldog comes in blue with a matching wristband instead of the traditional leather wristband.

What do you think of these watches? Would you love to see your man wearing one of these? Or would you dare to wear one yourself? I might opt for the purple one! It’s like the inside of a watch inside of a snow globe on your wrist. I definitely could get into it. What do you think? xoxo

XO, Rose

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DIY Crafts: Personalized Artistic Pencil Bags

Hey guys! So I got this pencil bag about a month or so ago and it was all pink at first… So of course I had to go in and make it purple instead!

I decided to use mixed medias including a gold hinted metallic purple acrylic paint, a lavendar oil based marker (I LOVE THESE MARKERS SO MUCH!), some purple nail polish, silver nail polish, purple felt tip pens, and regular crayola markers too.

I wanted to cover up some writing on the back of it and I emphasized the “LOVE” by adding cursive on top multiple times.

Overall, I love the end result of the bag. I think it could pass for an actual bag that you would find in the store like this.

I’m not sure what do you guys think of it? Would you buy it from a store designed like this? Or is it more of an artsy “you can totally tell it’s scribbled on” by a person… haha.

xo, Rose

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Backstage: Fashion Internship for Huntress New York

Today I started a fashion internship for s New York / Los Angeles brand Huntress that sells a collection of the designers own designs as well as an amazing vintage collection in apparel & accessories (purses, jewelry, etc.) featuring genuine leather pieces, retro jumpsuits, disco shirts, and amazing sequin blouses all from different time periods! However it doesn’t stop there!  There is also upcoming beauty supplies (coming soon),  Body supplies, such as soaps, sage kits, rose oils & energy cleansing kits.  Plus different types of teas imported from India, as well as different types of honey!  The Los Angeles store is located at 13342 W Washington Blvd Los Angeles, California open Monday – Friday 1pm – 6pm.

Today, I got the chance to help the designer get ready for the Huntress New York Black Friday sale taking place on Black Friday on Rose Ave in Venice Beach, CA!


There will be 26 different designers at the event all selling their items.  The event is only $5 and the items being sold are incredible!  If you are in the LA area you should definitely come check it out!

I got to spend my day helping curate a unique vintage collection of clothing that would be coming to the event and making labels for the sale.  I must say these items are a CATCH!  I really want to get my own hands on some of these one of a kind vintage pieces.  They will not last so be sure to definitely come check out the sale (or the store!) if you can!

I also got to bottle and package teas!

They are absolutely beautiful which is funny because it’s a drink!  Not only are teas beautiful, but most do not know they help with medicinal properties, like headaches, stomach aches, sore throats, and SO much more!

We ended up having a nice cup of Matcha tea, I believe it was paired with a little bit of Almond Milk (I’m not sure), a dash of cinnamon and some honey.  We paired it with cashews.  It was simply to die for.

I think after all this tea talk, I’m going to make my self a cup of delicious tea.  Now which kind to choose I’m not sure.  My all time favorite tea is still Chai, both hot & iced, but I’m thinking of something on the more fruity side at the moment which leaves me with Blueberry Wild Flower or Rose Hibiscus!  Perhaps I’ll have a cup of both since I’m not feeling very well at the moment.  Do you love tea? It’s one of my all time passions.  I hope to one day grow my own plants and make my own recipes (I’ve actually already started the process).

Be sure to come to the event (I will be there) and follow Huntress New York on Instagram & like their Facebook page!


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