Pop Culture: Dreadlocks – Culturally Inappropriate or A Symbol of One Love?

Hey guys. So today I heard that Justin Bieber is being attacked because he had dreadlocks. Dreadlocks. Dreadlocks are a natural style of hair and not JUST FOR ONE TYPE OF PERSON. I do not understand how something natural can be considered culturally inappropriate because of someone’s ethnic background? There are tons of other people in the industry who also have this hair style so why attack Justin Bieber for it?

A few years back… Like a decade or so ago… I really loved dreadlocks (and still do!). I loved them so much I decided to actually try dreadlocks! Seriously! I am also a huge fan of cornroll (or is it corn rows? idk my computer wants to auto correct it…) braids and twists too. In high school, my sister would practice on my hair and I got a bunch of cute hair styles involving braids and twists from her! Back then, everyone loved it! Now… I’m not sure how people would take it?

I couldn’t hang because they were way too itchy for me… But for the past two years of my life… I didn’t have a choice. I won’t lie… I fell into a depressed phase of life and stopped caring about a lot in life… This caused me to stop brushing my hair for a while… Which caused it to go into it’s NATURAL state all on its own. Yes, my hair dreaded itself into a side ponytail (I kid you not) and a few smaller dreads in random places for almost a year and a half. I was unable to get it out and finally opted to cut it which lead to my new short hair style I debuted a few days ago on Facebook.

I styled my hair for that time period with my dreadlocks as apart of my style… It finally became too much to handle and I chopped it off myself (after it finally moved far enough from my skull to be cut).

Dreadlocks are not a one size fits some type of hairstyle. Dreadlocks are both a lifestyle (/hairstyle) and a natural form of hair for more than one ethnic group. I cannot speak for everyone’s culture, but I do know that my own culture does naturally grow dreads. To top it off, its still a really cute hairstyle for both guys and girls!! I hope Justin Bieber ignores all the ignorant hate and keeps them!

What do you think? Should Justin have to change his hair? Is he being culturally inappropriate or being racist by having them? Leave your thoughts below!

xo, Rose

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Enter To Win: Rosie Says Hello x Shasta Style Giveaway

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How To Style: Shasta Style Feather Accessories

Hey everyone! So this past week I did a style shoot for Shasta Style! They have AMAZING feather jewelry of all colors!

  I am so in love with them. If you know my clothing line you know I have a huge love for feathers!

 I decided to style my earrings with a simple jumper paired with bright orange heels to make the orange on the earrings pop! I’ve never been able to find a jumper that looks good on me so when I found this one I fell in love! Especially since it’s gray and has a hood!

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What do you guys think? xo

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