We offer a range of services to help you achieve the results you’re after. Not sure what you need, or what it costs? We can explain what services are right for you and tell you more about our fees. Get in touch below.

Skills & Specialities
Styling & Fashion Consultation
Product Reviews
Promotional Blog Post
Advertising / Ad Placement on RSH
Hosting Events
Red Carpet, Press/Media Junket, Interviewing Artists
Directing & Producing
Various Film Crew Positions
Videography & Editing
Photography, Editing & Retouching
Writing for Web Content, Scripts, Stories, Interview Questions, Product Data, etc.
Web Design, Development, Website Updates, eCommerce, Product Descriptions, Meta Data, SEO
Proficient in HTML, PHP, & CSS
Graphic Design & Branding / Logos
Graphic & Vector Illustrations
Social Media Marketing
Silk Screening
Product Design
… and More!


Rose offers a large variety of services in all areas of Art, Entertainment, Fashion & Media including your current needs! Allow my creative drive to create an inspiring campaign just for you!


Each service offered is made unique and specific just for you after discussing client needs, we can create a plan for meeting those needs on all levels leaving you deeply satisfied with your project!


Get in touch with me so we can discuss your current project and what your specific project needs are, so I am able to create the perfect strategic plan for making it come to life!

Let’s build something together!