How To Style: #MyVegasStyle (Part 4 of 4: On the Strip)

Last and final look for the #MyVegasStyle Campaign for! This is the look I would use for a night on the strip! Hitting up all the clubs, restaurants, shopping areas, basically anywhere with my ladies at night! Vegas has style so you have to go with style!









Photos by Jose Castro
Other Model Laura Daley

Dress: Motel
Shoes: RSH Shop (Sold Out)
Feather Bracelet: I’m A Jerk Industries / Rose Pendleton Clothing
Necklace: Forever 21
Earrings: Vintage

Laura is wearing the “Puckerup Buttercup Blouse” from the RSH Shop (Sold Out), Sunglasses from the RSH Shop (Sold Out) my pearl necklace from Forever 21 (in her hair) Converse shoes, & her own shorts.

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What do you guys think of all my outfits for’s “My Vegas Style” campaign. You can view ALL the photos from this shoot at my Facebook page or my Flickr (there’s a lot!) Actually I think they are all posted at my Flickr but only half are at my Facebook page… Hope you guys like it <3

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How To Style: #MyVegasStyle (Part 2 of 4: Time To Gamble)

Hey everyone! Continuing on with my little getaway! This is after I arrived, settled in and headed down to the casino to gamble a bit!








Unfortunately this was the same photographer as my arrival and I do not remember their name.

Shorts: Jungle Thread (Customized Levi’s)
Boots: eBay
Shirt: Forever 21
Jewelry: Forever 21
Floral Tote: Wet Seal

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This is part TWO of FOUR for the #MyVegasStyle Campaign featured on in Summer 2014! xo

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How To Style: #MyVegasStyle (Part 1 of 4: My Arrival)

Hello lovelies.  Sorry for the lack of posting, I haven’t been feeling to well lately.  Anyway, I’m waiting on some photos for a collab that I did this past week including BETTER photos for’s AMAZING glasses but until then, here is a style post that I did for’s “My Vegas Style #MyVegasStyle” Campaign back in Summer of 2014 where I “stayed a week” in Las Vegas and showed my outfits from the beginning of the trip to the end! Check it out!

This first look (part one of four my arrival) is my arriving in Las Vegas and heading to my motel room on day one!








I do not remember the name of the photographer.

Pants: Forever 21
Feather Necklace: I’m A Jerk Industries / Rose Pendleton Clothing
Crop Top: Forever 21
Shoes: I <3 Shoes (eBay)
Earrings: Nectar Clothing
Bracelet: Vintage
Sunglasses: Rosie Says Hello Shop (SOLD OUT)

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Also, I NEVER want to lose ANY of my content EVER again, so if you haven’t been to yet, all my photoshoots, red carpet events, videos, movie information, etc. is starting to go up.  Sorry if my websites are confusing to anyone I’m trying to fix that as best as possible. That is why & look similar.  They are supposed to be the same website except does not have a blog (it’s the “content” section) and will soon not have content but just a blog.  The navigation is similar so if you just look around you should figure it out.  If you have any ideas of how to make it not so confusing to people let me know. I’m doing this because Rosie Says Hello is going to have more than just ME featured on it once I get going whereas is my portfolio and I will be sending clients, filmmakers, photographers, etc. there rather than here, xo

If you wonder why I struggle with my websites and keep deleting the content and starting over it’s because I have OCD and I’m trying to be organized but really it just creates more work for me.

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Confessions of a Shopaholic: Victoria Secrets Holiday Haul

The other day my mom & I went to get some bras for my Christmas Dress (which aren’t pictured) but we got two nude completely strapless stick on (it’s taped onto your skin) so you can’t see them anywhere… While we were there they were having a Holiday Promotion! Buy two PINK bras (not VS) and you’ll get a free bathrobe & free blanket!

So I got some different bras that weren’t so basic! One is a green that’s like a halter top and the other has sporty straps in the back and is bright orange!


Then when we were checking out I got two lip glosses a plumper and a glitter one for the Holidays. After that I was informed it was buy two get two free! So I got two free lip glosses + a free bathrobe & a free blanket! So rad!

I also got a bunch of underwear that I didn’t take photos of either. It was definitely a win a Victoria Secrets! Did you get any good deals for the Holidays? x

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How To Style: Shasta Style Feather Accessories

Hey everyone! So this past week I did a style shoot for Shasta Style! They have AMAZING feather jewelry of all colors!

  I am so in love with them. If you know my clothing line you know I have a huge love for feathers!

 I decided to style my earrings with a simple jumper paired with bright orange heels to make the orange on the earrings pop! I’ve never been able to find a jumper that looks good on me so when I found this one I fell in love! Especially since it’s gray and has a hood!

I have amazing news for those who love feather accessories as well! Just in time for Christmas I am pairing up with Shasta Style for a giveaway! So check my next blog post on how to enter to win! The giveaway will be starting today & ending on Christmas Eve just in time for the Holidays! 🙂 so be sure to check back to enter TODAY! Don’t miss your chance to win some amazing earrings for the new year!

You can check out this entire shoot on my Facebook page or Flickr! Then come back to enter the giveaway to win your own pair of awesome feather earrings.  Check out Shasta Style on Facebook and be sure to like their page because that’s one of the requirements to win your own pair!

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What do you guys think? xo

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How To Style: Biology Boutique Backdrop Dress

Hey loves. So this shoot is from a while back.  I did a snazzy little giveaway with this amazing company called Biology Boutique for this beautiful dress! It is a really pretty dress and I did a style shoot for them as well!







Dress: Biology Boutique
Shoes: I Love Shoes (eBay)
Necklace: Forever 21
Bracelet: Vintage
Earrings: Vintage
Hat: Burlington Coat Factory (I Think)

Check out this ENTIRE photoshoot at my Facebook page! There’s more photos! 😛

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How To Style: A Dress 3 Different Ways

Hey everyone 🙂 hope you all are doing well! So this article I am comes from 2013 and is “How To Style A Dress Three Different Ways” using my all time favorite dress from my birthday and reminds me of a princess/ballerina.
The Dress
It’s a light pink dress that is form fitting at the top, but frills out for the skirt making it the perfect victim to be both a dress and a skirt.
8688029360_6c9e48141f_oDress: Forever 21
Heels: Forever 21
Necklace: Forever 21
Look #1
Is inspired by Michael Jackson and is supposed to have 80’s vibe. I choose to pair it with an oversized blazer with shoulder pads and a large sequin bow sent to me from “Starry Eyed Bowtique”. It’s a look for an office job such as a chic secretary or receptionist.
8686912855_c83a49afa9_oBlazer: Vintage 80’s Blazer (Mom’s)
Bow: Starry Eyed Bowtique
Necklace: Forever 21
Look #2
Is a more casual laid back look. It is paired with a large sweater (one of my favorites because of the sleeves) and a custom DIY made army jacket and large black boots.  The look could go anywhere from a party to school or just lounging around.
8688032544_6f9974b66b_oSweater: Forever 21
Boots: eBay
Necklace: Forever 21
Jacket: Forever 21 w/ DIY Army print customization’s
Look #3
The final look is definitely more upbeat and punk rock. It’s very colorful and full of fun bulky accessories, paired with a vintage rock tee given by Franky’s Boutique in Silverlake, CA when we did the magazine shoot for the cover of I’m A Jerk Magazine. It’s topped off with classic Chuck Taylor’s, a black jacket, a plaid shirt wrapped around my waist, floral lace leggings ripped up and lots of bracelets.
8688035760_5cb27a861d_oShirt: Franky’s Boutique
Shoes: Converse All-Stars
Jacket: Forever 21
Bracelets: Disneyland, Forever 21, Venice Beach, Tough Enough to Wear Pink
Earrings: Forever 21
Plaid Shirt: Forever 21
Leggings: eBay
Ear Cuff: Claire’s
All four of these looks can by hyped on my Lookbook!
You can view ALL the photos from the shoot on my Flickr & Facebook.
Tell me which look you like in the comments the below!

How To Style: Your Boyfriend’s Clothing

“How To Style Your Boyfriend’s Clothing”
My BF at the time wore a lot of Adidas track pants so his clothes would fit the both of us. I put together a few different looks using t-shirts, oversized jeans, track pants, button ups and tops styled as skirts. Check these unique styles out and let me know what you think!

Look #1
The first look is all his clothing except the shoes (he had big feet!) and the sunglasses which were graciously lended by the photographer Ashley Abarca. It’s a chilled laid back look featuring Adidas track pants, boots, my vintage pearl tie & a black button up!



Shirt: Target
Pants: Adidas
Sunglasses: Ray Ban (photographer’s)
Boots: Chinese Laundry
Tie: Vintage

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Look #2
Is a party or club outfit using my favorite shirt of his (and the only thing I kept when we broke up cuz I mean it’s a really comfortable shirt!), a red lace bustier, black wedge heels and a gray cut up over shirt. Definitely cute for clubbing, not for work! All you need is a large long sleeve shirt and you tie the sleeves in the back, front or side, to make a bow!




Over shirt: Love Culture
Heels: eBay
Necklace: Forever 21
Bustier: 99 Cent +
“Skirt”: Wal Mart

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Look #3
Look three combines two shirts, pretty much the same style as the last look but more conservative and definitely work appropriate. Again, I used the long sleeve shirt as a skirt, but paired it with the black button up & snakeskin Jeffrey Campbell’s.


Look #4
The fourth outfit reminds me of a miner and is a classic look of boyfriend jeans tied with a black belt, the long sleeve shirt, a snake finger cap, black boots & a gray beanie.

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Jeans: Bullhead/PacSun
Belt: Friend’s

Fingercap: 99 Cent +
Beanie: Forever 21
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Look #5
The final look is a large short sleeve shirt tied around the middle with a belt, paired with a vintage Vans Fedora & glitter heels. The logo on the shirt reminds me of Converse even though it’s not.


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All five of these looks can by hyped on my Lookbook!

You can view ALL the photos from the shoot on my Flickr & Facebook.

Tell me which look you like in the comments the below! xo

Photos: Ashley Abarca;

Confessions of a Shopaholic: My Christmas Outfit

When my mom and I went Black Friday shopping she found an amazing dress for me for Christmas! I love it so much, can’t wait for you to see it on me 😛

Then the other day my mom and I went shopping for the shoes for my dress because I bought a black glitter clutch to go with it and black gloves. Payless was having a huge sale so I ended up get an entire jewelry set including a thumb nail for when I take my gloves off!

I decided to do these black glitter heels because I didn’t like any of the silver or red heels. I think it helps bring the clutch in to the outfit.

My gloves aren’t pictured but here’s from when I bought them if you forgot what they look like!

They are on the far right with the bow. I like it but feel it’s going to have mixed feelings for everyone with the different styles and the shoes need larger glitter on them… We’ll see!

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Confessions of a Shopaholic: Accessories From Black Friday

Hey guys! So this week my mom & I went shopping and LITERALLY replaced my entire Fall/Winter wardrobe. I got so much that I actually broke it into sections to blog about! 😛 

These are only some of the accessories I got this week. I haven’t taken photos of my new beanies or any of my clothes yet. But here’s to start!

I definitely needed new boots because all my boots talk/are worn out. 

The first ones are ankle booties with heels and they have a gold buckle on the side. I might wear them for Christmas I havent decided yet; the rest are flat boots. The second ones are my new everyday boots (if you remember my old black boots they replaced these). The third ones are black suede so I only want to wear them occasionally or they will get scuffed up. The last ones are my knee high brown boots because tall boots are needed too! I have so many pairs of slippers but none of them seem to match… So I got these super cute Panda slippers! I’m in love!

I also needed regular necessities, including lots of socks! (Not all my thigh highs are pictured) I only got one graphic print pair that says hi. I really love the color gray especially heather gray for clothing. The gray glitter ones are the only knee highs.  The others are amazing they have fuzzy tops on them. I also got some gray tights for these really cute basic dresses I got.


I’m so excited because I’ve never found my actual size (32B) anywhere other than Victoria’s Secret so I got some new bras and I’m selling my old ones (34B) on Vinted they’re super cute! These new bras fit so perfect and the material feels so great!

I also found XS undies (Wal Mart doesn’t sell XS in intmates) so I got a bunch of new pairs! (Not all pictures).

Then I passed by the gloves. The middle pair comes apart so I have black fingerless + regular white ones, lavender ones & black leather with a bow that I’m wearing for Christmas! 

Last of the accessories (besides the beanies) the black glitter clutch is for Christmas & the lavender one is my new everyday wallet! Both hold my phone right inside! 

Then there’s the clothes. I’m still going through all my old ones and getting rid of things.

After I’m done I’m putting everything for sale on my Vinted page. Shoes too. Until I go through it later, these are my new accessories. I’m so happy with everything! The clothes might need to be broke into multiple blogs! Yikes here we go… xo