Confessions of a Shopaholic: Victoria Secrets Holiday Haul

The other day my mom & I went to get some bras for my Christmas Dress (which aren’t pictured) but we got two nude completely strapless stick on (it’s taped onto your skin) so you can’t see them anywhere… While we were there they were having a Holiday Promotion! Buy two PINK bras (not VS) and you’ll get a free bathrobe & free blanket!

So I got some different bras that weren’t so basic! One is a green that’s like a halter top and the other has sporty straps in the back and is bright orange!


Then when we were checking out I got two lip glosses a plumper and a glitter one for the Holidays. After that I was informed it was buy two get two free! So I got two free lip glosses + a free bathrobe & a free blanket! So rad!

I also got a bunch of underwear that I didn’t take photos of either. It was definitely a win a Victoria Secrets! Did you get any good deals for the Holidays? x

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Beauty Basics: Chosungah 22 Foundation + Flavored Lipstick(s)

Hey guys! It’s been a really hectic week for me! I was in a car accident and currently don’t have transportation, my sister is going to give birth to my niece any second and I have a new favorite lipstick from a company named Chosungah 22!

First of all, I got some pretty amazing goodies in the mail from Chosungah 22 which is a new makeup company from Korea created by the artist named Chosungah! I would like to mention that the packaging is absolutely amazing and colorful!

They sent me two different foundations a liquid and a compact. The colors I got was Porcelain which they guessed on and ironically matches my skin really well!

The others I thought were shades of lipstick but are actually flavored lipsticks that have a slight tint and are more of a chapstick! I got Chai Tea (Clear Tan), Golden Peach Tea (Pink) & Guava Tint Jello (Red-Orange).

The cases are black matte with the tint color in on the number.  Overall I think the packaging is insanely beautiful and packaging definitely matters!

 My favorite has to be the Chai Tea because I drink Chai almost everyday! I apply it almost constantly, because I love it so much! The only downside is the flavor of the lipsticks aren’t too strong, which is why I apply it so much.

 I absolutely love everything they sent to me! The foundations are now my main ones. I love the sponge at the top. You push a button to make the liquid come out and makes it really easy to blend!

Tomorrow I will post a makeup tutorial using my new foundations, as well as show all three tints of lipsticks! You should definitely check out their website & like them on Facebook! I can’t wait to see what else they have to offer! Stay tuned for my tutorial post! xo

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Nail Art: Something Glittery for the Holidays!

So this morning I took a walk down to the nearest store (about a 1/2 a mile) just for fun, and as I passed a bus stop I noticed a bunch of trash underneath, including a baby stroller. As I was thinking “who would leave a baby stroller at a bus stop?”, something shiny caught my eye.

“Is that nail polish?” Call me CRAZY, but I decided to pick it up.

Was it broken? No.
Was it empty? No.
Was it dried up? No.

It was a perfectly fine, half full glitter nail polish… So I took it home, and did my nails!


I tore off the labels, because they were covered in dried nail polish, but there was nothing wrong with this nail polish! In fact, it dries super quickly and makes a perfect glitter polish or top coat over any color! 🙂

I had a great morning! Have you found anything on the ground other than money before?

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