MINI BIO – Rose Pendleton, is a 33 year old actress, fashion model, graphic and web designer, published photographer, and owner of three brands, two clothing lines; I’m A Jerk Industries and Lilac Babes, and Lion Nectar Studios a design & photo studio.

In her spare time she started blogging back in 2007 for the website and by 2010 her posts were featured on the fashion page daily with each post receiving over 10k page views. By August of 2012 she branched off to her own website named Rosie Says Hello. She continued contributing to until their shutdown in 2013. During these years she also contributed writing to Lemonade Magazine for her own column “The Fashion Minute”, she became’s “Fashion Insider” and The Hollywood Oracle’s “Entertainment & Fashion Insider”. She also launched her own online magazine named I’m A Jerk Magazine in 2010, which shut down in 2011 after releasing a full year of seasonal issues due to lack of time and contributors. She became a writer for “Eyes & Edge Magazine” for a short time. Her photography has been published in various locations and her clothing brand I’m A Jerk Industries in sold in select stores in Southern California until it’s hiatus in 2014.

In addition to her writing and photography contributions, I’m A Jerk Industries was featured in several publications both print and online and in several of her film productions including a number of music videos and the feature film “Weekend”.

For several years, Rose Pendleton pursued a number of artistic outlets and became a influential name in both the entertainment and fashion industries. For more information on Rose Pendleton and her work click below:

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