How To Style: Biology Boutique Backdrop Dress

Hey loves. So this shoot is from a while back.  I did a snazzy little giveaway with this amazing company called Biology Boutique for this beautiful dress! It is a really pretty dress and I did a style shoot for them as well!







Dress: Biology Boutique
Shoes: I Love Shoes (eBay)
Necklace: Forever 21
Bracelet: Vintage
Earrings: Vintage
Hat: Burlington Coat Factory (I Think)

Check out this ENTIRE photoshoot at my Facebook page! There’s more photos! 😛

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3 thoughts on “How To Style: Biology Boutique Backdrop Dress”

  1. Love it! What camera do you use?? Your photos are great!

    1. The photos of me (except personal outfit of the days) aren’t take by me. Unfortunately I do not remember the name of this photographer for this particular shoot. Usually I work with Ashley Abarca (she doesn’t currently have a website but she has a Tumblr – theeashleydee) and Jose Castro I also work with photographers sporadically. I usually credit the photographer at the bottom of the blog. My photography photos are taken with a Canon xTi and previously a Canon 40D. This is usually what I take my personal style photos with others are taken on my iPhone 5. Hope this helps!

      1. Thanks a lot! This does really help! (I currently take pics with my phone)

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