Travel: The History of San Dimas


Hello ladies & gentlemen!  For those who don’t know I’m a huge history fanatic, and so is my mom! We love learning about our surrounding cities and visiting places that have been around for a really long time!  This particular post is about San Dimas (and some of the amazing things I found in vintage shops when we went there).  It’s from a while ago, but better than the last post just a bit.  These photos were once again taken with my iPhone.  I feel the cropping is better than the woods, but definitely still too many textures used on each and every single photo!20130726-213806.jpg Even the main streets of San Dimas look vintage which is really rad!  It’s apart of Route 66 for those who didn’t know.  The main street has A LOT of vintage/antique shops and it’s where I got some of my all time FAVORITE THINGS including my vintage Vans fedora!20130726-214430.jpg


Another amazing thing I got when we went is the unicorn crystal and my lion necklace (I am a Leo after all).  The Nightmare necklace is from Jac Vanek.

20130726-200233.jpg 20130726-194954.jpg


Their main street features a lot of old cars and car shops that have been around since the days of Route 66 as well! 20130726-214441.jpg 20130726-214414.jpg 20130726-214407.jpg 20130726-214027.jpg 20130726-213833.jpg

We went on a tour of one of the original railroad stations and went through a museum that talked about all the ways people used to use it as main transportation and they showed us the signals for the trains.  I’m pretty sure the train still runs but not in the same way.  Now it’s mostly just to show people how it all worked!20130726-213843.jpg 20130726-213746.jpg 20130726-213912.jpg 20130726-213854.jpg




I believe this was the LAST time I took photos using my iPhone before my DSLR arrived in the mail.  Again, I personally believe these are edited much better than the other ones I just posted.  What are your opinions?  Are you into history and seeing old things?  Or maybe just thrifting and vintage shopping?  Either way I remember this day was a lot of fun! x

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