Beauty Product Review: EOS Chapstick

Hey everyone! So recently I got a new favor of the Evolution of Smooth chapstick and I am OBSESSED now! I have tried the EOS Chapstick once in the past. It was a Christmas gift, but I don’t remember the flavor. Either way I saw this one when shopping at decided to grab one of the shelf, because it was PURPLE. The purple design definitely caught my eyes, but the flavor is the reason why I’m totally obsessed! I turned the little oval shaped Chapstick over and read “Blackberry Nectar”. I never really found a blackberry product that I really fell in love with, but the name Blackberry Nectar itself sounded intriguing enough to give it a try. I bought it and instantly fell in love.

(Sorry it’s “dirty” things don’t tend to look brand new when you obsess over them and drag them everywhere with you! PROOF I’M OBSESSED! ha!)

As weird as this sounds (and I know you’re not SUPPOSED to literally eat Chapstick, but they are FLAVORED for a reason!) but the Chapstick TASTES really good. It’s a sweet fruity flavor that really does “instantly” give you visibly soften your lips. The ingredients are Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive/Fruit Oil, Shea Butter and of course real blackberry extract so it totally makes sense why your lips would become smooth, soft, and tasty! The flavor makes me want to constantly apply it and the color makes me want to go out and find what other deliciously Evolution of Smooth flavors they sell in my favorite color- I know one is Passion Fruit!

Another reason I completely fell in love is their MARKETING- HAVE YOU SEEN THEIR AMAZING INSTAGRAM PHOTOS, not to mention the COLORS their products are made in?

You can totally mix and match tops and bottoms of your chapsticks to switch up your colors and match your daily vibe and they have shaving cream and body lotion, I was totally unaware, but can’t wait to get out to the store and try one!

What is YOUR favorite EOS flavor of chapstick? Are you into their unique design that makes applying it easy? What flavors do yoi WANT to see them create? Let me know in the comments! I’m off to browse their website and write down all the purple flavors! Passion Fruit sounds fun! I see a collection coming on follow EOS on Instagram! They have really beautiful photos! I’m serious look!
😉 XO


All square photos are owned by EOS Products and were taken from their Instagram to show off their gorgeous style, I am not claiming the photos to be my own. No infrigement is intended. First four photos for this blog were taken by me.

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Product Review: Rose Salve


Hey guys! This is one of the posts that I found in my “drafts” from so many months ago! Anywho! If you are NOT familiar with this AMAZING product you should get acquainted! My mom & I went shopping this last Spring and we ended up getting THREE of these babies for FREE since we spent so much in the Bath & Body Works store. We mainly got it, because you can use it on your CUTICLES, and my mom & I both bite on our fingernails.

Your cuticles isn’t the only place this baby can be used though! You can use it anywhere on any dry skin like elbows, knees, your lips (it’s a great lip balm!) your face, feet & toes, anywhere you have dry skin just put on some “ROSE SALVE” and watch your skin get incredibly smooth, soft & hydrated within seconds!

I use it mostly on my lips & fingernails, but my best friend also has one of these, and I’ve seen him put it on his elbows & hands! I personally prefer it over Vaseline (for MOST places, but not all). Vaseline is more greasy and oily leaving you feeling like you slapped a bunch of gunk on your skin. Not the Rose Salve though, it just hydrates & moisturizes wherever you put it!

This basically replaced MOST of my chapsticks, but I do have a different favorite LIP GLOSS and it’s a volumizing lip plumper made by Victoria Secrets. I’m going to be so sad when I run out of it. I hope they still carry it I got it such a long time ago.

Anywho the Rose Salve, if you can’t read, contains 9% Rose extract leaving your body feeling & even SMELLING great! ūüėČ if you haven’t picked one of these up before go do it now. You will be so glad you did!

I’ve edited this photo since this post was made making it lighter, but I’m much too lazy to find it and switch them… Sorry :/ x


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clook (6)

How To Style: The Color of Love/Chocolate Kiss (Multi-Colored Lips Bustier & Ombré Sunnies) Featuring GAMISS.com

Hey loves! So this lovely colorful outfit is one of my FAVORITES in a really long time! The reason I named it “chocolate kisses” is because my purple velvet blazer reminds me of Willy Wonka and I did a shoot inspired by it once but never received any of the photos and was really sad about that ūüôĀ

This style post is PART ONE of my three different looks featuring the amazing clothing of GAMISS.COM! They provided these awesome ombré candy colored sunglasses that fade fro, a pink-red to a light blue.

The two photos above are my FAVORITE photos right now! Love them so much! In addition to the sunglasses, GAMISS.COM also provided this awesome multicolored kiss bustier top (also avaliable in just black & red).

And of course Bambi is still rocking these shoots… He looks a little pissed off cuz it was his first time on a lease and he didn’t like it. He’s gotten much better at it now tho!

I¬†wanted to go with a very colorful theme and I’m loving how it turned out slightly retro/80’s inspired. I wish my hair had been crimped and I had really BRIGHT colorful makeup but that wouldn’t have worked for the second look unfortunately ūüôĀ

You definitely need to check¬†GAMISS.COM¬†out NOW! In addition to amazing clothing and accessories, their prices are FANTASTIC! (This shirt was only 50 cents… I’M NOT KIDDING!)


FB: /gamiss-1787085334859227
IG: gamiss_official

Right now you can get 15% off with the code “NEW” tag your photos with #gamiss_style !


Make sure you HYPE this look on Lookbook:

Top: gamiss.com
Blazer: DD’s Discounts
Necklace: Forever 21
Earrings: Rogue Daisies / RSH Shop
Tights: Kushyfoot
Shorts: JCPenney’s
Sunglasses: gamiss.com
Heels: Rogue Daisies / RSH Shop (SOLD OUT)

Check out the FULL SHOOT in the gallery:

You can also see the full shoot on Facebook, Flickr, DeviantArt, or Tumblr! Let me know which photo is your favorite in the comments below! Stay tuned for the next two looks next!

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How To Style: Pink Triangle Purse & Ankle Booties “Illuminati Status” – SammyDress.com (Part TWO)

For the NEXT accessory from SammyDress.com I put together more of a “City/Street” look. ¬†I was aiming for New York, but might be TOO LA for anything else. HA! The pink Triangle Gold Studded Handbag is REALLY adorable. ¬†I had to have it the minute I saw it! It zips on the side but ends at the top so you can tell the purse is a triangle shape. ¬†I keep thinking “Illuminati” status LOL.




Anyways, the ankle boots are also from SammyDress.com and could be paired perfectly with EITHER of these purses which is a huge reason why I decided to get them! I love Ankle Boots simply because they’re high heeled but still boots so they can also be worn classy or casual depending on how you style them ūüėČ




Since I’m heading back to school this fall, a lot of my shopping choices are based on outfits or items that I would wear to school. I want to start wearing a LOT more heels just to practice my walking since I haven’t worn any in a while. ¬†Figured ankle boots would be a great way to start before smashing around in full stilettos!

Hype this look!

How would you style these?
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BUT we’re not done yet! Check out these awesome videos from the shoot!

Videos & Photos taken by Jose Castro!

Which one was your favorite look? Let me know in the comments below!

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Head to the GALLERY to see ALL the photos from these looks or you can visit my Facebook page or Instagram to check them out as well!




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How To Style: Floppy Sun Hats (Scala Collezione)

Hey everyone!¬†So one of my all time favorite things about having curly hair, is that when you’re having a bad hair day all you need is a hat or a beanie and you’re good to go! ¬†I’m only saying that because even though it “covers” your curls… it really doesn’t cover your curls and the part that it covers is usually the part that won’t cooperate! ¬†Another great thing that I love about covering your hair with hats is the many different STYLES you get to choose from! ¬†The ALL TIME PERFECT style for Summer time, is of course, FLOPPY HATS!

I was given the opportunity to try out one of these new amazingly cute fuchsia floppy hats from the Scala Callezione collection for this Summer! ¬†I’m SO IN LOVE! I have so many different pink clothes that I can wear with it! And it’s PERFECT for the beach!! So I decided to style it two different ways!

The absolute great thing about these hats is that they fit ANY facial structure, come in multiple colors and are the PERFECT summer accessory for protecting your skin while looking cute by the beach or the pool!

Look #1
Casual Cali Tank w/ Jeans



It’s so perfect for lounging around in the sun with a smoothie or milk shake. It shades your face perfectly and protects your skin from damage that the sun causes!


You can view ALL the photos from this look (and the next!) in the gallery HERE.

Look #2
Pink Floral Sundressimg_4140






You can also check out a few more photos from this shoot in my POLAROID photo diary which will be posted at the end of this month (July 31st).

Don’t forget to check out the gallery to view the photos that didn’t get posted in the blog!

You can purchase your hat HERE.


Hat: Scala
Cali Tee: Venice Beach
Jeans: Arizona Skinny Jeans
Pink Undershirt: Forever 21
Sandals: Falla’s

Hype this look: http://lookbook.nu/look/8332619-Scala-Floppy-Hat-Venice-Beach-Boardwalk-Cali

Hat: Scala
Dress: eBay
Sandals: Falla’s

Hype this look: http://lookbook.nu/look/8332621-Scala-Ebay-Floral-Sundress-Floral-Summer


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Skincare: Freeman’s Feeling Beautiful “Sweet Tea & Lemon Peel Off Clay Mask” (Product Review)

I NEVER THOUGHT ANYTHING COULD TOP THE “DUAL ACTION BLACK SUGAR AND CHARCOAL MASK” it’s designed for HEAVY DUTY acne/blackheads but tonight I needed something SERIOUSLY HEAVY DUTY! So I shifted through all my facial mask packages and decided to go with the “Sweet Tea & Lemon Peel Off Clay Mask” because it’s made to clean out clogged/grimy pores.

I really don’t care for the “peel off masks” too much. They’re VERY sticky and sometimes a pain especially if they’re clear.

But since this was a PEEL OFF CLAY MASK; I went for it. Now I was really looking for something to literally RIP all the black heads out of my pores and close them. ¬†Lately they’ve been very clogged and disgusting so this seemed perfect and omg was it!

It’s not clear so that’s a huge plus. It went on like a mud mask which is also a huge plus. HOWEVER LIVE AND LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES.

This mask really does literally unclog your pores by RIPPING THEM OUT. Exactly what I needed and was looking for, but BEWARE! I put a little extra on for my horribly bad skin. I don’t regret that part. I used the entire package which probably could of done TWO applications MAX (a large bottle is avaliable for purchase).

WHAT I DID REGRET, is getting it too close to my eyebrows and hair line. This WILL RIP YOUR HAIR OFF all baby hairs beware! Also be careful underneath your eyes. The skin is sensitive and it hurt really bad when I peeled it off.


You could FEEL the gunk being ripped from your face as you peeled. All blackheads came off instantly. My face was left as SMOOTH AS A BABY’S BOTTOM. No joke. It was so incredibly soft!

No zits or blackheads in site and all my gigantic PORES closed entirely leaving my face smooth, looking nice and feeling fantastic!

The mask smells like lemon which is great, but it also burned when I first started to apply it. Remember to stay away from eyelashes, hair lines and eyebrows because this stuff UNCLOGS your pores leaving your face fresh and fruity scented!

I really should of taken an up close photo of my cheeks to show you how clogged and bad they were! This mask is amazing and believe it or not MY NEW FAVORITE FOR HEAVY DUTY GRIME!! I did cry a little bit when it was coming off so really beware but man does this stuff WORK! I won’t use it as my everyday mask or anything. I usually use the Chamomile Tea Sleeping Mask daily before bed but using this when you really need to lift your face and get a new one. This is it. Look no further I guarentee this WORKS like no other mask I have tried lately.

Simply fantastic. I’ll probably need it again cuz I can’t stop touching my smooth face with my damn fingers! It just hasn’t felt this amazing in a while. I definitely recommend checking it out. I’ll be getting a full size bottle of this from now on instead of the Charcoal & Black Sugar. I’ll still use it in the small packages but this is my new go to for heavy duty acne. Let me know what you think when you try it out! xo


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Confessions of a Shopaholic: Bath & Body Works Beauty Haul

Hey guys! I’m SO EXCITED RIGHT NOW! I FINALLY GOT AROUND TO TAKING PHOTOS OF ALL MY BEAUTY PRODUCTS!! They’ve been sitting inside of a bag waiting to be shot but I haven’t needed them until now, so I decided to shoot them in honor of my shopping spree this past weekend… LOL¬†ūüôā

So, these are mostly from Bath & Body Works. I got quite a few things from hand soap, to lotions, body wash, lots of hand sanitizer, etc. ¬†I’ve split it into sections to make it very easy to explain… or easy for me to explain, not for you guys to understand hahah.


This has seven different sections: the spring scent OG, new scents/soaps, makeup, hand sanitizers & scented candles, hair, “my personal SPA” supplies, skincare & the makeup removing supplies


Obviously you guys are very familiar with my favorite facial care products/masks from Freeman’s Feeling Beautiful line. Below you can see a “Yes To” mud mask that I want to try and never have. ¬†I have tried “Yes To” products before and love them.


This is my “SPA” supplies section including bath salts, facial scrub, facial cucumber mask/accessories, baby powder, and a green organic soap.


I had a lot of problems getting photos of these hand sanitizers… I already used all of my Watermelon Lemonade one which is my new FAVORITE scent for Spring. ¬†I bought it in EVERYTHING from soap, to candles even my plug in air freshner was Watermelon Lemonade! More on that deliciousness later…


Again sorry for the horrible photo. ¬†I’m so glad Bath & Body works kept this one around! This was my favorite last year so I got it in everything from body mist to lotion, soap & extra lotion… Don’t ask it was an accident haha!


My scented candles are amazing. ¬†Georgia Peach is my second favorite of their new scents. ¬†It’s really peachy. ¬†Much like summertime air. Behind it are clothes and makeup wipes, etc.


This is my wall plug in air freshener. ¬†I already went through all of my Watermelon Lemonade and need to go get more!¬†ūüôĀ


This is my new favorite thing on the planet and can be used for ANYTHING. My next blog will be a review of it and a more in depth of why I love it so much<3


These are not from my Bath & Body Works Haul, but it seemed more appropriate to add them with makeup/beauty than fashion. ¬†I’ve never tried fake lashes before except when I’ve had them put on me by a professional makeup artist. ¬†ELF was selling things for $1 each so I got a couple lashes, a new Face Primer and some Acne Gel from Target.


I cannot wait to try lashes though! Any tips for putting them on for the first time?


This was everything… the section dead in the middle was my hand soap, body wash and this amazing lemon scented lotion that I love but my mom hates… HAHA! I also got a bunch of hair ties in every color you can possibly imagine. Whats your favorite scent/smell for this season or Summer? x


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How To Style: Chrissy’s Knee High Socks (Geeky Irish Gamer – PART FIVE)

Before we begin, I want to apologize for the quality of the photos… I had trouble finding a photographer within the timeframe for St. Patrick’s Day that I wanted so my best friend helped me out and he’s not a photographer… I tried to coach him, but apparently Rome wasn’t built in a day and I’m sorry…
Alright everyone! This is the LAST and final look for my style posts with Chrissy’s Knee High Socks! ¬†Unfortunately the timing didn’t work out as planned and these we’re supposed to be posted on ST. PATRICK’S DAY but, they were not due to me changing hosts on my blog… so the theme is a little off for April, but just pretend it’s not because I’m IRISH all year round! Really… I am.
Now, this last look is a little different than the others. ¬†Since I covered everything from casual, to boho/hippie, to stoner, to raver, the last one is WAY more casual, so casual, you shouldn’t wear it outside… but sometimes you want to look cute around the house too! ¬†Socks are definitely good for lounging around and watching TV in!
These first three are “getting ready” / candid shots. ¬†I was trying to get the camera to focus on the mirror because it’s a cute mirror but the photo didn’t come out as planned (the second one) so I had my best friend retake it (which is the first).
The shoot was supposed to be a “geeky” video gamer that’s sexy underneath you know what I mean? ¬†I took a few photos out of the blog but they can be viewed in the gallery… they were a little blurry so I didn’t want to post them¬†BUT I had to REPOST one, because it’s the only one that has the belt in the picture… so I’m sorry that it’s blurry…
I don’t want to say it’s “slowly stripping” but yeah, it was supposed to be me slowly getting “comfortable” for my house to play a video game.
I literally put on every piece of green jewelry that I own. The guitar shaped purse sitting on the bed is apart of the look.
This is a combination of “my St. Patrick’s Day shoot” as well as the sock styling because I loved the colors of green on the socks and St. Patrick’s Day is one of my favorite holidays because I’m Irish.
That’s a four leaf clover on the undies ūüėČ See? That’s what the entire shoot was based on! ¬†What do you think? Obviously not an outfit to go out in public so it won’t be posted on my Lookbook, but would you rock this in your house with the socks? ¬†Or would you at least wear the socks to bed during winter nights? ūüôā
Again, there’s a couple that I took out of the blog but can be viewed in the gallery… and now that you’ve seen ALL FIVE of the looks, which one is more you? ¬†The stoner, the hippie, the raver, the classic chic or the Irish geeky gamer? Let me know your favorite look AS WELL AS the look you think is more your style in the comments below! xo
Undewear & Bra: Victoria’s Secrets
Socks: Chrissy’s Knee High Socks
Guitar Purse: Gift/Hot Topic (I think?)
Earrings: Green & Pink “Rebel Scalene” Earrings available in my shop Rogue Daisies (ALMOST SOLD OUT)
Ring: Mouth/Rolling Stones Ring – my shop Rogue Daisies (SOLD OUT)
DEFINITELY check Chrissy’s Knee High Socks out if you haven’t yet, they have amazing styles for literally EVERY occasion. ¬†PLEASE PLEASE & Thank you!
Shop Chrissy’s Knee High Socks: www.kneehighsocks.org
Follow them on Twitter: @kneehighsocks09
Follow them on Instagram: @chrissyskneesocks
Like them on Facebook: www.facebook.com/customkneesocks
Be sure to tell them that Rose from Rosie Says Hello sent you! The photos were also added to the gallery here! x

How To Style: Chrissy’s Knee High Socks (Purple Chic – PART FOUR)

Second to last look of the Chrissy’s Knee High Socks styles! ¬†This look is a lot more upscale and classy. ¬†The socks were simple black knee highs with dark purple stripes at the top. ¬†Purple is my favorite color if you couldn’t tell HAHA! ¬†This shoot has a LOT more photos to it than the last so I’m not sure if I will post them ALL in the blog, but they will all be in the gallery so you can check them out!
I went with purple jewelry, the necklace and earrings match each other. ¬†The hair was curly and tossed over for a wild, yet cool look for a simple night out on the town with friends or switch the shorts for a pencil skirt and you’re off to your office job! ¬†It covers everything so it’s definitely work appropriate!

Much more laid back and “older” for those who aren’t in their early twenties anymore!
So… I actually can’t decide which ones to post and I know everyone’s not going to head to the gallery to view all of them… therefore, even though the post will be rather LONG I’ve decided to post of all the photos anyway LOL.
Some of the socks from Chrissy’s Knee Highs are THICKER than the others, which is great for when you want them to be warm or when you need thinner ones so they don’t “bunch up” when you wear them with heels!
So far which look from the first four looks is more your favorite?  Which one is more YOUR STYLE?
I told you there were a lot of photos from this shoot!! LOL it’s because it’s purple! JK… sort of. Not really kidding…
These last three photos are “wardrobe malfunctions/set boo boo’s” LOL aka fixing shirts, accidentally getting a rock in my hand, etc.
Again, sorry there’s so many photos… I don’t think the last look has this many! You can once again view all of these in the gallery. ¬†Isn’t it great that you can wear knee highs or even thigh high socks in so many different styles and get away with it?! They’re literally for ALL occasions!

Purple shirt: JCPenney’s
Gray shirt: Forever 21
Socks: Chrissy’s Knee High Socks
Bracelets: Forever 21 (the thicker gold one was a gift from a friend)
Heels: Payless
Earrings: Forever 21
Necklace: Forever 21
Rings: Gifts (red), Forever 21 (diamond)

Shop Chrissy’s Knee High Socks: www.kneehighsocks.org
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