Style: Wedding Dreams With Amodabridal

Every girl begins planning her wedding when she’s a young girl. The older I get the more I tend to plan the small details, including colors, flowers, cake type & flower, etc. The most important part of of a girls special day is of course the amazing wedding dress.

The dress says it all. In my mind, I wanted to get a sleeveless white dress with a body figure top that bellows out into a huge long ankle length dress (similar to that of the dress in “A Cinderella Story” starring Hilary Duff). When the day finally comes, I’m quite sure that will change. There are SO MANY different types and styles of wedding dresses now days. Vintage dresses, short dresses, black dresses, big dresses, long dresses that flow without the huge skirts, even two piece dresses that bare mid drift.

The traditional style of wedding dresses are becoming less and less popular and the unique styles are catching everyone’s eyes. During my browse, I found an amazing dress that caught my eye. The dress is from Amodabridal.

The Mother of the Groom & Bride Dresses Austalia Online

Scoop Short Graceful Sleeves Beading Floor-length Mother of the Bride Dresses Wollongong

The dress is somewhat traditional but I would spice it up with a vintage effect like one of the large side sun hats that they have for some of their dresses. Probably in a silver, while my bridesmaids wore a lavender/lilac dress with a vintage style and similar matching hats. I think I would also add some elbow length white gloves either lace or silk? What do you think? I’m LOVING the off shoulder/no sleeves look even though it has them on it! An “adult” version of the dress simple change, yet still classy! Check out their dresses and tell me what you would have for your wedding! XO

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Confessions of a Shopaholic: Spring Obsessions Floral Fashion Haul

Hey everyone, so I’m working really hard on getting a huge long list of blogs that need to be posted up. The list is about 8 pages long (12 point font Georgia) so you can only imagine how frustrated I am and how far behind I’ve gotten without a computer!

These posts I’m going to post tonight are drafts that have been sitting in my queue simply waiting to go up. They’re mostly from Spring time so bare with me!

During Spring I was hugely obsessed with florals (now it’s more neutrals like brown and nude + plaids of course!) I went out on a shopping spring and got lots of floral everything! Clothing, undies, phone cases, etc. this pink floral case is actually still my phones current case (mainly because I have the Rose Gold iPhone SE and it matches!)


This shirt was the best thing I ever bought and I think I’ll wear it to school tomorrow simply because! It’s sheer but only cost me $3! 


Love the mini specs of lavender/lilac thrown onto the shirt!


I also got a few other items including a new ance gel (ironically I never used it it’s still brand new) and a primer for my face. My false eyelashes haven’t been worn either I’ve been waiting for an event or a photo shoot that calls for it. 

Another thing I’ve been in love with are these fruit gummies they’re so good they got their own review (next blog!) so stay tuned! Sorry for my lack of posting! I’ll be replacing my stolen laptop (FINALLY) mid-September! That’ll help get me back on track 🙂

I also hope to post quite a few blogs tonight so sorry in advance for the spam! xo
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Beauty Basics: Spring’s MUST HAVE Scent(s) – Watermelon Lemonade!



My all time favorite scent for Spring has officially changed! Last year I was in love with “Love & Sunshine” the Spring scent from Bath & Body works but it’s officially moved over for my new favorite!

Watermelon Lemonade, a smell so sweet I stocked up on scented candles, soap, lotion, hand sanitizers, if they had it, I bought it! It’s such a perfect scent for both Spring & Summer. Not floral but fruity with a bit of tart exactly as its described… It smells so great I want to eat it! My second favorite scent is the “Georgia Peach” it’s also another fruity one. Maybe I’m tired of the floral scents and need a change but all my favorites this year are fruit based. Third place is the Raspberry Vanilla.

What are your favorite scents during these hot, sticky months? xo