Photography: Phone Tip #1 – Relax On Those Filters

I remember one of the last time I went out somewhere before replacing my first DSLR (named Joe) with a smaller DSLR (named Patrick) [did you get the pun? ha!].  I went up to a spot in Crestline with my former friend which was kind of like a secret getaway spot for us.  It used to be the site of an old Teenage Campground that was burned down.  Now it’s just a large grassy area with a flowing river, rocks and lots of wildlife!

On this particular day, I used my iPhone to take photos and some of them are pretty great while others… just aren’t.  I did want to share them either way! 20130726-192951.jpg 20130726-192937.jpg

The editing on them is horrible! One of the main reasons I no longer use “Light Leaks” or textures on my photos is because I definitely used to over use them. Anyways, on our way down, we spotted a mother deer with two baby deer and cautiously stood by not moving as they crossed the river!  She watched us the entire time, ready to charge if she needed.20130726-192921.jpg We were pretty far away so the image is zoomed and cropped (which is the reason it’s low quality and horribly pixelated). The baby deer aren’t in the photo, but they were in front of her as she protected them from any danger including me and my former friend.

20130726-192759.jpg 20130726-192742.jpg 20130726-192728.jpg

Photography tips that I would definitely give off of this post, is in nature, leave it natural! It’s definitely best to use natural lighting and only use textures or light leaks on your photos if it’s absolutely needed. Or every once in a while if you feel the need to “decorate” your photos.  Using them on EVERY PHOTO is a HUGE NO-NO!

I’d say there’s TWO photos from this day that I find “acceptable” some were so bad I didn’t even post them this time around, but I’ve left the two OKAY ones for last!


Although this photo does have a light leak, it’s more of a vintage old photo feeling.  Actually it’s one of my favorite photos that I’ve taken with my iPhone and if all these other ones weren’t paired next to it, it might pass as a pretty decent photograph!


The only thing wrong with this one is the horrible cropping.  Again, same “light leak” that makes the photo look old and vintage but the colors give it a forest vibe and I seem to like it.  Just wish I had left the cropping alone and made it a regular photo.

The first one of the sunflower would be in third place mainly because the only thing wrong with it is that it’s slightly double exposed because of the wind.  What do you think of these iphotography pictures? Hit or definite miss? Which is the worst and which one is ACCEPTABLE in your eyes? Opinions anyone? x

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PS. If you have a heart, my DSLR Patrick (the new one I bought to replace my old one Joe) has been stolen (or it was back in June).  I’m currently trying to SAVE up to buy a new one so my photos for my blog can again be DECENT.  If you’d like to help me out check out my stores Rogue Daisies and I’m A Jerk Industries and considering buying something even if it’s just a small necklace for $2 or if you have such a kind heart for the Holidays and want to flat out just donate so I can replace my camera, email me at rosependleton[at] so we can set that up through PayPal or Chase QuickPay (those are the only options I can currently accept right now unless you want to hide some cash in a card and ship it through the mail! Kidding… kinda. And for those who got/liked the first pun, yes… my new camera will probably be named either Andy or Peter.  If you didn’t get the first pun, did you get it now? If not… we probably wouldn’t make great friends. Kidding! Again… kinda.