Inspiration: New Invention That Might SAVE Your Life – Lego Slippers

So the most amazing thing just ran across my Social Media feed’s! Have you ever stepped on a Lego? Those things hurt like there’s no tomorrow.  No really! You might not recover for an entire day after stepping on one of those bad boys! So, these new slippers just may save your life… or at least your feet from a lot of pain! Especially with the holidays right around the corner! Lego’s have made some pretty amazing sets of toys for children, whether it be Harry Potter’s Hogwarts Castle to the entire Star Wars Galaxy, let’s not deny that even as an adult you sometimes let your inner child out just to create some fun things. I usually go for the classic of creating a house, but hey, I’m not really very creative when it comes to building things with Legos.

However, sometimes a Lego misses the box, or the children flat out leave them on the ground when they’re finished to go play with something else.  We just got a new TV at my house and when we moved our old one we found at least 25 Lego’s hidden underneath it.  And let’s say stepping on a Lego when you least expect it is definitely one of the most uncomfortable feelings on the planet.  That’s where these bad boys step in!  The French company “Brand Station” has just released a new pair of slippers!



These amazing slippers aren’t just cute with the Lego design, but they are also designed to be extra padded to help protect your feet & toes from getting hurt when you step on a Lego!  Plus, there’s not “left foot” “right foot”, so you can slip into these bad boys with no problems at all! They just might be a game changer to how adults view Lego’s!  There is one HUGE problem though… only 1,500 total we’re made!


In order to get a pair of these, you have to submit to the Christmas Wishlist on their website.  You can also get more information about the slippers and how durable they are by heading to their Facebook page! Wouldn’t it be awesome to get a pair of these?  Hopefully the creators will take a hint that more than 1500 people want them and release them on the market! What do you think? Would you get these or are they not really worth it? x

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