Personal Style: My Christmas 2015

Hey guys! So today is Christmas Eve, but my only plans tomorrow is baking cookies and watching lots of Christmas movies with my mommy, so tonight was the night for my dress to shine! I ended up getting a cream faux fur coat to go with it and didn’t realize that Sears didn’t remove the security tag until putting it on tonight… But it came together well! I lost one of my gloves about a week ago so I didn’t wear them. Instead I painted my nails red & glitter silver 🙁


 So this is the full look. I feel accessories really make the outfit and set the tone of the look!

This is the look without the jacket. I didn’t have much time to get ready so my hair was the last thing I did (besides painting my nails and doing my makeup in the car). So I just threw my curls to one side and pinned them up adding a red rose at the bottom. As I said accessories are important so I wanted to get a shot of my thumb ring haha it took a while.

 Also these photos aren’t from my house they are from the restaurant we always eat at for Christmas!
The rest of the photos are selfies haha sue me! Here is a better shot of my thumb ring & sparkle clutch. 

I think my XOXO tattoo goes well with almost every holiday and I really love that fact. My Bonjour! Tattoo matches really well but is in an awkward spot (which I love).  This is me trying to get good shots of my ring.

 Here’s a side view of the flower I tried my best to get a shot of it.

My lipstick was Raspberry Rush which is a little off color I would of liked a bolder red but most of my lipsticks are missing :/ I think the only thing I missed was getting a good shot of my black sparkle heels.

Dinner was awesome then we came home to watch my niece and nephews open their presents!



These are the lights on my house we got that thing you point and aim at so you don’t have to actually put up lights. Now everyone is going to church. So what do you guys think of my full Christmas look?

I’m glad I painted my nails it would of looked plain without my gloves I hope I find them though…

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Confessions of a Shopaholic: My Christmas Outfit

When my mom and I went Black Friday shopping she found an amazing dress for me for Christmas! I love it so much, can’t wait for you to see it on me 😛

Then the other day my mom and I went shopping for the shoes for my dress because I bought a black glitter clutch to go with it and black gloves. Payless was having a huge sale so I ended up get an entire jewelry set including a thumb nail for when I take my gloves off!

I decided to do these black glitter heels because I didn’t like any of the silver or red heels. I think it helps bring the clutch in to the outfit.

My gloves aren’t pictured but here’s from when I bought them if you forgot what they look like!

They are on the far right with the bow. I like it but feel it’s going to have mixed feelings for everyone with the different styles and the shoes need larger glitter on them… We’ll see!

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