Photography: Phone Tip #2 – Use Selfie’s To Spread Positive Vibes

There are times when everyone gets really lonely in the world.  They feel like they have no purpose, no friends, and that there’s really no meaning to life at all.  I just wanted to remind you all that you are not alone.  Everyone feels this way sometimes, but when I mean you are never alone, I really mean you are never alone.  I don’t want to push my religious views on anyone but sometimes just when you need to be reminded that someone’s there, somehow you are reminded. I had a really long day today and it feels like my “friends” aren’t really friends at all, but more like people who just use me for the things I have.

That’s when a higher power steps in.  I walked into my bedroom and somehow my glitter spilled on my floor. That’s not the random part, the random part is that it somehow decided to go into the exact shape of a cross.  I found it right when I was climbing into my bed.  This is where it gets really weird.



Maybe God needed to remind me that he’s watching over me because when I turned off the light, the glitter started to glow.  I wasn’t aware it was glow in the dark glitter until this happened.

It actually made me happier. Always remember than when you are having a bad day, or feel like you are by yourself.  There is someone else there with you and he feels your pain and knows exactly what you’re going through.  This isn’t the only time that God has reminded me of his prescene.  Sometimes I feel like I don’t really need to be reminded but it’s those times that you need to stop and think that maybe, just maybe, those are the times you need it the most.

 IMG_1687 Be sure to always put a smile on your face because a smile will spread.  It will make others smile, and it will make yourself feel a whole lot better.  The expression “fake it to make it” really has some meaning behind it, because when you fake it, it really does come true.  Holding that smile and keeping your head held high will eventually make you actually smile and all the positive vibes that you are sending out in the world, will come back to you!


Speaking of the world, I ran across this penny the other day and I’ve run across a lot of different things from different countries like Canada and Mexico (I mean hello, they are our neighbors) but this is one I have never seen before.  So I wanted to turn to my followers and find out where it’s from! I could probably just google it.  I’ll probably eventually have to anyways, but if you recognize it drop your response in the comments below!

IMG_1684 IMG_1682

I also took a bunch of selfies today because I was feeling pretty and sometimes you need to remind yourself that no matter what others think, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!  I’ve been feeling very down lately because just before Halloween I lost my job.  I’ve been having problems finding a new one and my car has been starting to have a lot of problems on it’s own! I don’t really have the money to afford all this.  I feel very alone in the world and today I needed to remind myself that I’m not alone.


So feel free to ignore all my selfies, or don’t just remember to put that smile on and keep it on, even if you have to fake it for a short time.  Eventually the real happiness will come 😉 x

IMG_1683 IMG_1685

Laugh all you want.. but I have two more LOL these were PRE lipstick 😛



Just a few selfie tips that I need to remember for myself as well… you may notice all the ones before the lipstick are a tad pixelated.  It’s because you lose quality if you flip the camera around to see your picture when you take it.  The last two (or should I say first two?) with no lipstick were taken holding the camera the right way and then I flipped it around to view the photos. Keep that in mind for taking some good positive selfies! 😀 x

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