Latest Obsessions: Human Hair Wigs 

So sorry for my lack of blogging lately, im trying to make up for it just haven’t had internet at my “new” place and now moving/apartment hunting again. 

Anyways, my friend recently introduced me to a brand new love: wigs! Her mother is a licensed cosmetologist, so she knows how to put the wigs naturally over your real hair, and they look just like your real hair! With that said, I’ve started looking for different types of wigs for each of my lifestyles, and daily needs! I found an amazing website called COCOWIG, that sells amazing natural human hair products!

Curly Human Hair Wigs for Females Online

My obsession of collecting has begun! The only time I dabbled with any hair items was back in 2010 for the feature film WEEKEND where I played the role of “Emma”. I used clip in’s of several colors, because her hair was supposed to be dyed several different colors, but it ended up being black with little strips of pink, purple, blue, etc.

Now that I know how to style wigs and make them look natural, I definitely want to get some and practice dying them ombré or even that amazing rainbow trend where all the colors of the rainbow are underneath, and when styles looks so incredibly beautiful! I want to invest in every color and change daily, and I think I finally figured out how to do it without damaging my hair by dying it daily haha!

Check out for all natural human hair needs.

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Beauty Tips: How To Maintain Red Hair

Hello all my favorite people! Guess what today is? NATIONAL RED HEAD DAY! If you’re a red head be sure to LOVE your red hair to death like I do. I love my red hair so much I’ve been hoarding two boxes of purple hair dye for two years now, but haven’t had to guts to say “goodbye” to the red… Even for a short amount of time!

As a, ahem boxed red head, I like to pretend it’s real. Given I guareentee you won’t find any photos of me with any other color unless I am #1 very young, #2 filming a movie (like when I went black in 2010), or auditioning for a character (like Luna Lovegood when I went “blonde”). The later was definitely NOT a good idea… (Click here to see my “photoshoot” as a blonde!)

TIP # 1 ALWAYS USE THE SAME COLOR DYE! I haven’t been able to find my color of dye Revlon Colorsilk Luminsta (for dark hair) in almost a year which sucks! I got so excited when I thought I found it I bought THREE boxes only to learn it was #161 “Red” rather than #160 “Light Red”. It came out too dark for my liking but either way better than nothing at all! HOWEVER, switching dyes from one red to another will eventually lead to disastrous results. Over time reds fade (and very quickly at that), not all of them fade to light red. Some fade to pink, orange, and so on. I had to have my hair professionally stripped at one point to “start over” because I would change my dye each time I dyed it. Never again!

After dying my hair I usually use the “Herbal Essences: Color Me Happy” shampoo & conditioner for at least a week or two. If you are looking for the BEST PRODUCT ON THE MARKET, all the professionals agree that REDKIN is by far the greatest. I also use a few other products including Yes To Coconut hair cream for my curls…

… and the Dry Shampoo in Herbal Essences line “Color Me Happy” for when I’m on the go. They sell different dry shampoo scents but this one in particular is for color treated hair! For a FULL list of hair products I use on my hair click here! For those products that I have REVIEWED click here.

TIP # 2 Make sure you get a color shampoo and conditioner. It doesn’t need to be herbal essences like mine, but since red fades so quickly you want to make sure you use this shampoo & conditioner for at least one full bottle before switching to another type. Remember that using the same shampoo & conditioner over and over can be “bad” for your hair in the long run, so I like to jump back and forth between different Herbal Essences to give my hair the full treatment – curls, hydrate, smoothness, color care, etc.) even a dry shampoo for when you’re in a rush can come in handy and I’m pretty sure your brand has one!

Now that we’ve covered basic products for after care, let’s get into the dying itself! Dying hair is really bad for your hair no matter WHAT you use to treat it. Bottom line is you are damaging your hair… And looking great in the process! 

Obviously you want to start with your roots and if you didn’t know that yet, I recommend going to a salon to have it professionally dyed! I have done both, professionals are very expensive and tend to argue with you on the color you specifically want, but hey! They are the professional!

Now first, red hair is very hard to keep red, it’s not a hair color it’s a lifestyle! I have had red hair since before I started modeling. Like I said you won’t find any photos of me woot red hair unless I’m really little, so here are some tips to making your red, stay red.

This isn’t QUITE a big deal as it used to be, hair dyes have gotten A LOT better over the years, but they still make a huge mess in the bathroom & your face if you’re not careful. That is where MOISTURE WIPES come in!

TIP # 3 Makeup remover wipes, baby wipes, or even flushable wipes, are amazing at taking dye of your skin around your face, neck and hands. I used use Neutrogena, but since those are more expensive I use either a basic brand or Cottonelle flushable wipe. These wipes also remove all the spots on the sink, mirror, floor and walls if you got that far into being messy 😛

TIP #4 TEST your hair dyes before you do your full head and let it set for a while before choosing your color. Reds tend to bleed out and fade faster than any other color on the market. You are going to want to choose the dye that looks good A WEEK or so after it’s been dyed. Red hair goes through different phases when it comes out of a box. The “just dyed” look which is 1-2 days after its done and tends to be too dark. The “PERFECT” look which is after it sinks in and begins to fade. This one lasts a good 5 days to a week after the just dyed look. Then there is phase 3 “pick your dye based on this one” look. It lasts the longest and by now all your dye has grabbed onto your hair, it no longer bleeds (if it did, hair dye companies have gotten better about this too over the years). This phase lasts a good 3 weeks to a month and a half. And finally phase 4 “it’s time to dye again”. It’s starting to show your roots, the pigment has faded to more of an orange or depending on your hair color auburn, etc. it’s most likely your natural color with red mixed together.

TIP #5 Use an old towel and an old shirt to dye your hair. Red will “bleed” for a shower or two after you’ve dyed it. Companies have gotten better at this over the past few years but definitely better to be safe than sorry! It tends to leave marks on your shirt collars (esp when you sweat!) and towels when you’re drying your hair. I like to use my hot pink one, because the stains don’t even show up.

TIP #6 To hold color in longer try to leave your regular conditioner in your hair for five-ten minutes to prevent dye buildup on your hair and to keep it looking healthy. A great way to do this in your shower routine is to wash your hair first, condition it then before you rinse you can do whatever else such as shaving, washing your body etc. then the last thing you do is rinse your conditioner. Try to do this each time especially if you dye your hair a lot. Again I can’t stress enough that REDKEN is amazing at working wonders with damaged hair due to dying it! In my showers I usually use TWO conditioners “my first” the one that sits on my hair for the entire shower usually my color treatment conditioner then after I wash my body and shave, I rinse and add the conditioner that will leave its scent in my hair (usually a treatment for curls, hydration, etc.).  Some of my all time favourites include the ingredient mango butter, because it makes your hair soft and smooth.

TIP #7 Remember to keep your hair out of the sun as long as possible. Sun fades red dye really fast. I love wearing beanies year round simply because I love beanies, but this is an idea!

TIP #8 Lastly, try to plan your hair dying around your event calendar such as parties, events, graduations, dances, etc. I usually dye mine TWO days before a red carpet event for that VIBRANT I just dyed it look, and about a week before filming anything like a movie so it stays the same color throughout the filming schedule. You will need to test your dye out and figure out your own timelines!

Good luck redheads! xo

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