Behind the Scenes: Mixed Media Design + Organization At It’s Finest

After several months (years really) of working on a new clothing collection, it has finally happened and a day after I announce it’s coming out, I officially decide to move it over to my website, put it under my name and get rid of I’m A Jerk Industries entirely (don’t worry, this is a good decision).  I was finally able to start working on my new collection after finding a way to make it happen but realized that the production cost of this collection is going to raise prices a little higher than IAJ ever had (not unaffordable, just not the cheapest). Since this was happening, I pondered simply having two lines a more upscale one under “Rose Pendleton” and a slightly less expensive one for “I’m A Jerk Industries“.  Finally after considering this option and having prints with both logos I have decided to ultimately shut down I’m A Jerk Industries for good and start fresh with just my name. My newest collection “Lights” will launch in February. I’m currently deleting and merging all my social media accounts together and hopefully Facebook will change I’m A Jerk’s name for me. I have ONE twitter account but will have TWO Instagram’s (one for the blog posts & one for my portfolio) If Facebook doesn’t let me change I’m A Jerk’s name, I’ll be getting a new Facebook for myself/clothing line so RSH is more a fashion website rather than personal blog. I have one Tumblr. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the upcoming designs!


Sorry for the quality. Lights is going to have everything from makeup & tote bags to tank tops, sweaters, shirts, pins, & even socks! Don’t expect me to sit on my butt for too long either, I have so many designs in mind that very soon new hats & beanies will be added (but you can still get the old I’m A Jerk Industries ones in my new store) and another new collection will be launched before the end of 2016 trust me! Lights is extremely diverse and features amazing floral prints, light textures, makeup, rad word sayings & even CHEESEBURGERS and french fries! All designs are original mixed media artwork blending photography & graphics made by me so you might see these around again featured on my new website available for use as design resources (for PERSONAL NON PROFIT use only). The designs above have the old bleeding heart logo on them, because not all of them have been changed yet, but I might leave it on a couple of them, because I think it goes really well.

I decided to change the name for one main reason. I lost I’m A Jerk Industries’ domain name and someone else bought it, and finally after months of waiting became available for purchase again.  The second I saw that I immediately purchased it and this time I’m not letting it expire ever again even if I’m not using it for anything. If you go there at the moment, you might notice #1 nothing’s really there yet, #2 it’s having some design/coding issues. I’m working on both.  With that said, I’m also getting rid of Rogue Daisies, my trendy little online clothing shop. Don’t cry though, because it’s simply moving to become apart of Rosie Says Hello!

Rosie Says Hello has been having some major work done on it.  I’m turning it into more of a professional fashion blog with more exclusive content from events like interviews, videos, behind the scenes stuff, etc.  It’s still going to be my blog and RSH and will be linking to each other ( won’t have a blog so you don’t have to worry about subscribing to two different ones!) This leaves me with TWO “companies” Rose Pendleton which will offer design + photography services, plus sell my clothing designs and Rosie Says Hello which will focus a little less on just me and a little more on featuring other amazing artists in the form of interviews, photos, videos, as well as my personal work. If you remember I’m A Jerk TV it was a five minute web show that featured and interviewed artists at events, that will be restarting right here as RSH TV! It’s going to be interviews & event coverage but also tutorials, shopping hauls and even “home movies” which are short 1-5 minute films with usually just myself acting like the one I posted previously called “The Prom”. I’m going to try to post a new episode at least once every two weeks, but at least once a month.  It’s just going to be a little hard for me right now because my car was in an accident at the end of December and I won’t be getting it back. Lastly, in addition to adding RSH TV, it’s going to have a brand new little shop (off because profit making isn’t allowed) just for my visitors!

The only thing that’s really NEW so far that you might not be following yet, is the RSH YouTube channel that I created years ago and never really used, but check it out because there are some fashion shows already featured! And new videos are on their way including the one above from the Concept LA event & another one from the Raw Artists Hollywood show I was apart of for Coruscate Innovations! If I can somehow figure out how to download the old I’m A Jerk TV episodes from the Vimeo page, I might upload these too.

So bottom line, you might notice the navigation is a little funky, I’ve added categories and really if you click on ANYTHING right now it’s going to lead you to a 404 error page, because I moved all my blogs out of categories to recreate them.  I’m letting you know, because I’m not sure if I will be fixing it tomorrow or the next day, so be patient and don’t freak out! I’m also going to work on getting up a scheduled list of upcoming articles/posts and finally work on the ones people have requested me to write in the past! I’m also getting rid of my filmography & resumes, etc. They will be moving over to my portfolio at Thanks for taking the time to read all this! Wish me luck and be excited for the changes! They’re good I swear!

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