Nail Art: Something Glittery for the Holidays!

So this morning I took a walk down to the nearest store (about a 1/2 a mile) just for fun, and as I passed a bus stop I noticed a bunch of trash underneath, including a baby stroller. As I was thinking “who would leave a baby stroller at a bus stop?”, something shiny caught my eye.

“Is that nail polish?” Call me CRAZY, but I decided to pick it up.

Was it broken? No.
Was it empty? No.
Was it dried up? No.

It was a perfectly fine, half full glitter nail polish… So I took it home, and did my nails!


I tore off the labels, because they were covered in dried nail polish, but there was nothing wrong with this nail polish! In fact, it dries super quickly and makes a perfect glitter polish or top coat over any color! πŸ™‚

I had a great morning! Have you found anything on the ground other than money before?

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