Personal Style: Patterns On Patterns







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You CAN buy this in my shop once it’s all setup or if you don’t want to wait and want to buy it now, just email me and we can do it all manually! It’s available for purchase and I’m ALMOST sold out I have one or two left I’m not sure… oh hey my inventory list is right in front of me. I have two. Size medium. Email if you’d like to order before they are posted in my shop 🙂

Skirt: Forever 21
Shirt: RSH Shop
Boots: Chinese Laundry
Necklace: Forever 21

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Personal Style: Particularly Disastrous









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Hat: Love Culture
Boots: Chinese Laundry
Necklace: My Friends
Gray Top: Love Culture
Bra: Victoria Secrets
Skirt: Forever 21
Machine Gun Tights: RSH Shop
Rasta Bracelets: I’m A Jerk Industries / Rose Pendleton Clothing & Venice Beach
Nightmare Bracelet: Jac Vanek

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FB: rosiesayshello
Tumblr: rosiesayshello
Twitter: rose_pendleton
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How To Style: Your Boyfriend’s Clothing

“How To Style Your Boyfriend’s Clothing”
My BF at the time wore a lot of Adidas track pants so his clothes would fit the both of us. I put together a few different looks using t-shirts, oversized jeans, track pants, button ups and tops styled as skirts. Check these unique styles out and let me know what you think!

Look #1
The first look is all his clothing except the shoes (he had big feet!) and the sunglasses which were graciously lended by the photographer Ashley Abarca. It’s a chilled laid back look featuring Adidas track pants, boots, my vintage pearl tie & a black button up!



Shirt: Target
Pants: Adidas
Sunglasses: Ray Ban (photographer’s)
Boots: Chinese Laundry
Tie: Vintage

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Look #2
Is a party or club outfit using my favorite shirt of his (and the only thing I kept when we broke up cuz I mean it’s a really comfortable shirt!), a red lace bustier, black wedge heels and a gray cut up over shirt. Definitely cute for clubbing, not for work! All you need is a large long sleeve shirt and you tie the sleeves in the back, front or side, to make a bow!




Over shirt: Love Culture
Heels: eBay
Necklace: Forever 21
Bustier: 99 Cent +
“Skirt”: Wal Mart

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Look #3
Look three combines two shirts, pretty much the same style as the last look but more conservative and definitely work appropriate. Again, I used the long sleeve shirt as a skirt, but paired it with the black button up & snakeskin Jeffrey Campbell’s.


Look #4
The fourth outfit reminds me of a miner and is a classic look of boyfriend jeans tied with a black belt, the long sleeve shirt, a snake finger cap, black boots & a gray beanie.

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Jeans: Bullhead/PacSun
Belt: Friend’s

Fingercap: 99 Cent +
Beanie: Forever 21
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Look #5
The final look is a large short sleeve shirt tied around the middle with a belt, paired with a vintage Vans Fedora & glitter heels. The logo on the shirt reminds me of Converse even though it’s not.


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All five of these looks can by hyped on my Lookbook!

You can view ALL the photos from the shoot on my Flickr & Facebook.

Tell me which look you like in the comments the below! xo

Photos: Ashley Abarca;

Confessions of a Shopaholic: Accessories From Black Friday

Hey guys! So this week my mom & I went shopping and LITERALLY replaced my entire Fall/Winter wardrobe. I got so much that I actually broke it into sections to blog about! 😛 

These are only some of the accessories I got this week. I haven’t taken photos of my new beanies or any of my clothes yet. But here’s to start!

I definitely needed new boots because all my boots talk/are worn out. 

The first ones are ankle booties with heels and they have a gold buckle on the side. I might wear them for Christmas I havent decided yet; the rest are flat boots. The second ones are my new everyday boots (if you remember my old black boots they replaced these). The third ones are black suede so I only want to wear them occasionally or they will get scuffed up. The last ones are my knee high brown boots because tall boots are needed too! I have so many pairs of slippers but none of them seem to match… So I got these super cute Panda slippers! I’m in love!

I also needed regular necessities, including lots of socks! (Not all my thigh highs are pictured) I only got one graphic print pair that says hi. I really love the color gray especially heather gray for clothing. The gray glitter ones are the only knee highs.  The others are amazing they have fuzzy tops on them. I also got some gray tights for these really cute basic dresses I got.


I’m so excited because I’ve never found my actual size (32B) anywhere other than Victoria’s Secret so I got some new bras and I’m selling my old ones (34B) on Vinted they’re super cute! These new bras fit so perfect and the material feels so great!

I also found XS undies (Wal Mart doesn’t sell XS in intmates) so I got a bunch of new pairs! (Not all pictures).

Then I passed by the gloves. The middle pair comes apart so I have black fingerless + regular white ones, lavender ones & black leather with a bow that I’m wearing for Christmas! 

Last of the accessories (besides the beanies) the black glitter clutch is for Christmas & the lavender one is my new everyday wallet! Both hold my phone right inside! 

Then there’s the clothes. I’m still going through all my old ones and getting rid of things.

After I’m done I’m putting everything for sale on my Vinted page. Shoes too. Until I go through it later, these are my new accessories. I’m so happy with everything! The clothes might need to be broke into multiple blogs! Yikes here we go… xo

Personal Style: No Games, Just Party

So just in case you’re wondering exactly how I’m “re-posting” my posts I deleted my blogs, but nothing in my media library and in order to keep organized, I’m going from month to month re-posting old posts (such as personal style posts, etc.) and mixing them with new posts that way it’s not all old ones!

This is from a while ago (I think the only thing I miss about my EX is his white garage because now I don’t have anywhere to shoot my new looks with a solid background).










Ironically I almost wore this shirt today! I went with a bodycon floral shirt instead! 😛 Anyways, this is one of my favorite shirts from Jac Vanek and these are my all time favorite shoes that I still have but need to fix because I wore them so much that they started TALKING if you catch my drift! Nothing a bit a super glue can’t fix HA!

Shirt: Jac Vanek
Pants: Target
Hat: Vintage Vans
Shoes: Laundry List
Sweatband: Hot Topic

You can visit this Flickr album or this Facebook album to like the photos as well!

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Personal Style: Summer Roar

Hi guys! I’m having a few problems getting access to my and I’m waiting on all my content from my old blog ( and I’m not sure how long it’s going to take.  Plus a lot of these clothing (and shoes) have gone missing since I’ve moved several times (a total of FOUR!) in the past year. This first personal style look is from 2013!

I am still so obsessed with this gray shirt from Love Culture.  It goes well with anything and even though purple is my favorite color of all time, half my closet is purple and the other half is gray! Gray is my all time favorite color for clothing! I noticed I take a LOT of photos when I document my outfits, so I’m posting a total of five here on my blog and you can view ALL the photos on my Flickr or Facebook page!

sorry for the bad photo quality, they are overly sharpened, a bit underexposed and low pixel quality.

Full View
20130727-172339.jpg20130727-172519.jpg 20130727-172443.jpg 20130727-172403.jpg

Side View

Rear View

20130727-194331.jpg 20130727-173614.jpg20130727-172638.jpg20130727-172551.jpg

This was my first outfit using my gray overshirt.  There were MANY more after this before I finally stopped wearing it everyday. I no longer have that bra, the boots are broken (but fixable), & unfortunately my shorts are a tad too small now.

For the other 10 photos from this look, you can visit this Flickr album or this Facebook album.

Fedora: Vintage Store (Vans)
Necklace: Vintage Store
Bra: Forever 21
Shirt: Love Culture
Shorts: Jungle Thread (Levi’s)
Boots: eBay (Laundry List)

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