Behind the Scenes: Modeling vs. Styling

I wanted to touched base on the different types of “photo shoots” that are put together for Rosie Says Hello.  Their are basic styling or “how to” guides, which is my own personal closet or clothing in the form of a styling tutorial where I’ve given some thought into each of the outfits or ideas themselves.  For example, How To Style “A Dress Different Ways” or “I’m A Jerk Wraps 12 Ways or even “Baseball Caps”.  I’ve had some friends come to me for advice on styling particular types of clothing like skater skirts (it’s scheduled to be shot!).  These “styling guides” are like I said ideas that I’ve thought of or have been asked to do and come from my own personal closet.

8688035506_00a7baf4aa_oAll articles from this How To shoot were from my own closet.  (The Cramps tee was provided by Franky’s Boutique but was given to me for styling on a DIFFERENT shoot [I’m A Jerk Magazine A/W 2010] a few years PRIOR to this styling guide), and therefore this was not promoting a product, but rather a written styling tutorial using my own personal style and closet of clothing.

A sponsor shoot is also different, but can sometimes be thrown into a mix of a styling tutorial.  For example, I once had ask me to put together a styling guide on what I would wear to Vegas to feature on their website.  Although it was a “sponsor shoot”, they didn’t provide any of the clothing, and only featured the written styling tutorial on their website.  A sponsor shoot would be when a particular company sends me an item of clothing or jewelry (even a beauty product for review, etc.) and I then put together a styling tutorial based around their piece to help promote them!

DSC_1152Dress was provided by Biology Boutique which shortly was used in a giveaway between Rosie Says Hello’s followers and Biology Boutique’s followers!

There are TWO more types of photo shoots but mainly fall into the same category which would be an actual modeling photo shoots.  Obviously on a “real” photo shoot (unless it’s for portfolio purposes), you aren’t going to be using your own personal clothing, there will usually be another stylist, makeup artist and your look may change several times throughout the shoot, etc.  These I very RARELY style myself, however on one occasion I had an online magazine ask me to style a basic t-shirt promoting their magazine not their clothing.  That event was very rare, but I feel it falls more into the modeling photo shoot rather than a sponsored style shoot especially since it’s a lifestyle magazine and not a fashion, style or beauty magazine.

Rose-PonyBoyTee-0335This is the particular shoot I was speaking of.  It was for the lifestyle magazine “The Name’s Ponyboy” and had three different sections one featuring a full outfit with the shirt + sticker, second being just the shirt + sticker and third just me and the sticker 😉

I hope this helps separate sponsored shoots from styling tutorials to actual modeling jobs.  I’m going to make a list so you can see what is going to be posted (and so I can keep track of what needs to be posted) I once again will also be posting these articles, all my previous modeling jobs, all my previous acting & crew work jobs as well as my personal style posts and product reviews.  Other section of the website that I really want to bring back is the “Horror Movie Review” section because I had a LOT of fun posting about horror movies and reviewing them.  Horror movies are one of my favorite things next to watercolors and flowers 😛 Stay tuned! Another article or post should go up tonight!

I have to style for the shoot tomorrow still! x

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Behind the Scenes: The Organiztion & Maintenance of a Blog

Welcome to the new look of Rosie Says Hello.  For those who rarely visit or have never been here before welcome you are in for a FANTASTIC start! For those loyal followers of my blog, you might notice everything is once again gone. Allow me to explain.

Running a blog is a lot of work and it’s all about being organized, in control and on time with your posts. I haven’t been doing that and it makes me really upset at myself. So once again I apologize if you see content you’ve already seen before but some people haven’t seen it yet and I would really like some new people to read my content! This past year, I was not really feeling the look of my blog which for me as a lot to do with whether or not I will even work on it. I’ve spent the entire weekend organizing a mixture of old posts & new posts and scheduling them to be posted.

Evernote Camera Roll 20151115 155840

Last night I received a message from a relative that has been following me for quite some time and he didn’t even know about half the things I have done with my clothing, modeling, acting or blogging and as I was looking at my profile pages, it made me realized that I only post most of my content on my blog and except people to automatically read it. I rarely post my photos on my Facebook or Instagram and I don’t really advertise my posts or content very well!

So I’ve decided I’m going to began to post all my content again except this time I’m going to try to advertise it much better.  I have a lot of how to articles, product reviews, tutorials, DIY crafts, and actual work on sets/studios that haven’t really received as much notice as I would like.  Follow all of my accounts, because this time I’m going to make sure I post all the content and everything!

Twitter: (it’s brand new) or you can follow my old one

Let me know what you think of the new look for Rosie Says Hello & I hope the repost of content really helps some of the new people and sparks some new ideas for the regulars! xo