Latest Obsessions: Human Hair Wigs 

So sorry for my lack of blogging lately, im trying to make up for it just haven’t had internet at my “new” place and now moving/apartment hunting again. 

Anyways, my friend recently introduced me to a brand new love: wigs! Her mother is a licensed cosmetologist, so she knows how to put the wigs naturally over your real hair, and they look just like your real hair! With that said, I’ve started looking for different types of wigs for each of my lifestyles, and daily needs! I found an amazing website called COCOWIG, that sells amazing natural human hair products!

Curly Human Hair Wigs for Females Online

My obsession of collecting has begun! The only time I dabbled with any hair items was back in 2010 for the feature film WEEKEND where I played the role of “Emma”. I used clip in’s of several colors, because her hair was supposed to be dyed several different colors, but it ended up being black with little strips of pink, purple, blue, etc.

Now that I know how to style wigs and make them look natural, I definitely want to get some and practice dying them ombré or even that amazing rainbow trend where all the colors of the rainbow are underneath, and when styles looks so incredibly beautiful! I want to invest in every color and change daily, and I think I finally figured out how to do it without damaging my hair by dying it daily haha!

Check out for all natural human hair needs.

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