DIY Crafts: Personalized Artistic Pencil Bags

Hey guys! So I got this pencil bag about a month or so ago and it was all pink at first… So of course I had to go in and make it purple instead!

I decided to use mixed medias including a gold hinted metallic purple acrylic paint, a lavendar oil based marker (I LOVE THESE MARKERS SO MUCH!), some purple nail polish, silver nail polish, purple felt tip pens, and regular crayola markers too.

I wanted to cover up some writing on the back of it and I emphasized the “LOVE” by adding cursive on top multiple times.

Overall, I love the end result of the bag. I think it could pass for an actual bag that you would find in the store like this.

I’m not sure what do you guys think of it? Would you buy it from a store designed like this? Or is it more of an artsy “you can totally tell it’s scribbled on” by a person… haha.

xo, Rose

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Beauty Basics: Kesha’s Infinite Lipcolors โ™ฅ

You might notice I’m blogging A LOT tonight… I decided if I just post one or two of my old posts a day.. that might take me an entire YEAR to catch up with them… So I’m sorry if all these posts bother you but I really want to post them all and get them out of the way. ย Instead of posting them one – three per night I figured maybe I’d do all the blogs for one – two MONTHS per night. ย Then maybe I’ll be done by the end of February and it will no longer bother me and I will be free to finally create new posts without having my old ones hovering above my head!

This post is brought to you by KESHA and needs to be updated because I own SO many more colors than I used to when it comes to lipstick…. I mean every shade of the rainbow and shades OF shades of shades… of shades of the rainbow ๐Ÿ˜‰ I can’t wait to show you all of them! Until then, I wanted to post this about how my favorite musician Kesha (who has her court date NEXT month since it was unfortunately post-poned earlier this week) can literally rock every color of lipstick effortlessly… AND DOES.

tumblr_m1zki1ycIa1r0ay4yGold – My First Kiss music video


tumblr_m1zka2pJvR1r0ay4yGray Glitter

tumblr_m1zk6fhRhy1r0ay4ySilver-Blue Glitter – We R Who We R music video

tumblr_m1zk1m9lUW1r0ay4yEven blue.




At the time of originally writing this post, like I said I never really experimented with lipstick colors so this “Amber” gold-orange was my favorite. ย Since I’ve tried many differents including purple glitter & black (which happens to be one of my ALL time favorites!


I definitely need to do a lipstick palette post with my lipstick colors! Who knew there could be so many shades of just pink and red alone! I own everything from pink ballerina shoes (a VERY light pink) to hot Barbie pink (a VERY PINK pink). ย What’s your favorite lipstick color and why? I can’t wait to show you the colors I have now! I have so many… this image below doesn’t even begin to cover it!

ย ย lipstick

You have no idea… How many do you own? x

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DIY: Arts & Crafts w/ Maryjane

Hey everyone! So, I always used to have a little box (most of you do) to keep my sweet sweet herbal medicines in. The guy at my old liquor store would always give me his empty Swisher Sweet boxes (my favorite flavors are Peach โ™ฅ and blueberry. ย So one day I decided I wanted to change up the inside a little but I kept the outside because it was one of my favorite flavors. ย I simply got one of those duct tapes that have designs (I’ve always been obsessed with zebra and used to have a zebra lighter that was fuzzy until someone stole it… now I have a beautiful little smiley face that says “Legalize It!” and a snowy red christmas themed one) anyways I choose to get zebra to match my lighter and just coated the inside of the plain white box with the tape. ย You can literally choose anything you’d like to do it, you can even decorate the tape yourself by gluing glitter or sequins whatever you’d like!




After you are done and it’s dried and all finished, add all your goodies and voila! You are more than welcome to continue doing the decorating on the outside of the box as well. ย Just remember that if you choose to use glitter it will be very messy and not JUST when you’re making the box when whenever you handle the box too. What do you guys keep your goodies in? I have a different box for my stuff now. It’s a cute little cheetah treasure chest box with fuzzy print on the outside and a little handle that lifts up. ย You can also use these for anything you’d like! Jewelry boxes, keepsake boxes and if you go to your local gas station, smoke shop or liquor store and ask for the swisher boxes that are empty they will most likely give them to you for free! I mean… if they try to charge you for an empty box please say no and walk away… I still have my little glass bottle though (it helps with the smell). Thoughts? Ideas? Let me know in the comments below! xo

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