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Rosie Says Hello is a personal blog that occasionally collaborates with several different types of companies in various ways including product reviews, tutorials using various products, styling clothing etc.

All types of collaborations are listed as a sponsored post. Although these posts are sponsored, I do my absolute best to post real truthful reviews and tutorials using the items. I work with companies that I believe match my style and are a good fit for Rosie Says Hello. Most times I am able to choose the products that are sent to me therefore they are things I personally love and choose.

I also have advertisements on my blog to make a little money. It takes a lot of work to run this blog and this helps with the costs of monthly hosting, domain fees, etc. There are also affiliate links similiar to the ads but in word forms. Other than this, I do also buy products and write about them as well so any sponsored collaborations will be tagged #sponsor and listed. Otherwise it’s a personal item that I bought myself and wanted to try/wear.

If you have any questions about anything including products from a sponsor please feel free to contact me using the form on the contact page or via email at 🙂