Photo Diary: The Style of My Sister’s Wedding

Hey crazies, these photos are from a while ago back when my sister got married to her husband.  They are adorable & i LOVE her styling for it.  She wore red Converse All-Stars down the aisle the entire time and never even had a pair of heels.  Not to mention her top hat! So this is my photo diary from backstage at the wedding and the fitting of the dress the week or so before the wedding.

Also I have some great news! I will be getting a new DSLR camera at the beginning of next month! It’s on it’s way which is super exciting to me! I can start to document my daily outfits and basically everything else again!










That’s my mom in the background laughing! And the boy in the blue shirt is my first and oldest nephew.









I do believe she made the top hat herself using a hat from the dollar store! Shes always been super crafty and stylish with no effort. What do you think of her dress / outfit? x

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How To Style: Shasta Style Feather Accessories

Hey everyone! So this past week I did a style shoot for Shasta Style! They have AMAZING feather jewelry of all colors!

  I am so in love with them. If you know my clothing line you know I have a huge love for feathers!

 I decided to style my earrings with a simple jumper paired with bright orange heels to make the orange on the earrings pop! I’ve never been able to find a jumper that looks good on me so when I found this one I fell in love! Especially since it’s gray and has a hood!

I have amazing news for those who love feather accessories as well! Just in time for Christmas I am pairing up with Shasta Style for a giveaway! So check my next blog post on how to enter to win! The giveaway will be starting today & ending on Christmas Eve just in time for the Holidays! 🙂 so be sure to check back to enter TODAY! Don’t miss your chance to win some amazing earrings for the new year!

You can check out this entire shoot on my Facebook page or Flickr! Then come back to enter the giveaway to win your own pair of awesome feather earrings.  Check out Shasta Style on Facebook and be sure to like their page because that’s one of the requirements to win your own pair!

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What do you guys think? xo

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How To Style: Biology Boutique Backdrop Dress

Hey loves. So this shoot is from a while back.  I did a snazzy little giveaway with this amazing company called Biology Boutique for this beautiful dress! It is a really pretty dress and I did a style shoot for them as well!







Dress: Biology Boutique
Shoes: I Love Shoes (eBay)
Necklace: Forever 21
Bracelet: Vintage
Earrings: Vintage
Hat: Burlington Coat Factory (I Think)

Check out this ENTIRE photoshoot at my Facebook page! There’s more photos! 😛

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Backstage: The Name’s Ponyboy Magazine Editorial

Hey everyone! As I mentioned I really need to get all my work back up on my site so I can send my website to people and they can actually see the things I’ve done! So here’s the shoot I mentioned in the previous post that’s borderline Sponsor/Modeling. The magazine is a lifestyle magazine called The Name’s Ponyboy. The shoot has three different sections one featuring their shirt & sticker 😉




Rose-PonyBoyTee-0355This part of the shoot is uploaded to my Lookbook and is the ONLY look that is featured on my Lookbook.

Hype the look:

The second part of the shoot featured just the t-shirt & the sticker 😉







The last section was just me and apparently no sticker at all… but they still loved it at the magazine! 😛




You can view them at my Facebook page as well if you’d like.  Visit The Name’s Ponyboy as well!

Photos: Ashley Abarca – xo

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Backstage: Fashion Internship for Huntress New York

Today I started a fashion internship for s New York / Los Angeles brand Huntress that sells a collection of the designers own designs as well as an amazing vintage collection in apparel & accessories (purses, jewelry, etc.) featuring genuine leather pieces, retro jumpsuits, disco shirts, and amazing sequin blouses all from different time periods! However it doesn’t stop there!  There is also upcoming beauty supplies (coming soon),  Body supplies, such as soaps, sage kits, rose oils & energy cleansing kits.  Plus different types of teas imported from India, as well as different types of honey!  The Los Angeles store is located at 13342 W Washington Blvd Los Angeles, California open Monday – Friday 1pm – 6pm.

Today, I got the chance to help the designer get ready for the Huntress New York Black Friday sale taking place on Black Friday on Rose Ave in Venice Beach, CA!


There will be 26 different designers at the event all selling their items.  The event is only $5 and the items being sold are incredible!  If you are in the LA area you should definitely come check it out!

I got to spend my day helping curate a unique vintage collection of clothing that would be coming to the event and making labels for the sale.  I must say these items are a CATCH!  I really want to get my own hands on some of these one of a kind vintage pieces.  They will not last so be sure to definitely come check out the sale (or the store!) if you can!

I also got to bottle and package teas!

They are absolutely beautiful which is funny because it’s a drink!  Not only are teas beautiful, but most do not know they help with medicinal properties, like headaches, stomach aches, sore throats, and SO much more!

We ended up having a nice cup of Matcha tea, I believe it was paired with a little bit of Almond Milk (I’m not sure), a dash of cinnamon and some honey.  We paired it with cashews.  It was simply to die for.

I think after all this tea talk, I’m going to make my self a cup of delicious tea.  Now which kind to choose I’m not sure.  My all time favorite tea is still Chai, both hot & iced, but I’m thinking of something on the more fruity side at the moment which leaves me with Blueberry Wild Flower or Rose Hibiscus!  Perhaps I’ll have a cup of both since I’m not feeling very well at the moment.  Do you love tea? It’s one of my all time passions.  I hope to one day grow my own plants and make my own recipes (I’ve actually already started the process).

Be sure to come to the event (I will be there) and follow Huntress New York on Instagram & like their Facebook page!


Also, I might lose my domain Rogue Daisies (my online shop) for a total of six months if I’m not able to renew it by tomorrow evening.  If you would like to help even donating $1 would help! I need $11 by tomorrow evening in order to make this happen before I run out of time! Email me (PayPal donations accepted only) at!

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