Lifestyle: Planning My PERFECT Party

Hey guys, tomorrow is my boyfriend’s birthday and I want to plan something so perfect and fun for it! I would love to plan the perfect party and if I could go ALL out, this would be it! In California, you can pretty much enjoy the beach, and water parks all year round! One thing I always wanted at my party was A JUMPER! Inflatable Zone offers so many different ways to have an awesome and fun party or event. Everyone always had jumpers and blow up water slides leading into their pools. I was always jealous lol. So, imagine a themed dress up/costume party from the 80’s (at night) with strobe lights & black lights going around the water lots of neon signs, rollerskaters serving BBQ cheeseburgers and milkshakes on trays throughout the party.

Then of course, we have to have water balls to walk along the water so you can remain in costume if you don’t want to get wet. We could play bumper balls, and SMASH into each other! We would NEED to get a purple ones and clear ones so each ball had either black light effects (clear) or flashing strobe lights (purple) on the INSIDE (setup before the party as decor of course!)

And for those who don’t mind splashing around, a giant water blob or trampoline would be AWESOME!

If we really wanted to go ALL OUT, which we do because we need the best virtual party ever, so we could get an ENTIRE floating city!

Next we need fun activities for the people who DO NOT like water. Of course a we need TWO DJ’s one outside by the pool for the water activities, and dance floor is a must! Again lots of flashing strobe lights, smoke, black lights and balloons everywhere! This would all take place inside a fully decorated inflatable tent with a retro theme like the 80’s with neon signs, and a place to rent roller skates for half of the floor, while the other half is dedicated to dancing. Streamers hanging with confetti and a disco ball falling from the ceiling all around!

Food would consist of sweet treats like cheesecakes, chocolate cakes, marble cakes, vanilla and yellow cakes. Chocolate fountains are ready for dipping almost anything like strawberries, rice crispy treats, cookies and more. All of our drinks including teas (I mean you have to have tea…) would be fully decorated for cute effect!

Games including BUBBLE soccer where you bounce into others to take them down would be going on! A costume contest would take place to win prizes!

What do you think of my awesome event? Did you imagine it? Would you have a good birthday party if this was yours?! You can totally get these AWESOME inflatable items like the inflatable water balls, the entire water park, trampoline, jumper & huge blow up tent for your events or parties at! Human bubble soccer seems great any time of year! They also have inflatable dome igloos for camping, and snow bubbles for sliding down hills!

Something great for all weather, events, parties or even just for a day of fun! Check out Inflatable Zone and then come tell me what costume you would wear to an 80’s themed birthday party!

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