Technology: Instagram Blues

Hey guys… So the other day I was explaining to my friend why I’m so obsessed with my Instagram and why I constantly delete photos and re-add them (to my @rose.pendleton IG NOT ROSIESAYSHELLO) 

My main Instagram is more of a portfolio but since I have quite a few trades obviously it’s not all just modeling. It’s supposed to be a “healthy mix” of photos with the following categories:

  • Modeling
  • Acting
  • On Set/Behind the Scenes
  • Events
  • Video
  • Personal
  • Snapchat
  • Photography

However the mix is supposed to have more modeling photos than anything because it’s a portfolio. So to sum it up the posts are supposed to go in the following order:

  • 3-5 modeling photos
  • 1 on set/backstage
  • 1 snapchat
  • 1 photography
  • 1 personal 
  • 1 repost/inspiration/art

With a very SELDOM (very few) posts in the acting, video and event categories. These are supposed to happen like:

  • 1 video after 15-25 posts
  • 1 acting screenshot after 30 posts 
  • 1-3 event photos only when I attend an event

Which brings me to my NEXT area of focus. Color and eye catching ORDER of the posts. When I first started it was a healthy mix of color but I noticed as I went further the colors have patterns and decided to stick with the pattern it tends to start.

For example:

This is the very beginning of my feed. It follows the category order with and is pleasing to the eye/attention grabbing. As I moved on it turned more into a yellow/golden/tan feed:

After the yellow it slowly turned into a blue feed then turned into purple:

After the purple the photos changed to a neutral black, white and gray section:

Then it flowed back into another yellow/tan/golden feed:

Which is where I currently am. The photos must FLOW and gradually change colors. I’m currently trying to get it to go into a mint green then green then blue (because I have a lot of photos to post in these colors). Not ALL photos look good next to each other. It has to have a healthy mix of horizontal and vertical while following the original categories as well as colors…

It’s my art in an art form. This is why the end of the feed which you guys see at the top/beginning is ALWAYS changing/being deleted and reposted. These are the photos I work with. It takes quite a bit of time for me to find a nice flow for the feed and when I don’t like it I just delete all the photos up to the color changing point and start over.

I hope this makes it more clear why my Instagram is always changing. I also have a lot of old photos that are really good and I want to post and I’d like to post all my old photos from specific things like events (but I can’t just post ALL THE EVENTS AT ONCE) because that’s too many events they need to be spread out. Does that make sense?

It needs to flow with the categories, color and have an eye grabbing appeal for not just myself but others as well 🙂 

I love finishing a section because since it takes so much time and I spend a lot of time on it its a very good feeling to finally like a section. Haha. I hope you guys look at my Instagram in a different way because like I said its my art inside of art! 

Have a good day guys!!