Beauty Items: Accessorize It!

Kind of upset right now… WordPress deleted this entire post and I have to re-write the entire thing… So here we go! My new glasses came in today! Not my Polette glasses, I still can’t decide between PERTH and TIMES SQUARE what do you think? Check them out below!

My new glasses are the ones that I bought my glittery purple HARD CANDY case for last week! 

So now that you’ve seen them, what do you think? Should I get the PERTH a different shape and shade for a different style or should I get the TIMES SQUARE so I don’t have to wear contacts / glasses under my sunglasses like a nerdy turdy? LOL!

So happy my glasses arrived! I didn’t want to use my case or clothes for any other pair of glasses. Whenever my Polette glasses arrive after I order them my second purple microfiber cloth will go to them 🙂 heh. I’m obsessed! Do you like them though? I’m into the patterns on the side! They’re kids frames because I have a small head so they’re the first pair of glasses that REALLY TRULY FIT. My black frame glasses fit me but are slightly too long and go past my ears. My white frame glasses are also too long and a bit too wide for my narrow head :/ but what can you do when you have the head of a child? LOL x

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DIY Tutorial: Ariel “The Little Mermaid” Halloween Costume

So last Halloween, I decided to make a homemade costume at the last minute. Literally, the day of Halloween. This costume was completely FREE using items I already had. I decided I wanted to be Ariel from The Little Mermaid! Here is a reminder of what she wears in case for some ODD reason, you aren’t too sure.

The glitter came in a two pack at the dollar store that I bought for crafts prior to Halloween because they were purple (and green). I bought two packs. So I guess it was $2 + glue sticks 😛

This project was VERY MESSY so make sure you lay something down before attempting to try it. Oh it also came with black glitter… Well one pack did. Others had orange, I don’t remember if I bought that one or not…

I started with a purple bra that was worn out and put glitter around the rim/wire of the bra. Then I added some along the edges of the straps and started putting spiral patterns in hot glue on the main cup.

Let it dry. BOOM, my shell bra was done! Time for the pants! Miraculously I had a pair of light green leggings made out of lace that I only wore once and didn’t see myself wearing again so I decided they were perfect! 

They were actually really hard to glue glitter on without having them glue themselves together so watch out if you’re using any lace products! I added glitter around the lace as much as I could and sprinkled lots of green glitter on them.

I didn’t have any shells for my hair so I took a flower from a plastic flower set that my sister had used at her baby shower and added glitter to it as well.

I put a black bra for more comfort and extra… Cup size underneath 😉

Since my leggings were lace I paired them with a pair of darker green pants that I own. This completed my “Ariel” costume in the nick of time as the sun went down!

If I had planned better I could of made it more authentic with shells, etc. for a $2 costume made hours before Halloween I think it went pretty well! People could tell I was Ariel because of my “hair” but that just happens to be my hair haha!

I’m not sure what to be for Halloween this year or if I’ll be buying it or making it, but stay tuned for a couple of other DIY costumes made from scratch (mostly using makeup) a few days or hours before the big night including superheroes, a zebra & a mime! Have you ever made a costume? What are you going to be this year for Halloween? 

XO, Ariel I mean Rose 😉


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“It’s Forest Gump Related” (1970’s “Jenny” Lifestyle Editorial)

“It’s Forrest Gump RelI bated” was originally inspired by Kesha back in 2010/2011. However, one photo in this shoot stood out from the rest to me. It reminds me of a specific character from a popular movie. “Jenny” the love of Forrest Gump’s life. For some reason after seeing the photos the name never shook. Before we get the THE photo (or photos since there’s a good FIVE of them that make the Forest thing real), here are some other photos from the shoot.
Taken in Riverside, CA.

Shot by: Devon VP Photography
Styling, MUA & Hair: Rose Pendleton
Jewelry: Vintage, Thrift Stores, Handmade, Venice Beach, I’m A Jerk Industries, Designers, Pop Up Shops
Belt Buckle: Clandestine Industries
Fringe Bag: Wet Seal
Boots: JCPenney’s

So the first part of the shoot isn’t really related so you’re probably looking at confused like you have no idea what I’m talking about. Especially since the outfit isn’t really VINTAGE and comes no where near the 1970’s!  It was originally inspired by KESHA back when she wore feathers non-stop in 2010. After seeing the LAST part of the shoot for some reason I couldn’t stop thinking it reminded me of Forest Gump.
Let’s start at the beginning of the shoot! 
So, you might recognize some of these photos because I have posted them before.  HOWEVER, I found the DISC with BOTH outfits on it and HQ resolution so I nipped my favs and here they are! (Well there’s TOO many so they’re all in the GALLERY) these are SOME of my favs! Check out the entire shoot before you leave!
The water was very green and dirty. It’s used for fishing not swimming!
Back in 2010-2012 I was very obsessed with feathers. This feather was from the ground (not the best idea) LOL I DID LOVE all the twisted tree vines and the photos came out good very lifestyle editorial I think.
My style was all over the place during those years! I was into fashion but knew nothing about it at the time 😛 I would wear JEANS AND T-SHIRTS TO RED CARPET EVENTS! It’s weird to look at a timeline of my style. It’s changed so much. I’m really proud!
Then we found a little spot that looked like a beach OASIS type deal! Or I think so anyway lol
Here is an up close shot of the jewelry pieces.  They are handmade or vintage pieces that I got from antique stores or thift stores or designer pieces.  The feather in my hair is obviously my clothing line I’m A Jerk Industries from way back when.
NOW! We’ve reached the last section(s) of the photoshoot.  The part that begins to remind me of the character JENNY from Forest Gump!
PART ONE – The Bus Stop / “PEACE” from War by the Army Tank
The entire movie revolves around a bus stop so I don’t really need to explain that one…
Smiling isn’t probably the BEST way to act when protesting for PEACE against WAR but…
PART TWO – Fishing.  Guess it doesn’t really have anything to do with the movie, but I love how they’re silhouettes and not images of me.
this is the PART that I looked at the photos and said “It’s Forest Gump related…” I’m not sure why they remind me so much of her walking away but they do…
This last photo is my ALL TIME FAVORITE from the entire set… I have no idea why, I just like my facial expression mixed with my hair, the outfit and the location.  It’s an “in action” shot when I turned around.. REMEMBER this isn’t ALL of the photos! All of the EDITED photos can be found in the GALLERY OR you can view all of the UNEDITED photos (some are very dark and underexposed) on my FLICKR page.
Also, this is a rather OLD shoot so I posted this look on my Lookbook SEVERAL years ago, but feel free to HYPE my look if you like it! x

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