How To Style: Chrissy’s Knee High Socks – Bermuda, Bahama (Part Two)

So what did you guys think of look one number of Chrissy’s Knee High Socks? Are you excited for look number two? I originally had an entirely different look planned for this! I wanted to go with a “Oops I Did it Again” – Britney Spears type of thing, but then I decided that wasn’t really my style and flipped the whole thing upside down!


The socks were pink and gray Argyle style and they remind me of the Britney Spears video don’t they?! Or preppy girl 101 hah! I took a different route.  Something that was wild and bright.



I went with one of my favorite shirts – it’s a silky all over print retro styled fish button up blouse.  It’s very hard to pair with anything due to the wildness of the print, both color wise and pattern, so I always go with something really out there! The shirt really does give off a retro vibe, so I decided to add on some round pink glasses, Bermuda shorts and a pink beanie.

The socks are even thicker than the ones with prints on them.  Since the pattern is so complex, they have pretty much a double layer for the gray and then one for the pinks.  It came in super handy because lately it’s been very cold and it even rained yesterday!





The look was topped off with a gold necklace that had pearls and pink hearts and a gold “Bonjour” belt from’s “Bonjour Dress”.  I went with a lilac lipstick color which I have since fallen in love with!




Since the look had a hippy – 70’s vibe, I decided to kick off my shoes in the middle of the shoot and curl my toes, so to speak.


What do you think of look number two? Are you into all these amazing designs and styles ofChrissy’s Knee High Socks so far? Get ready for the next look! It’s just as wild as the first two! x

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SocksChrissy’s Knee High Socks
: Rogue Daisies
Shorts: Target
Necklace: Forever 21
Shoes: Payless
Beanie: Rogue Daisies
Sunglasses: Venice Beach

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How To Style: Chrissy’s Knee High Socks – Stoner Vibes (Part One)

Hey guys! So this past month I had the pleasure of styling some AMAZING knee high socks from an awesome company called “Chrissy’s Knee High Socks” which sells AMAZING socks in all forms, thigh highs, knee highs, all styles including all over print, striped, argyle, neon, plaid, the list can go on and on! Anyway, I am styling FIVE different looks with FIVE VERY DIFFERENT styles of knee high socks! Since there are five looks, I’m breaking each post up into one look each. My first look is very purple! I’m so in love with these purple knee high socks, featuring marijuana leaves in teal and lavender colors!


This is prepping for the shoot!



Since these are marijuana leaves, I wanted to give the look a stoner vibe. I also got fully into it and rolled a blunt for the look. HA!




These socks are AMAZING. Ironically, as MUCH as I love these socks, they are NOT even my all time FAVORITE pair of socks that I received they have so many styles and looks, I really couldn’t decide and want to start a collection! I would literally wear knee high socks every day in high school with my pants rolled up to my knees, chucks and a band tee! Old school!





I’ve been really feeling the “candid” look of photos lately so I love the random ones where I’m walking or doing something instead of just posing. They’re getting so old. Anyways! Each pair of socks that Chrissy’s Knee High Sock’s provided are super comfortable and thick, but not TOO thick where you can’t get your pants to roll up over them if that makes sense. They keep you warm, but are fully flexible too!




It’s amazing how many purple flowers are in my neighborhood. They’re literally all over the place! So Chrissy’s Knee High Socks is DEFINITELY my new favorite spot for all types of socks and for all occasions especially holidays! My purple JERK hat is off my new collection “LIGHTS” from I’m A Jerk Industries now sold at my portfolio (still trying to get the shop up, having some problems so sorry!).

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Shirt: Plumb (Concert)
Shorts: JcPenney’s
Boots: Target
Hat: I’m A Jerk Industries by Rose Pendleton
Socks: Chrissy’s Knee High Socks
Earrings: Clarie’s
Necklace: Vintage / Antique Store
Backpack: Jansport (My mom’s old one, she gave to me)
Sunglasses: Rogue Daisies (Sold Out)

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The photos were also added the gallery (all the photos from all five looks will be in the same album when I’m finished instead of five different albums). Check out the gallery if you haven’t yet!

Hope you like! Four more looks to go! x

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How To Style: Chrissy’s Knee High Socks – Introduction

Hey guys! So I was never able to post all five of my looks for the Chrissy’s Knee High Socks collaboration because I was in the process of moving my site to a new host! I only posted three, so I’m going to post all of the posts over here including the last two looks that you guys NEVER SAW!
Two of my ALL time favorite clothing/accessories items are knee high socks and beanies.  I used to wear knee high socks every single day in high school and can even make them look amazing with sweat pants! Grab a simple pair of sweats, a t-shirt, some rad socks and a beanie to cover your bed head and you’re out the door in five minutes!
Chrissy’s Knee High Socks was nice enough to let me choose a few pairs of socks to style.  I choose some really awesome socks from each category.  I can’t decide if my all time favorite were the multi-colored dinosaurs or the purple marijuana leaves!


It really doesn’t matter which one I like more, because I was able to style two unique looks for BOTH of my favorite pairs, plus THREE more! I tried to make each look different but still my style so it would be something I would definitely wear on a daily basis!


The five styles of socks include multi-colored pink and green stripes, pink argyle, black knee highs with purple strips, black with multi-colored dinosaurs and lastly the purple knee highs with baby blue, lavender and blue-green marijuana leaves.

Let me know which look you like the best out of these five different styles (each look will have it’s own post and the photos will also be added to the gallery!) and head over to Chrissy’s Knee High Socks to grab a few pairs of your own! They have everything to holiday socks, colored socks, patterns, stripes, and more.  Basically anything you can dream of, they have it!

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How To Style: 1960’s Babydoll Dress

Hey guys! So this shoot is one I found from a few years ago, but I never really got to post it either way! I used to model products weekly for the website Cutesy / Cutesy and they would give you some free clothing each week to take home as well as your paycheck.  I got some of my favorite clothing from them! I wish I had never quit that job, one of the best I’ve ever had!
One of the items I took home was a unusual print combined with floral and almost animal print, but I’m not too sure.  Either way, the design is SUPER cute! I don’t own this shirt anymore but before I lost it I DID style a shoot for it.  It reminded me of a 1960’s Babydoll dress with the print, so that’s how I styled it (remember to wear bloomers or cute puffy shorts underneath over your intimates like Cheerleader shorts or bloomers for shorter dresses like this!
I believe the reason this looks like a 1960’s Babydoll dress to begin with is only because of pattern.  When I saw it, I had to have it! It’s awesome getting to model clothing then decide to take home what you modeled before it’s even released to anyone else… LOL
First of all, what do you think of the pattern? I’m also in love with the ribbon wrapped around your bust.  Anyways, I wanted to style this dress simply because of the amazing pattern and vintage feel. I used to own a pair of yellow heels (obviously) so I wanted to make all my accessories yellow to match the ribbon which “brings the patterns together”.
I wanted to use large colorful jewelry which a vintage vibe. I think the earrings definitely accomplished that, but I do love the beads and large yellow ring.
That is a SIDEKICK LX which shows you how OLD this shoot is, and how much CONTENT I literally have made just waiting to be put up on the site…
At the end I tried doing something creative but it really didn’t work out with this outfit. I don’t really like the last few photos… What do you think? Could this pass as a Babydoll dress from the 1960’s if styled right? Or do you think it’s just a weird pattern shirt? xoxo

View the entire photoshoot in the new Rosie Says Hello gallery!
Dress/Shirt: (No longer active)
Jewelry: Forever 21
Heels: Charlotte Russe
Photos: Chris Quan (2007)