How to Style: Age Appropriate Style For Your Office Job With Tips (feat.

Lately, I’ve been looking for different styles of clothing especially dresses and jumpsuits or jumpers aka one piece outfits that are easy and can pass with any style type. I need to find more clothes that are in tune and upscale, with my AGE RANGE and the PROFESSIONAL level that I would like to be seen on. Most of my clothing consists of crop tops, and revealing small shirts perfect for the beach, if you’re in your early twenties not blossoming into your flirty thirties. The thirties are supposed to be a woman’s PEAK period of her life, and nothing says it better than your personality through your sense of style!

You’d be surprised at the amount of simply speaking your mind through fashion can really let someone see you and something that makes you you. Let’s start off with the basics of an appropriate, professional level, of what your career field choices or type of office position says about you and your maturity level. By this time in life we want to be taken as serious adults, and not under paid food industry jobs employees like overaged teenagers with baggy vintage rock tees and ripped denim jeans, “just out of bed” “I wore this the day before” type, late to their minimum wage job just because their lazy. You want to be known for the the position of employment that speaks “I have real ideas for this company and I’m a woman who speaks her free mind just as much as her style says speaks about her soul.”

I want to share some awesome “little black dresses“, “cropped tops” and “mini skirts” and jackets to bring the outfit all together! Styling tips and tricks for standing out and looking amazing at your office job this season! I know you’re thinking cropped tops for a thirty year old professionally affiliated wears crop tops to a 9-5 day job? I also want to share my styling tips on them so you can see how they are office ready and age level appropriate for you to start a flair at your new career heading in the direction of your dream job. The time to dress like a CEO, or even better is now. Thanks so much to for helping me out with this, and letting me use their photos!

“The Little Black Dress”
First lets cover the one of a kind traditional work and club piece: “The Little Black Dress“. Everyone has one, they take off weight, they hide your figure, they’re dark and blend in. Let’s work on standing out through stylist artistic impression. Be the trend setter and the globe trotter. Share your bold inspirations with the world.

The one above is a classic example of the basic “body con dress” with a bright color and a drastically theatrically diva-ish change to a dark black tone for vibrancy affects. Tone down your makeup colors to simple nudes or golds and silvers with black for underpaying effects. If you’re feeling bold a bright yellow handbag would look great! I have a large yellow plastic one with a huge bow on it and it would pair with this perfectly! I would wear bright yellow closed heels/pumps, or even the really cute yellow black and white bumble bee pattern heels, or butterfly pattern heels with the butterfly sitting on the top, maybe that’s too matchy matchy. If you’re feeling that one day and not the next, then simple contrast colors and do some chunky bright yellow earrings and a matching necklace with a blue handbag and even red heels if they’re pop art enough. If you bring shoes make sure they’re not simple heels, but decorated and detailed with loudness to bring the attention to your popping shoes, not a simple black dress!

Which brings me to another classic form of little black dress is the straight away vintage babydoll inspired dress in any color! You can wear it with nude nylons or a pair of pants like above. The shoes make the look! I love the large circle I would try to find a necklace with a circle pendent and wear that with it. These can be styled several ways and always look good for office settings! Notice how elegant the roses make the dress look and how the lipstick attracts you too. Red lipstick is 95% more guaranteed to think about sex with you or kissing you after seeing a woman (probably you) in red lipstick or the color red in general. That’s why major stores use it to market holidays.

Anyway back to little black dresses, and their impact on the office style statistics. This two toned print put together is really cute and I love the design pattern! It won’t stretch you in either direction during photos (horizontal = fatter, vertical = taller) which is an added plus, you could add a belt to the center for an accessory. Some classy gold jewelry would pair well or the large pendent cut earrings the model is wearing would work nice. The bright red clutch is perfect to add to the red, white and dark blue. The hair style is everything in this! The natural loose flow of the messy side braid easily adds a flawless type of character to the look and makes it look effortlessly chic.

This bodycon dress is a setup from the traditional because it shows an abstract pattern and is a bit longer in length. Its colors leave it open to be virtually anything with any color added to it. Remember that hair styles, nail choices amd makeup all can make or break an outfit too. So can a handbag! so make sure all the details are done just right for each of your looks.

This black dress styled like a peacoat gives details of upscale class and the velvet material gives it the holiday settings. The red handbag paired with the black looks amazing. The bold colors draw your eyes across the entire look. Short or dangle earrings, but the cut doesn’t offer room for a necklace. It may add clutter details, that are not wanted.

This oversized sweater dress is my favorite for dresses! Lets set OUT of our comfort zones this year and really try some looks! This sweater dress looks like its not office wearable, but pair it with some tall brown boots or cowgirl boots and a native inspired pendant necklace such as in the photo. If you feel too loose or airy simple add a black or white thin belt around your waist to bring it in for a tighter look. Or solid leggings in a neutral black or gray to keep the look within professional color patterns. It’s super comfortable and can also be paired with loud print tights or even jeans for an cute southern outdoorsy look. This screams brown braided headband with earth decor for necklace decorations.

This dress is border line dress for office wear. It’s cute design and neutral colored pattern flow and the bottom sash adds flair for the look but it is a bit on the youg adult side. Dress it up a bit more with your accessories or jacket and add professionalism to this cute dress! It definitely doesn’t scream boring or unstylish off your resume! You could spice it up with a low fitting belt buckle or maybe tall knee high red boots.

Back to the loud and bold prints! I love this dress, but I feel like it’s too big on the model and wished the bustier area was more defined instead of flat. Either way this print and color is cute and would go great under a solid knee length colored peacoat jacket. I would seriously rock this dress with tall red or yellow rubber rain boots like back in 2008 when I wore my rain boots EVERYWHERE, including the VMAs. They have to be the right boot cut and length that wouldn’t look right with all rain boots. But hey! A see through matching color plastic umbrella and and a raincoat instead of the peacoat or both since it’s probably cold… Office wise, pair it with a ruby red and black beaded stone cut pendant necklace, and matching beaded bracelets in similar size, if not bigger than the necklace. I’m almost done with my complete Holiday Wear for The Office of “Simply Adults” just losing their “young” guide! I just have a few more tips and favorites to share!

This little black dress is simple, cute and effect in its own way. I would keep it simple and wear this with ballet flats on the days I wasn’t feeling my career or job. The bow in the center is what does it for this look. It’s perfect without doing a thing. A simple peacoat would pair well with this closet basic.

This funky cut of a dress is unique and personable. It adds a play on time periods. The accessories they paired it with go so well! A tassel fluffy ball necklace sends it to the 70’s/80’s. Big rings that match the color of the clutch or handbag you choose together.

I really love the entire design of the dress. Again make sure your nails match your accessories and your lipstick choices compliment rather than take over or don’t do anything for the look. If it’s really cold outside pairing some black tights or leggings with this would look fine.

#2 The Sexy Crop Top, professionalized with style coordination!
Sexy crop tops aren’t necessary for the young, the young minded just need a different pattern, and a unique cut as well as design. This is one of my favorite outfits for this post simply because it’s so borderline “young adult / simply adult” with the frisky yet sophisticated style. One that says I’m educated and sophisticated & enough to work for a company with my career path planned down the line instead of a fast food employee.

I also seriously love these pants, just need to say that, and the top is a perfect display of the work environment when layered over a tucked in solid color turtle neck sweater and display the neck base of the sweater in your outfit as a detail. Or maybe an oversized sweater, one for a much less formal , yet still in the ball game of chic, if paired classically with a set of white pearls and solid black pumps or closed heels. Pair it with a form / body cut cropped black blazer and it’s a complete set of professionalism.

A high waisted skirt will pair well with a high waisted skirt to fill in the crop top’s missing attributes! Again, one garment should be loud and the other soft pattern and noise wise. Then a matching clutch purse is perfect or a vintage inspired purse. If you’re bold do mix all three loud prints together try to do a contrast in theme of the print or color. Maybe all the primary colors of red, yellow, and blue, or circles & squares for pattern design contrast. Don’t mix certain material types with others, some materials just don’t mix. Plastic and polyester might turn out fine, but a thick knitted sweater might not match with heavy outer wear (i.e. Jewelry and accessories). That loud native inspired necklace is the perfect touch for this outfit vintage 60’s retro vibes outfit. It needs something loud in color, or bold and chunky in design to get the viewers focus on your matching accessories (don’t forget your nails ladies)!

A “sexy crop top” can be styled in a professional way that covers, yet tells all. This sweater vest crop top is perfect for Autumn & Winter out here in California where 35 at night is the lowest temperature sets its average for the cold season in the always sunny California. The average Autumn day is 60-70 degrees, and during Winter it’s between 40-70 degrees, sometimes late twenties depending on if you live in the mountains or the city. The shoulder cut gives it a classy vibe and the long pencil skirt kills it in any color, cut, or pattern. This one does them all especially around the Seasonal holidays!

This is a really unique cut crop top, and can give a natural off centered blend in with the masses or horribly wrong garment cut if styled wrong, but if styled correctly with layers such as, a black or dark colored turtleneck with a bright earthy tone like “Maple” or a spunky coral tinted lipstick, and matching tones from the makeup to bring out the details for the loud jewelry, and to turn up the matching shades in your makeup to help them compliment the entire look.

Or do opposite hues of the same color and you can play with the coloring too such as a dark stylish jacket or blazer in either red (the pink pants), purple or deep rich red-Violet esq under setting to compliment your pink pants, but casual enough for the top to do its magic. These shorts are an office no no no matter how they’re styled. Putting tights under short shorts only adds to the “young” adult factor. We’re dropping our young and transitioning into simply adults. I think we were supposed to figure something out that we never did.

The shirt comes in pastel pink and white and can be styled in several unique stylish ways! Bringing attention to the already dominating color like pastel pink and pastel toned beach vibe jewelry like long stone carved necklaces or long sea shells of all sizes, or sometimes simple as a black bowtie necklace. This shirt can be worn and styled several different ways and if you can figure them all out your investment in this shirt could save you a lot of money and closet space!

You could look the CEO’s stylist if you weren’t looking so boss yourself! Stick in either natural earthy tones like tans, browns, blacks and Native American inspired cuts or shapes and prints or bright hippish yellows, pinks, and whites with loud flowers and accessories shapes for design patterns. Maybe even brightly colored nails with a loud statement or design in black and diamonds. I really do love these fuzzy velvet material with the wide leg cut for a design.  Perfect for the office as well! Maybe it’s a two piece suit!

Again, never to the denim frayed short shorts in the office! Ever. If you don’t work a desk job then the world is your office and treat it as you would your workplace. It is your hustle, so hustle hard and style harder.

I love the contrasting of colors with the dark blue skirt and pastel pink crop top. The patterns are both so bold, and over the top that they go well together and even makes it look like its a dress not a skirt and top paired together. These are loud prints, so be sure to pair them and wear them together proud!

Another type of jacket is the shoulder vest. It adds class to look like never before considering the ladies who brought it into style back in the day. The vibrant green is opposite of red and the circles make a great texture for the pattern. The pencil skirt is also another basic work skirt that pairs well with anything. 

This last look is fairly arguable, but if you pull it off with the right prints and sweater designs you can get away with any color of boyfriend jeans, form fitting cotton pants, or non distressed jeans very limited. A vintage sweater from your high school might add just the right touch of uniqueness for the sweater. Personalize to own. I don’t recommend chickens but a loud all over print on the bottoms is a go for us for some different work styles you can play with!

#3 Jackets & Mini Skirts – The Style Before the Style

This deep ruby red jacket makes its statement with its shape! The flow of perfection when pairing this to a petticoat layer dress. Its rich color leaves only room for golds, silvers, whites, blacks, cream and pastel pinks. A pair of Rose earrings would be perfect for a soft pastel offsettling style form. Or natural glisering rhinestones that literally scream “shine bright like a diamond!” Along with a black, white or cream clutch. A pair of elbow gloves might help with the weather and add freshness to your look at the same time.

For a cute change of the Peacock Coat a cropped jacket is in my closet! I love the color of this jacket, and it’s perfect for that professional yet fun and approachable way to try a new jacket type. It’s light and simple and looks great buttoned up or down! If it’s really cold button it all the way and add a bright print, or colored tie either loosely for decal or worn simply tied formal as a dedicated detail to the assemble. Pair it with flats in a solid color either a shade of pastel or something off hue a little like light red or coral color to draw attention instead of having it blend in.

The style pattern of the white skirt is long and flowy enough for daily office fashion. A simple white or black blouse would be a basic pairing. If you want a little fun to it pair it with a bright vintage inspired design button up like a loud all over fish print in several warm colors or a sheer lace blouse with a nice chiffon top underneath for layering. Or an oversized sweater to pair over it. The Rose design seems to look like an Asian writing and they used a clutch from Asia to compliment it. 

A nice change of jacket the old floral 70’s “Grandma’s Drapes” vibe presents itself as a fashionista. The color makes the print soft enough to bring down to work level attire and the large buttons add detail. If you style it similar with a knee length skirt and the jacket as your “top” don’t add any jewelry it will clutter and distract from the detailed buttons of the jacket.

These simple style skirts in every color are basic staple accessories in pairing skirts and blouses together! The deviants in the skirt give it a pleated texture and make a cute pairing for any top long sleeve or short sleeved.

This one is neutral colors but loud accessory details for both the unique circle patterned mini skirt and white feathered zip crop top. Pairing the top over a black sweater or turtleneck adds a material pop to your co workers faces. A large floppy sunhat, or a classy old school pin on ladies hat with large differences in all materials is perfect! I would choose chunkier shoes like knee high white boots or closed white heels or platforms even. The skirt is a bit harder to pair without it turning you into a fashion circus. Keep your accessories simple and classic like pearls or a gold chain of small pearls.

The differences in material structures offer a large contrasts in patterns and already makes this outfit very bold. Pair this skirt over a black pleated pettycoat for added length and use the pettycoats material for added volume as well. It’s looks alone are going to turn heads and spark conversations. Pair it with a very off setting jacket, like an entirely new pattern adding to it or a solid primary color either blue for a cooler recessive under tone, loud and in your face yellow for the color to drag in the attention and the outfit to take it away or the bold color red a dominating powerful color that makes a statement of power no matter what the rest is.

This is definitely a more age appropirate overall dress for work attire. The shirt underneath color literally be any color or pattern posted next to black. Nylons for dresses and skirts are always appropriate. Closed toe heels are more professional, but both are accepted. Wearing your hair up in a bun with some red lipstick would be attention grabbing with your chest fully covered.

Sorry so long! I got really into it! What do you think of my choices? Thanks to for the photos. These products and styles are all available on their website! Check it out!

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How To Style: The Color Nude (Casual vs Classy) Featuring

The color of Summer for ME was the color nude. I’ve been really into the simplistic nature and how you can have it be a neutral style or use color to have things POP. It’s similar to blacks, whites and grays, but different because it’s actually a “color” rathe than absence of color etc. So I’ve been adding more and more to my wardrobe in every form from nude lipstick shades, nude intimates both bras and panties (good for modeling) & even nude shoes!

These awesome nude (“apricot”) stilettos were sent to me by GAMISS! I’m so in love with how The color allows you to make an endless number of outfits.  For this article I wanted to show you two different looks that take less than a minute to change into. It allows you to dress up for an event, then walk out the door change a couple of things and you’re dressed DOWN with a completely new look for a night on the town!

Look #1 – DRESS IT UP

Look #2 – Play It Down 

For a simple switch, change up your accessories for more of a night out in the city look. Pull your hair to one side, leave it simple or quickly pull it into a side pony tail or messy side braid, and add either a hat or a beanie for a street look.

Next throw on a light jacket, long sleeve shirt, plaid or tie something around your waist like a belt.


You can also remove the tights, that was my original idea, but really loved how the tights looked for both outfits. The change can be subtle or dramatic either way it only takes a minute or two to switch between them leaving you with two looks for two different types of events. What do you think? How would you style these awesome nude/apricot stilettos from

Make sure you head to the gallery or my Flickr for full shoot/full sized photos! If you like these looks head to my Lookbook and hype them! Head to for amazing shoes & clothing! Follow their social media sites for awesome photos as well!

Hype look #1

Dress: Avaliable @ RSH Shop SOON (now
Necklace: Avaliable @ RSH Shop SOON
Tights: Kushyfoot
Bracelets/Arm Cuffs: Forever 21

Hype look #2

Dress: Avaliable @ RSH Shop SOON
Necklace: Avaliable @ RSH Shop SOON
Tights: Kushyfoot
Bracelets/Arm Cuffs: Forever 21
Plaid Hooded Shirt: “Polly & Esther” at JcPenney’s

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clook (6)

How To Style: The Color of Love/Chocolate Kiss (Multi-Colored Lips Bustier & Ombré Sunnies) Featuring

Hey loves! So this lovely colorful outfit is one of my FAVORITES in a really long time! The reason I named it “chocolate kisses” is because my purple velvet blazer reminds me of Willy Wonka and I did a shoot inspired by it once but never received any of the photos and was really sad about that 🙁

This style post is PART ONE of my three different looks featuring the amazing clothing of GAMISS.COM! They provided these awesome ombré candy colored sunglasses that fade fro, a pink-red to a light blue.

The two photos above are my FAVORITE photos right now! Love them so much! In addition to the sunglasses, GAMISS.COM also provided this awesome multicolored kiss bustier top (also avaliable in just black & red).

And of course Bambi is still rocking these shoots… He looks a little pissed off cuz it was his first time on a lease and he didn’t like it. He’s gotten much better at it now tho!

I wanted to go with a very colorful theme and I’m loving how it turned out slightly retro/80’s inspired. I wish my hair had been crimped and I had really BRIGHT colorful makeup but that wouldn’t have worked for the second look unfortunately 🙁

You definitely need to check GAMISS.COM out NOW! In addition to amazing clothing and accessories, their prices are FANTASTIC! (This shirt was only 50 cents… I’M NOT KIDDING!)


IG: gamiss_official

Right now you can get 15% off with the code “NEW” tag your photos with #gamiss_style !


Make sure you HYPE this look on Lookbook:

Blazer: DD’s Discounts
Necklace: Forever 21
Earrings: Rogue Daisies / RSH Shop
Tights: Kushyfoot
Shorts: JCPenney’s
Heels: Rogue Daisies / RSH Shop (SOLD OUT)

Check out the FULL SHOOT in the gallery:

You can also see the full shoot on Facebook, Flickr, DeviantArt, or Tumblr! Let me know which photo is your favorite in the comments below! Stay tuned for the next two looks next!

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How To Style: Gold VS Gold (Classy & Casual) – (Part One)

Hey my loves! So my latest shoot features the lovely accessories from! The first accessory is this amazing GOLD Sequin clutch handbag that can be used for upscale classy events OR casual everyday looks! I wanted to do both, so I decided to show you how to do it!


The purse has two different handles the short wrist one (above) and a long chain (below in second outfit).

For the classier look I went with a bohemian vibe because I owned the perfect skirt to match the bag!

For look #1 the “casual” look I paired it with a summer fun “n” fruity “Sequin Pineapple Racerback Tank Top” off my new collection for my clothing line.  The sequins of the shirt went perfect with the sequins on the purse.  I didn’t want to OVER do the sequins tho so since the purse has so many sequins I made sure to pair it with something that only had a SMALL amount of sequins.

Be sure to HYPE Look #1


Look #2 is definitely more upscale and the skirt (it’s a skirt paired with a DRESS that’s BACKWARDS!) went PERFECTLY with the clutch it was amazing.  The top half is the back part of an off-white dress.  I wore it backwards so I could have the deep V-Neck style for the look.  The skirt is a maxi skirt that is also off-white but covered in gold sequins! I decided to wear flat sandals for a bohemian look rather than heels.  Especially with the location choice for the shoot I thought the sandals would go perfect and really bring the outfit all together.

The sequin clutch can be worn literally with any style if you pair it right! Definitely one of my new staple accessories!

Hype Look #2

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BUT we’re not done yet!

Head to the GALLERY to see ALL the photos from these looks or you can visit my Facebook page or Instagram to check them out as well!

THEN check out the next blog (up now) for the SECOND accessories sent by and how I styled them! I’m so in love with the next handbag but it reminds me so much of the Illuminati and I’m not sure why… HAHA! I also included some amazing video footage taken from the photoshoot including an awesome SLO-MO video! Definitely don’t want to miss!

Check it out now!

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How To Style: Pink Triangle Purse & Ankle Booties “Illuminati Status” – (Part TWO)

For the NEXT accessory from I put together more of a “City/Street” look.  I was aiming for New York, but might be TOO LA for anything else. HA! The pink Triangle Gold Studded Handbag is REALLY adorable.  I had to have it the minute I saw it! It zips on the side but ends at the top so you can tell the purse is a triangle shape.  I keep thinking “Illuminati” status LOL.




Anyways, the ankle boots are also from and could be paired perfectly with EITHER of these purses which is a huge reason why I decided to get them! I love Ankle Boots simply because they’re high heeled but still boots so they can also be worn classy or casual depending on how you style them 😉




Since I’m heading back to school this fall, a lot of my shopping choices are based on outfits or items that I would wear to school. I want to start wearing a LOT more heels just to practice my walking since I haven’t worn any in a while.  Figured ankle boots would be a great way to start before smashing around in full stilettos!

Hype this look!

How would you style these?
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BUT we’re not done yet! Check out these awesome videos from the shoot!

Videos & Photos taken by Jose Castro!

Which one was your favorite look? Let me know in the comments below!

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Head to the GALLERY to see ALL the photos from these looks or you can visit my Facebook page or Instagram to check them out as well!



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How To Style: Floppy Sun Hats (Scala Collezione)

Hey everyone! So one of my all time favorite things about having curly hair, is that when you’re having a bad hair day all you need is a hat or a beanie and you’re good to go!  I’m only saying that because even though it “covers” your curls… it really doesn’t cover your curls and the part that it covers is usually the part that won’t cooperate!  Another great thing that I love about covering your hair with hats is the many different STYLES you get to choose from!  The ALL TIME PERFECT style for Summer time, is of course, FLOPPY HATS!

I was given the opportunity to try out one of these new amazingly cute fuchsia floppy hats from the Scala Callezione collection for this Summer!  I’m SO IN LOVE! I have so many different pink clothes that I can wear with it! And it’s PERFECT for the beach!! So I decided to style it two different ways!

The absolute great thing about these hats is that they fit ANY facial structure, come in multiple colors and are the PERFECT summer accessory for protecting your skin while looking cute by the beach or the pool!

Look #1
Casual Cali Tank w/ Jeans



It’s so perfect for lounging around in the sun with a smoothie or milk shake. It shades your face perfectly and protects your skin from damage that the sun causes!


You can view ALL the photos from this look (and the next!) in the gallery HERE.

Look #2
Pink Floral Sundressimg_4140






You can also check out a few more photos from this shoot in my POLAROID photo diary which will be posted at the end of this month (July 31st).

Don’t forget to check out the gallery to view the photos that didn’t get posted in the blog!

You can purchase your hat HERE.


Hat: Scala
Cali Tee: Venice Beach
Jeans: Arizona Skinny Jeans
Pink Undershirt: Forever 21
Sandals: Falla’s

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Hat: Scala
Dress: eBay
Sandals: Falla’s

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“It’s Forest Gump Related” (1970’s “Jenny” Lifestyle Editorial)

“It’s Forrest Gump RelI bated” was originally inspired by Kesha back in 2010/2011. However, one photo in this shoot stood out from the rest to me. It reminds me of a specific character from a popular movie. “Jenny” the love of Forrest Gump’s life. For some reason after seeing the photos the name never shook. Before we get the THE photo (or photos since there’s a good FIVE of them that make the Forest thing real), here are some other photos from the shoot.
Taken in Riverside, CA.

Shot by: Devon VP Photography
Styling, MUA & Hair: Rose Pendleton
Jewelry: Vintage, Thrift Stores, Handmade, Venice Beach, I’m A Jerk Industries, Designers, Pop Up Shops
Belt Buckle: Clandestine Industries
Fringe Bag: Wet Seal
Boots: JCPenney’s

So the first part of the shoot isn’t really related so you’re probably looking at confused like you have no idea what I’m talking about. Especially since the outfit isn’t really VINTAGE and comes no where near the 1970’s!  It was originally inspired by KESHA back when she wore feathers non-stop in 2010. After seeing the LAST part of the shoot for some reason I couldn’t stop thinking it reminded me of Forest Gump.
Let’s start at the beginning of the shoot! 
So, you might recognize some of these photos because I have posted them before.  HOWEVER, I found the DISC with BOTH outfits on it and HQ resolution so I nipped my favs and here they are! (Well there’s TOO many so they’re all in the GALLERY) these are SOME of my favs! Check out the entire shoot before you leave!
The water was very green and dirty. It’s used for fishing not swimming!
Back in 2010-2012 I was very obsessed with feathers. This feather was from the ground (not the best idea) LOL I DID LOVE all the twisted tree vines and the photos came out good very lifestyle editorial I think.
My style was all over the place during those years! I was into fashion but knew nothing about it at the time 😛 I would wear JEANS AND T-SHIRTS TO RED CARPET EVENTS! It’s weird to look at a timeline of my style. It’s changed so much. I’m really proud!
Then we found a little spot that looked like a beach OASIS type deal! Or I think so anyway lol
Here is an up close shot of the jewelry pieces.  They are handmade or vintage pieces that I got from antique stores or thift stores or designer pieces.  The feather in my hair is obviously my clothing line I’m A Jerk Industries from way back when.
NOW! We’ve reached the last section(s) of the photoshoot.  The part that begins to remind me of the character JENNY from Forest Gump!
PART ONE – The Bus Stop / “PEACE” from War by the Army Tank
The entire movie revolves around a bus stop so I don’t really need to explain that one…
Smiling isn’t probably the BEST way to act when protesting for PEACE against WAR but…
PART TWO – Fishing.  Guess it doesn’t really have anything to do with the movie, but I love how they’re silhouettes and not images of me.
this is the PART that I looked at the photos and said “It’s Forest Gump related…” I’m not sure why they remind me so much of her walking away but they do…
This last photo is my ALL TIME FAVORITE from the entire set… I have no idea why, I just like my facial expression mixed with my hair, the outfit and the location.  It’s an “in action” shot when I turned around.. REMEMBER this isn’t ALL of the photos! All of the EDITED photos can be found in the GALLERY OR you can view all of the UNEDITED photos (some are very dark and underexposed) on my FLICKR page.
Also, this is a rather OLD shoot so I posted this look on my Lookbook SEVERAL years ago, but feel free to HYPE my look if you like it! x

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How To Style: Chrissy’s Knee High Socks (Geeky Irish Gamer – PART FIVE)

Before we begin, I want to apologize for the quality of the photos… I had trouble finding a photographer within the timeframe for St. Patrick’s Day that I wanted so my best friend helped me out and he’s not a photographer… I tried to coach him, but apparently Rome wasn’t built in a day and I’m sorry…
Alright everyone! This is the LAST and final look for my style posts with Chrissy’s Knee High Socks!  Unfortunately the timing didn’t work out as planned and these we’re supposed to be posted on ST. PATRICK’S DAY but, they were not due to me changing hosts on my blog… so the theme is a little off for April, but just pretend it’s not because I’m IRISH all year round! Really… I am.
Now, this last look is a little different than the others.  Since I covered everything from casual, to boho/hippie, to stoner, to raver, the last one is WAY more casual, so casual, you shouldn’t wear it outside… but sometimes you want to look cute around the house too!  Socks are definitely good for lounging around and watching TV in!
These first three are “getting ready” / candid shots.  I was trying to get the camera to focus on the mirror because it’s a cute mirror but the photo didn’t come out as planned (the second one) so I had my best friend retake it (which is the first).
The shoot was supposed to be a “geeky” video gamer that’s sexy underneath you know what I mean?  I took a few photos out of the blog but they can be viewed in the gallery… they were a little blurry so I didn’t want to post them BUT I had to REPOST one, because it’s the only one that has the belt in the picture… so I’m sorry that it’s blurry…
I don’t want to say it’s “slowly stripping” but yeah, it was supposed to be me slowly getting “comfortable” for my house to play a video game.
I literally put on every piece of green jewelry that I own. The guitar shaped purse sitting on the bed is apart of the look.
This is a combination of “my St. Patrick’s Day shoot” as well as the sock styling because I loved the colors of green on the socks and St. Patrick’s Day is one of my favorite holidays because I’m Irish.
That’s a four leaf clover on the undies 😉 See? That’s what the entire shoot was based on!  What do you think? Obviously not an outfit to go out in public so it won’t be posted on my Lookbook, but would you rock this in your house with the socks?  Or would you at least wear the socks to bed during winter nights? 🙂
Again, there’s a couple that I took out of the blog but can be viewed in the gallery… and now that you’ve seen ALL FIVE of the looks, which one is more you?  The stoner, the hippie, the raver, the classic chic or the Irish geeky gamer? Let me know your favorite look AS WELL AS the look you think is more your style in the comments below! xo
Undewear & Bra: Victoria’s Secrets
Socks: Chrissy’s Knee High Socks
Guitar Purse: Gift/Hot Topic (I think?)
Earrings: Green & Pink “Rebel Scalene” Earrings available in my shop Rogue Daisies (ALMOST SOLD OUT)
Ring: Mouth/Rolling Stones Ring – my shop Rogue Daisies (SOLD OUT)
DEFINITELY check Chrissy’s Knee High Socks out if you haven’t yet, they have amazing styles for literally EVERY occasion.  PLEASE PLEASE & Thank you!
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How To Style: Chrissy’s Knee High Socks (Purple Chic – PART FOUR)

Second to last look of the Chrissy’s Knee High Socks styles!  This look is a lot more upscale and classy.  The socks were simple black knee highs with dark purple stripes at the top.  Purple is my favorite color if you couldn’t tell HAHA!  This shoot has a LOT more photos to it than the last so I’m not sure if I will post them ALL in the blog, but they will all be in the gallery so you can check them out!
I went with purple jewelry, the necklace and earrings match each other.  The hair was curly and tossed over for a wild, yet cool look for a simple night out on the town with friends or switch the shorts for a pencil skirt and you’re off to your office job!  It covers everything so it’s definitely work appropriate!

Much more laid back and “older” for those who aren’t in their early twenties anymore!
So… I actually can’t decide which ones to post and I know everyone’s not going to head to the gallery to view all of them… therefore, even though the post will be rather LONG I’ve decided to post of all the photos anyway LOL.
Some of the socks from Chrissy’s Knee Highs are THICKER than the others, which is great for when you want them to be warm or when you need thinner ones so they don’t “bunch up” when you wear them with heels!
So far which look from the first four looks is more your favorite?  Which one is more YOUR STYLE?
I told you there were a lot of photos from this shoot!! LOL it’s because it’s purple! JK… sort of. Not really kidding…
These last three photos are “wardrobe malfunctions/set boo boo’s” LOL aka fixing shirts, accidentally getting a rock in my hand, etc.
Again, sorry there’s so many photos… I don’t think the last look has this many! You can once again view all of these in the gallery.  Isn’t it great that you can wear knee highs or even thigh high socks in so many different styles and get away with it?! They’re literally for ALL occasions!

Purple shirt: JCPenney’s
Gray shirt: Forever 21
Socks: Chrissy’s Knee High Socks
Bracelets: Forever 21 (the thicker gold one was a gift from a friend)
Heels: Payless
Earrings: Forever 21
Necklace: Forever 21
Rings: Gifts (red), Forever 21 (diamond)

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