Confessions of a Shopaholic: Monthly Walmart Haul

Hello everyone! I’ve been MIA for quite some time and I’m going to be posting a personal blog update explaining where I’ve been and why I haven’t been posting in my next blog post. First though, I need to try and catch up a little bit because I am very VERY behind on my posts which I insanely apologize to my followers, readers, friends, and sponsors/collaborators. I’ll explain in my next post. 

I’ve decided to combine all of my “WALMART” hauls into one post because I’ve been there a lot this past month or so.

HAUL #1 – Clearance/Dollar Shopping

Clearance or “dollar shopping” is when I like to go to a store (like the dollar store or Walmart or a thrift or antique shop, DD’s Discounts & Fallas which are cheap clothing stores, with less than $10 and go on a “shopping spree”. My dog Bambi (@bambiisajerk) has been… Well as gross as it is, eating my socks and underwear from the dirty launder basket… Yuck I know. So I went to Wal Mart and got some new lace ones! There’s one more orange and pink ombré thong not pictured above.

Then I got a purple pumpkin for Halloween! I really want to use it as my purse but that maybe a little awkward LOL.

I’m also working on replacing all my towels with different shades of purple so this is a dark magenta towel.

Then I got some makeup two new lipsticks from “Hard Candy” a nice Lilac “Sly-lac” and a vibrant green “Jealousy” I believe it’s called? 

I’m really in love with their lipstick tubes and the diamonds. They also had some awesome shades of orange, yellow, etc. all really bright and beautiful! I need to replace my black AGAIN for the second time ASAP. The store the sells it is a 15 minute drive and I’m never really in the area so I haven’t gotten around to it yet. I’m trying to replace and expand my lipsticks and nail colors for a blog called shades. It’s going to feature every shade I have in a color palette and I want more than just pinks and reds so I’ve been working on collecting a variety of “off” colors like black, purple, green, orange, yellow, blues… Etc. this new lilac color is amazing and would go great with my dream shoes which I will one day own “Frozen Lilac” low top Converse.

It’s an off season color that I believe is sold during Spring. They sell a darker purple during this time of year.

This little fuzzy keychain is a lilac color but the way I edited it makes it look more pink. The heart is an added detail from a small purple hairbrush travel kit my friend gave me that has a mini purple brush, comb and mirror with purple feathers on the back of them. Not going to lie, I was considering buying a bunch of these and putting them in my shop Rogue Daisies with a few customizations like my added heart keychain. What do you think? They pretty much had every color from gray to white to brown, green, yellow, etc. they’re fuzzy and adorable!

The LA Looks nail polishes are actually a gift from someone. They also gave me a mini travel sized mascara. The other color is pink cuz I don’t have as many pink shades as I thought I did. The “blue” color is called “It’s All A Bluer” by Pure Ice and it’s kinda funny because I got the shade and when I got home it’s literally the EXACT SAME COLOR as my favorite purple nail polish by CoverGirl called “Vio-last”. Literally the exact same color… 

I don’t think I’ve posted my nails from the first week of Septemeber yet (that’s a different blog) but to give you an idea this is my favorite nail polish (both color and brand).

I’ll post this blog with all the photos ASAP.

I think I actually spent $20 not $10 but I really adore the items I got!

HAUL #2 – The Essentials

Really sorry for the horrible lighting and photo quality with these ones. I’ve been really lazy lately but I want to get my groove back with blogging so I’d rather post them then not post anything at all.

This haul is from last night I got two pairs of work shoes but they’re just black slip resistant shoes no need to see them…

Lately I’ve been running out of space in all my smaller purple makeup bags. I even have a tablet case / bag that’s gotten too small so I saw this bag that’s bigger than all of them and snagged the last purple one.

These are mostly just essential items. I got my usual disposable razors but wanted to try out these other ones that are refillable. Mostly because they are purple but also because I’ve been having some problems shaving my underarms and need a razor that “curves”. The disposable “Glow” have 3 razor blades. I actually normally use “Twilight” so these are new too. I’ll test them all and let you know which is my favorite. The one on the far left comes with a ribbon of Moisture for extra smooth skin and has 5 razors. The darker purple is called “Swirl” and was quite expensive so it better be worth it. It has 5 razors and Has a flexi ball. And curves in order to get every hair (reason I wanted it). It also has a moisture serum that’s activated when it gets wet so it helps with smoothness.

Lastly, I got some purple shoelaces, one flat and one round, a new Chapstick “Blackberry Nectar” and it’s really good… Taste wise lol doesn’t stay on too long tho. Then I found a pack of lighters with a purple one and the gas station has been sold out for quite some time now so I got it.

HAUL #3 – Just for Fun

This morning I went back for a black belt because my work belts keep breaking but no need to show its just a regular black belt. I also got some new stud earrings because my ears aren’t used to wearing earrings and I want to get them used to it 24/7 again. I wanted all purple but they didn’t have a pack of all purple. I already have one pair of purple studs so I got two more and figured I’d wear the black ones or simple white ones for my fourth hole.

The other pack is all the same. I might sell some cuz I don’t need 9 pairs… Then again maybe I do because I used to have tons of earrings I don’t know where they all went though…

Then I went to get a pair of purple frame glasses (prescription that will arrive in about a week!) so I got a purple case for them and some purple microfiber clothes to clean them. Lastly, my purple mini notepad is for my RSH ideas. My old one is almost full so I got two of them to stock up.

Lastly, I’m still doing a collaboration with an amazing company called Polette! I was supposed to order back in July but my frames went out of stock and I wanted to wait for a restock. I don’t think they’re coming back 🙁 so I’m moving forward with it! (About time!!)

These are the original frames I wanted that sold out…

I need help choosing my frames tho! Not sure if I should get a second pair of purple prescription glasses because these ones are different shapes and shades of purple. OR if I should get a pair of prescription SUNGLASSES so I don’t have to wear contacts/wear them over my glasses while driving etc. I would be able to see out of my sunglasses!

I’m not sure which to do! BOTH SOUND LIKE AWESOME IDEAS! Plus I want ALL OF THESE!

I need to decide quickly so they don’t sell out while I’m choosing like the last ones! What do you think? My Walmart frames are more of a dark violet/magenta pair with pink and lavender squares on the sides. The Perth would be a totally different style and color. Insomniaque isn’t my usual style but I could totally rock them! 

My favorite sunglasses are probably the Times Square. I don’t own ANY PURPLE GLASSES. I wanted to get some purple aviators too but I can get those online for like 99 cents they’re pretty basic.

Nostronmo is awesome AF I’m just scared they may not be purple in real life and come out a different color you know? The frames are white. Same with the Dame Pink.

These are the aviators I want except the ones I want have purple frames not gold and they’re more violet not purple. They’re $20 at Walmart so in trying to find them cheaper but yeah. Basic. Purple. Aviators. I want to find them wholesale for the shop! 

Anyways, I have to go. I still have one more haul to post from a month ago but it’s HUGE!!! It’s my back to school haul. EVERYTHING from my notepads, to comp books, my stylus, pens, pencils, back back, folder, literally EVERYTHING is purple so stay turned for my obsession with that. x

Ps. I know the navigation needs to be fixed sorry about that! :/

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Confessions of a Shopaholic: Spring Obsessions Floral Fashion Haul

Hey everyone, so I’m working really hard on getting a huge long list of blogs that need to be posted up. The list is about 8 pages long (12 point font Georgia) so you can only imagine how frustrated I am and how far behind I’ve gotten without a computer!

These posts I’m going to post tonight are drafts that have been sitting in my queue simply waiting to go up. They’re mostly from Spring time so bare with me!

During Spring I was hugely obsessed with florals (now it’s more neutrals like brown and nude + plaids of course!) I went out on a shopping spring and got lots of floral everything! Clothing, undies, phone cases, etc. this pink floral case is actually still my phones current case (mainly because I have the Rose Gold iPhone SE and it matches!)


This shirt was the best thing I ever bought and I think I’ll wear it to school tomorrow simply because! It’s sheer but only cost me $3! 


Love the mini specs of lavender/lilac thrown onto the shirt!


I also got a few other items including a new ance gel (ironically I never used it it’s still brand new) and a primer for my face. My false eyelashes haven’t been worn either I’ve been waiting for an event or a photo shoot that calls for it. 

Another thing I’ve been in love with are these fruit gummies they’re so good they got their own review (next blog!) so stay tuned! Sorry for my lack of posting! I’ll be replacing my stolen laptop (FINALLY) mid-September! That’ll help get me back on track 🙂

I also hope to post quite a few blogs tonight so sorry in advance for the spam! xo
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Confessions of a Shopaholic: Bath & Body Works Beauty Haul

Hey guys! I’m SO EXCITED RIGHT NOW! I FINALLY GOT AROUND TO TAKING PHOTOS OF ALL MY BEAUTY PRODUCTS!! They’ve been sitting inside of a bag waiting to be shot but I haven’t needed them until now, so I decided to shoot them in honor of my shopping spree this past weekend… LOL 🙂

So, these are mostly from Bath & Body Works. I got quite a few things from hand soap, to lotions, body wash, lots of hand sanitizer, etc.  I’ve split it into sections to make it very easy to explain… or easy for me to explain, not for you guys to understand hahah.


This has seven different sections: the spring scent OG, new scents/soaps, makeup, hand sanitizers & scented candles, hair, “my personal SPA” supplies, skincare & the makeup removing supplies


Obviously you guys are very familiar with my favorite facial care products/masks from Freeman’s Feeling Beautiful line. Below you can see a “Yes To” mud mask that I want to try and never have.  I have tried “Yes To” products before and love them.


This is my “SPA” supplies section including bath salts, facial scrub, facial cucumber mask/accessories, baby powder, and a green organic soap.


I had a lot of problems getting photos of these hand sanitizers… I already used all of my Watermelon Lemonade one which is my new FAVORITE scent for Spring.  I bought it in EVERYTHING from soap, to candles even my plug in air freshner was Watermelon Lemonade! More on that deliciousness later…


Again sorry for the horrible photo.  I’m so glad Bath & Body works kept this one around! This was my favorite last year so I got it in everything from body mist to lotion, soap & extra lotion… Don’t ask it was an accident haha!


My scented candles are amazing.  Georgia Peach is my second favorite of their new scents.  It’s really peachy.  Much like summertime air. Behind it are clothes and makeup wipes, etc.


This is my wall plug in air freshener.  I already went through all of my Watermelon Lemonade and need to go get more! 🙁


This is my new favorite thing on the planet and can be used for ANYTHING. My next blog will be a review of it and a more in depth of why I love it so much<3


These are not from my Bath & Body Works Haul, but it seemed more appropriate to add them with makeup/beauty than fashion.  I’ve never tried fake lashes before except when I’ve had them put on me by a professional makeup artist.  ELF was selling things for $1 each so I got a couple lashes, a new Face Primer and some Acne Gel from Target.


I cannot wait to try lashes though! Any tips for putting them on for the first time?


This was everything… the section dead in the middle was my hand soap, body wash and this amazing lemon scented lotion that I love but my mom hates… HAHA! I also got a bunch of hair ties in every color you can possibly imagine. Whats your favorite scent/smell for this season or Summer? x

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Confessions of a Shopaholic: Spring Sheets – Mint Green

So, I decided to go out with my mom to get some new sheets this past weekend because she needed some for her bed and I realized I actually needed some for mine too!  I was torn between two colors: mint green and coral.

Coral is a bit of an orange-red-pink color, I have a coral lipstick, I think it would of looked really cool because my walls are blue and I’m a diehard Bronco’s fan but my mom said it looked like a burnt orange… ultimately I went with the softer Mint Green sheets which were Vintage Prewashed and look AMAZING.  I needed a second pillowcase but they only sell two so now I have an extra case… but the sheets & the pillowcases both came with bags so I’m going to use the little bags for things 🙂



I also think the mint green will be a great backdrop in the future for photos of makeup & beauty products etc.  I tried it out tonight actually and I think it’s a lot better than the dark purple I was using before… the lighter color is less distracting.  Either way, I love the color and feel of my new sheets! So in love with everything… now to get a third pillow for the extra pillow case… lol

What color are your sheets? x

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