Product Review: Freeman’s Feeling Beautiful “Dead Sea Mask”

Hello everyone! Welcome to the brand new SELF HOSTED Rosie Says Hello! For my first post, I wanted to re-post (with slightly better photos) my all time favorite facial mask! It’s by “Freeman’s Feeling Beautiful” line and it’s the “Dead Sea Minerals Anti-Stress Mask”! Whoa! That’s a mouthful lol!


One reason it’s my all time favorite is because it’s for ALL skin types so you can’t go wrong with it! I have quite a few masks from their line, I did a bit of experimenting since my skin can be both oily & dry depending on the day so I’ve almost tried their full line with only a few left in the basket like the Banana and the Chocolate masks! I’m quite sad they don’t sell all of their products in larger bottles! They only carry a few!

IMG_5811 \IMG_5815

Another reason is the scent that the mask gives off! Silly reason but if you LOVE the smell of the beach, the second you put this on, you will be in love too! It smells exactly like going to the beach (at least that’s what it smells like on the west coast) and I cannot get enough of it!

Another thing I should mention that has nothing to do with it’s cleansing qualities is the color! I love how bright blue it is because green is overrated and the brightness really helps you make sure you get it ALL off and don’t leave a small bit of facial mask on your face like the “Peel Off” kind which I seem to have a love – hate relationship with.


Moving away from how it smells & looks, the mask is absolutely great! I haven’t done ANYTHING with my face in a while so it was getting pretty bad.  Usually I used a “Black Charcoal” Mask from their line when I haven’t done anything with my face and it’s really bad but only because it’s really “heavy – duty” for cleaning out pores, removing black heads & pimples. The cleanser really helped my face a LOT.  It cleaned it really nicely and I enjoyed the smell the entire time.  After I finished I applied their “Chamomile Sleeping Mask” which is basically a moisturizer you put on nightly before bed.  If you followed my other blog ( you probably remember me mentioning trying it out a month ago.  It has replaced my nightly cream in all it’s glory but I am still open to new things! I must admit though, the Chamomile Sleeping Mask makes your face as smooth as a baby’s bottom, but that’s a different blog!


Please forgive the site for being all over the place, I’m still getting things together I was just so excited to blog once or twice since I spent all night creating the content! Please if you haven’t yet, check out all of Freeman’s Feeling Beautiful products and try one out if you can! They come in small packages with 3-4 appliances perfect for sampling before you fall in love! xoxo

PS. Once again, the site is not finished, still have some coding to fix, navigation, sidebar, etc. but it’s getting there and I wanted SOMETHING to be here!

PSS. Does anyone know any good plugins for “publicize” (which was’s way to sending your posts to your Social sites so you don’t have to.  They don’t have that for so I’m not sure which plugin to download!

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