Weekend (2011)

(Unfortunately, since Buzznet deleted everyone’s blogs, I lost all my videos for my scenes & all  my photos on set but here are the trailers, screenshots, websites, & information, etc.)



Margret’s boyfriend died under tragic circumstances two years ago. One Friday night she sends him a text message about how she misses him. Impossibly, she receives a reply. Unwilling to tell her parents, she visits her best friends Quinn and Alex at the video store Quinn runs. They respond with skepticism. Gillian, an employee there, wonders if maybe somehow it is him and he’s trying to tell Margaret something. From there Margaret and her friends band together to try and figure out what exactly is going on.

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Rose Pendleton as Emma Holkins
Directed by: Randal Kamradt
Written by: Randal Kamradt
Running Time: 80 minutes
Released: 2011
Genre: Drama

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