Those pesky FAQ!

What camera do you use for your photos?
– Canon xTi, previously a Canon 40D and a Canon T3 both which were stolen. I also use my iPhone SE.

What editing programs do you use?
– For my Canon photos I use either Photoshop or GIMP depending on if I’m using my grandmother’s Mac or my mom’s PC. I also occasionally use Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, and InDesign.  On my iPhone I edit with Afterlight, Over and occasionally either “Layout” by Instagram or “PhotoGrid”.

What does the collaboration or sponsor receive when working with you?
– This varies depending on the product sent and what you are looking for.  All collaborations of course come with a written article whether it’s a style guide, product review, makeup tutorial, or simple promotion of the product.  I work with all types of collaborators including apps, makeup companies, clothing companies, as well as work live events.  Live events get the most coverage, I am able to attend events in Los Angeles and spots in Southern California at this time, I usually spend a few weeks in Chicago during the Summer each year.

Live event coverage consists of a write up about the event with how my night goes whether it’s a good night or bad.  I put my own personality into it, and occasionally not all events are fun.  If you would like me to cover your event, I can guarantee promotion in the form of a written article on Rosie Says Hello, photos taken with my Canon xTi of the event (red carpet, runway, musical performances, etc.) I also usually interview one – two of the artists per event posted separately than the original event article.  I ALWAYS document my personal style and usually use a clothing sponsor to promote their product at an event.  Lastly, I film the event and edit 3-10 minute video footage for my website combining the entire evening for my readers to get a feel of what the entire event was like.

Otherwise, we can definitely talk about what you are looking for when you contact me for a collaboration, as I said they are all different and all require special individual care.

Is your hair natural?
– My hair is more of a brown-red “auburn” much darker than the vibrant RED that you see.  I’ve been dying my hair the same color (Revlon Colorsilk Luminsta for Dark Hair – LIGHT RED, NOT RED) since I was fourteen years old and consider myself to be a “natural” red head but less vibrant. Although, when my fantasy ends, I’m more brunette than auburn. The curls are natural.

Are those your natural eyelashes?
– Yes! They are VERY long, I don’t add any products to them they are just very long… every makeup artist I have every worked with mentions them in some way lol…

How did you / How Can I become a / an actress, model, etc.
I have written some “How To” articles for each of these which will be re-posted on the new site ASAP with guides on how you can specifically get yourself into whichever field of the entertainment or fashion industry you are looking for.  When the articles are re-posted I will post the links on this page.

What tattoos do you have?
– I currently have TWO tattoos, one on my rib cage that says Bonjour! with a red heart as the dot on the exclamation point. I also have “XOXO” written by a close friend on my right hand in red and black. I would like to get a few more and will post about them when I get them!

What are your favorite beauty products / shopping stores?
– I have a daily makeup routine using REVLON Photoready “Vanilla” foundation, I also use the “InstaFix” stick in Vanilla for touchups, and again my concealer is “Vanilla” Revlon PhotoReady Concealer.  My favorite bronzer is either Victoria Jackson OR Physicians Formula “Summer Eclipse Moonlight” I mix the two together for a bolder look and only use the second when I want it to be softer.  My favorite mascara is the Revlon Double Extend because I like to use the white by itself occasionally and it makes my eyelashes twice as long.  I will repost my daily routine so you can see all the makeup in photos and post the link here when I am done.

As for shopping, Forever 21’s clearance rack is my all time fav because I can find an entire outfit for under $10 or get a cute top for $2, etc. I also love Falla’s, because they have extremely cute clothing for basic everyday wear, but all under $5 each.

Where did you learn how to run a website / take photos?
– I taught myself graphic / web design when I was in high school and decided to major in Photography when I graduated.  I changed my major to Digital Media which combines photography with graphic / multimedia design.  So it’s half self taught, half taught in school.  I hope to one day work for Starbucks Corporate office doing design / drink recipes (I was a barista for almost 10 years so I make KILLER drinks and know all the secrets!) OR as a Social Media Marketing Manager for a clothing company (like running the social media for Forever 21 or likewise).

If I did not answer your question you can email me or use the contact form at the contact page!