Everything on Rosie Says Hello was created specifically for this website unless otherwise stated including but not limited to photos (credits to photographers are at the bottom of every post unless taken by myself), writing including product reviews, articles, interviews, etc. Graphics, including headers, logos, and CSS editing done specifically for Rosie Says Hello (the original theme can be found in the footer).  I blog on WordPress.org on a self hosted website. I use a Canon xTi for my photos (previously a Canon 40d and a Canon T3 both which were unfortunately stolen out of my house along with my old Macbook Pro laptop which had my backups all of photos.

All reviews, are done by myself.  All products are tested, trialed and written about with 100% honesty from myself. Some products are sent to me by companies for review which means that they are being promoted, but once again they have been tested by me, Rose Pendleton, and I will do my best to give full details on each product and what I think of them.

All styling products sent by companies are fully styled by myself with no help from the company. All styles produced are my own individual style of how I feel for the item given.

Artist interviews are written with 100% honesty and any articles written about an artist, musician, designer, are sent to the person for review and are updated with any changes before going live on the website to insure full accuracy.

Movie promotions and reviews are 100% my true feelings about the films. I do NOT review the films I am an actress or crew member of.

Rosie Says Hello attends events at random including music showcases, fashion shows, movie premieres, screenings, etc. I write about the event with how my night goes whether it’s a good night or bad.  I put my own personality into it, and occasionally not all events are fun.  If you would like me to cover your event, I can guarentee promotion in the form of a written article on Rosie Says Hello, photos taken with my Canon xTi of the event (red carpet, runway, musicial performances, etc.) I also usually interview one – two of the artists per event posted seperately than the original event article.  Lastly, I film the event and edit 3-10 minute video footage for my website combining the entire evening for my readers to get a feel of what the entire event was like.

I will be 100% truthful about everything posted on this website for all forms of art featured.  Not EVERYTHING posted is from a sponsor or from a collaboration.  I also contact artists that I like and feature them. I usually will do all collaborations that I am offered but there have been a small handful that I turned down simply because I did not feel the product or nature it was right for Rosie Says Hello.

I only post press releases for events that I am 100% attending OR if is about my own personal work in the form of acting, modeling, designing, photography or multimedia artwork.  If you have any questions, concerns, comments, feel free to contact me.

I’m up for all types of collaborations so feel free to contact me! Let’s work together! xoxo

You can find my art/design portfolio or list of actual fashion modeling (non – Rosie Says Hello) or acting work at my website rosependleton.com