Inspiration: Halloween Snapchat Diary

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Hey guys! So Halloween is just a few days away and I have no idea what to do for a costume! Call my unoriginal but I think I might be some sort of cat… A black cat. Haha. Only because I have the ears and dont want to be a zebra again this year! Anywho… I went to Snapchat for some ideas and tried a couple of Halloween filters for inspiration. I actually might try one of these!

Three days left…

So… I guess I do have a few options. I probably won’t end up doing one of these but maybe a combination of them in someway… I’m going to have to rely on makeup mostly. Not halloween makeup but regular makeup which is fine because I have all the resources to try out most of these including the unicorn/Kesha lol.

I don’t know! I feel so unoriginal that I have no ideas on what to be this year… I was going to be a zebra then I remembered I was a zebra last year for Halloween… I guess I just own a lot of zebra printed clothing lol. My other idea was a peacock because I do have a long maxi dress thats peacock. Obviously it would be more than the dress in the costume but I want to use my cat ears somehow because I just got them, its probably the only chance I have to wear them and technically I’ve never actually been a cat before… Any kind of cat… What else has pointy ears like a cat? They are black ears that light up and blink blue… And I have styrofoam that lights up too that I can turn into a tail…. Maybe I could still do the unicorn and make the ears and tail for that instead?

What are you guys going to be for Halloween? What are your opinions? Should I go for the black cat? The unicorn? Or something entirely different? I can make my costume but there’s a limited amount of time so… Just keep that in mind if you have any ideas for me! Which Snapchat filter is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!



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