Product Review: Freeman’s Feeling Beautiful “Pineapple Enyme 

Hey guys, so one of the new facial masks I got is of course made by my favorite “Freeman’s Feeling Beautiful”. It’s the Pineapple Enyzme Mask for smooth skin. The mask is a clear thick liquid that dries while it sits, but isn’t a peel off mask like some of the others!

The mask made my skin smoother, however my face needed a deep cleaning mask for my blackheads & acne at the time. So after it was done, it cleared up some, but definitely not all of it. It did leave my skin feeling smoother and of course my pores a lot smaller. In return that made my face feel soft and younger/tighter skin. It also made the smell red blotches disappear. 

The mask worked nicely especially if you’re acne isn’t too big of a problem for you. It’s not one of my favorites from them however (I’ll make a list of my favorite hair, makeup & skincare products for you guys soon). I’ll definitely use all of it, but I don’t know if I’ll be purchasing it again simply because it’s not my first choice from their brand. A free gift of it would be lovely though. I would definitely use it again. Recommendations are try it out if you don’t have too many acne problems.

A few of my favorites are the Charcoal & Black Sugar POLISHING mask which is black chunks of small sugar balls for dual intense deep cleaning or the Sweet Tea and Lemon Peel Off Mask & the Dead Sea Mud Mask for regular facial masks or “Say Yes To Tomatoes Mud Mask” for regular skin is amazing too. xo

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