Confessions of a Shopaholic: 99 Cent Store Haul For December

I should of posted this blog first but oh well! Late last month I went on a mini spree at the 99 Cent store lol not much just started to replace all my stolen items. Oh I never told you guys that. Sorry, the reason I’ve been so inactive is due to issues in my personal life including my previous roommates stealing all my shoes, clothes, beauty & hygiene products and my school/business supplies including all my notebooks, comp books, index cards, daily planner yada… So getting my head back on straight replacing all my stolen items including my entire wardrobe and shoe collection has been going… Actually rather well considering all the obstacles in my path. Anyway here’s a little bit of what got it started! I got some new post it’s (SO SAD MY COLLECTION AND VARIETY OF SIZES AND SHADES OF EVERY COLOR POST ITS AND INDEX CARDS NEED TO BE REPLACED).

Decided to grab two Freeman’s Feeling Beautiful Facial Masks/Cleaners including the Pineapple Enzyme Mask and the Blackberry Gel Facial Cleanser which I now use daily for my face instead of my old ones.

I do still remove my makeup with either Neutrogena Wipes or Say Yes To Cucumber Eye Makeup Pads / Say Yes To Blueberry Facial Cleanser Wipes / Say Yes To Cucumber Makeup Remover Wipes. (Not sure if they’re cucumber I need to check)

I also got some double gloves (removeable fingerless gloves + regular pair underneath) in lavender 🙂 I got these Mosturizer Gloves (they have socks too…) to try out because they looked interesting! I got a new magenta notebook (cuz you know I have to replace them in several colors in totals of about 5-10 notebooks each all of different shades or designs to match my five businesses). I also got a new plastic purple water bottle (not pictured). I also got a purple mason jar perfect for anything (water glass, art holder – brushes, paint water, etc.) literally anything! I want to carry these in my new shop Lilac Babes so badly! Lastly, a small lavender blanket. I didn’t realize how small it was until afterward. I want to go back and buy the larger ones in purple and lavender 🙂 

I’m slowly replacing my items one by one just need time. I have gotten some really cute clothing since then though! NEEED to take photos ASAP! 😉 

This was my first round of replacing stuff. I got a new purple toothbrush as well, but thankfully I found all my old ones as well (electric, lavender, purple dolphin, and now my regular purple brush). This is going to be hard especially since I’m in between jobs as of late December, but it will be one fun adventure replacing a shoe collection and wardrobe that large! What do you think? x 

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2 thoughts on “Confessions of a Shopaholic: 99 Cent Store Haul For December

  1. Jac says:

    Hello Rose,

    I’m so sorry to hear that all your stuff was stolen, such a rotten thing to happen to anyone! It looks as though you’re building up your collection quickly though and I am sure you’ll have everything replaced in no time. Good luck with your wardrobe and shoe collection too! 🙂

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