Fashion: Bra-Blems and How To Avoid Them

I always put my bra on upside down and behind me to latch it with no problems then flip it over, and turn it around then do the straps. Does anyone else have these pesky problems when their bras? I honestly found that VICTORIA SECRETS really do make bras that fit you perfectly whereas Target bras fall apart much easier from normal wear and tear.

Infograph made by

Check out ThirdLove’s awesome bras and use the promo code TLNOVBB15 for an exclusive discount on their new bra collection! They have beautiful colors, different sizes & now you know what to look for! Check their bra collection out here.

Which bra-blew is your worst problem? I also found this cute little illustration of different TYPES OF BRAS that we wear!

It’s really pretty I don’t know where it came from originally, but I got it off Tumblr! 😉 What’s your favorite style and what’s your least favorite bra-blem?

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