Beauty Product Review: EOS Chapstick

Hey everyone! So recently I got a new favor of the Evolution of Smooth chapstick and I am OBSESSED now! I have tried the EOS Chapstick once in the past. It was a Christmas gift, but I don’t remember the flavor. Either way I saw this one when shopping at decided to grab one of the shelf, because it was PURPLE. The purple design definitely caught my eyes, but the flavor is the reason why I’m totally obsessed! I turned the little oval shaped Chapstick over and read “Blackberry Nectar”. I never really found a blackberry product that I really fell in love with, but the name Blackberry Nectar itself sounded intriguing enough to give it a try. I bought it and instantly fell in love.

(Sorry it’s “dirty” things don’t tend to look brand new when you obsess over them and drag them everywhere with you! PROOF I’M OBSESSED! ha!)

As weird as this sounds (and I know you’re not SUPPOSED to literally eat Chapstick, but they are FLAVORED for a reason!) but the Chapstick TASTES really good. It’s a sweet fruity flavor that really does “instantly” give you visibly soften your lips. The ingredients are Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive/Fruit Oil, Shea Butter and of course real blackberry extract so it totally makes sense why your lips would become smooth, soft, and tasty! The flavor makes me want to constantly apply it and the color makes me want to go out and find what other deliciously Evolution of Smooth flavors they sell in my favorite color- I know one is Passion Fruit!

Another reason I completely fell in love is their MARKETING- HAVE YOU SEEN THEIR AMAZING INSTAGRAM PHOTOS, not to mention the COLORS their products are made in?

You can totally mix and match tops and bottoms of your chapsticks to switch up your colors and match your daily vibe and they have shaving cream and body lotion, I was totally unaware, but can’t wait to get out to the store and try one!

What is YOUR favorite EOS flavor of chapstick? Are you into their unique design that makes applying it easy? What flavors do yoi WANT to see them create? Let me know in the comments! I’m off to browse their website and write down all the purple flavors! Passion Fruit sounds fun! I see a collection coming on follow EOS on Instagram! They have really beautiful photos! I’m serious look!
😉 XO


All square photos are owned by EOS Products and were taken from their Instagram to show off their gorgeous style, I am not claiming the photos to be my own. No infrigement is intended. First four photos for this blog were taken by me.

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