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Hey guys! This is one of the posts that I found in my “drafts” from so many months ago! Anywho! If you are NOT familiar with this AMAZING product you should get acquainted! My mom & I went shopping this last Spring and we ended up getting THREE of these babies for FREE since we spent so much in the Bath & Body Works store. We mainly got it, because you can use it on your CUTICLES, and my mom & I both bite on our fingernails.

Your cuticles isn’t the only place this baby can be used though! You can use it anywhere on any dry skin like elbows, knees, your lips (it’s a great lip balm!) your face, feet & toes, anywhere you have dry skin just put on some “ROSE SALVE” and watch your skin get incredibly smooth, soft & hydrated within seconds!

I use it mostly on my lips & fingernails, but my best friend also has one of these, and I’ve seen him put it on his elbows & hands! I personally prefer it over Vaseline (for MOST places, but not all). Vaseline is more greasy and oily leaving you feeling like you slapped a bunch of gunk on your skin. Not the Rose Salve though, it just hydrates & moisturizes wherever you put it!

This basically replaced MOST of my chapsticks, but I do have a different favorite LIP GLOSS and it’s a volumizing lip plumper made by Victoria Secrets. I’m going to be so sad when I run out of it. I hope they still carry it I got it such a long time ago.

Anywho the Rose Salve, if you can’t read, contains 9% Rose extract leaving your body feeling & even SMELLING great! 😉 if you haven’t picked one of these up before go do it now. You will be so glad you did!

I’ve edited this photo since this post was made making it lighter, but I’m much too lazy to find it and switch them… Sorry :/ x

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