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Kind of upset right now… WordPress deleted this entire post and I have to re-write the entire thing… So here we go! My new glasses came in today! Not my Polette glasses, I still can’t decide between PERTH and TIMES SQUARE what do you think? Check them out below!

My new glasses are the ones that I bought my glittery purple HARD CANDY case for last week! 

So now that you’ve seen them, what do you think? Should I get the PERTH a different shape and shade for a different style or should I get the TIMES SQUARE so I don’t have to wear contacts / glasses under my sunglasses like a nerdy turdy? LOL!

So happy my glasses arrived! I didn’t want to use my case or clothes for any other pair of glasses. Whenever my Polette glasses arrive after I order them my second purple microfiber cloth will go to them 🙂 heh. I’m obsessed! Do you like them though? I’m into the patterns on the side! They’re kids frames because I have a small head so they’re the first pair of glasses that REALLY TRULY FIT. My black frame glasses fit me but are slightly too long and go past my ears. My white frame glasses are also too long and a bit too wide for my narrow head :/ but what can you do when you have the head of a child? LOL x

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