DIY Tutorial: Ariel “The Little Mermaid” Halloween Costume

So last Halloween, I decided to make a homemade costume at the last minute. Literally, the day of Halloween. This costume was completely FREE using items I already had. I decided I wanted to be Ariel from The Little Mermaid! Here is a reminder of what she wears in case for some ODD reason, you aren’t too sure.

The glitter came in a two pack at the dollar store that I bought for crafts prior to Halloween because they were purple (and green). I bought two packs. So I guess it was $2 + glue sticks 😛

This project was VERY MESSY so make sure you lay something down before attempting to try it. Oh it also came with black glitter… Well one pack did. Others had orange, I don’t remember if I bought that one or not…

I started with a purple bra that was worn out and put glitter around the rim/wire of the bra. Then I added some along the edges of the straps and started putting spiral patterns in hot glue on the main cup.

Let it dry. BOOM, my shell bra was done! Time for the pants! Miraculously I had a pair of light green leggings made out of lace that I only wore once and didn’t see myself wearing again so I decided they were perfect! 

They were actually really hard to glue glitter on without having them glue themselves together so watch out if you’re using any lace products! I added glitter around the lace as much as I could and sprinkled lots of green glitter on them.

I didn’t have any shells for my hair so I took a flower from a plastic flower set that my sister had used at her baby shower and added glitter to it as well.

I put a black bra for more comfort and extra… Cup size underneath 😉

Since my leggings were lace I paired them with a pair of darker green pants that I own. This completed my “Ariel” costume in the nick of time as the sun went down!

If I had planned better I could of made it more authentic with shells, etc. for a $2 costume made hours before Halloween I think it went pretty well! People could tell I was Ariel because of my “hair” but that just happens to be my hair haha!

I’m not sure what to be for Halloween this year or if I’ll be buying it or making it, but stay tuned for a couple of other DIY costumes made from scratch (mostly using makeup) a few days or hours before the big night including superheroes, a zebra & a mime! Have you ever made a costume? What are you going to be this year for Halloween? 

XO, Ariel I mean Rose 😉


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