How To Style: The Color Nude (Casual vs Classy) Featuring

The color of Summer for ME was the color nude. I’ve been really into the simplistic nature and how you can have it be a neutral style or use color to have things POP. It’s similar to blacks, whites and grays, but different because it’s actually a “color” rathe than absence of color etc. So I’ve been adding more and more to my wardrobe in every form from nude lipstick shades, nude intimates both bras and panties (good for modeling) & even nude shoes!

These awesome nude (“apricot”) stilettos were sent to me by GAMISS! I’m so in love with how The color allows you to make an endless number of outfits.  For this article I wanted to show you two different looks that take less than a minute to change into. It allows you to dress up for an event, then walk out the door change a couple of things and you’re dressed DOWN with a completely new look for a night on the town!

Look #1 – DRESS IT UP

Look #2 – Play It Down 

For a simple switch, change up your accessories for more of a night out in the city look. Pull your hair to one side, leave it simple or quickly pull it into a side pony tail or messy side braid, and add either a hat or a beanie for a street look.

Next throw on a light jacket, long sleeve shirt, plaid or tie something around your waist like a belt.


You can also remove the tights, that was my original idea, but really loved how the tights looked for both outfits. The change can be subtle or dramatic either way it only takes a minute or two to switch between them leaving you with two looks for two different types of events. What do you think? How would you style these awesome nude/apricot stilettos from

Make sure you head to the gallery or my Flickr for full shoot/full sized photos! If you like these looks head to my Lookbook and hype them! Head to for amazing shoes & clothing! Follow their social media sites for awesome photos as well!

Hype look #1

Dress: Avaliable @ RSH Shop SOON (now
Necklace: Avaliable @ RSH Shop SOON
Tights: Kushyfoot
Bracelets/Arm Cuffs: Forever 21

Hype look #2

Dress: Avaliable @ RSH Shop SOON
Necklace: Avaliable @ RSH Shop SOON
Tights: Kushyfoot
Bracelets/Arm Cuffs: Forever 21
Plaid Hooded Shirt: “Polly & Esther” at JcPenney’s

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