Skincare: Freeman’s Feeling Beautiful “Sweet Tea & Lemon Peel Off Clay Mask” (Product Review)

I NEVER THOUGHT ANYTHING COULD TOP THE “DUAL ACTION BLACK SUGAR AND CHARCOAL MASK” it’s designed for HEAVY DUTY acne/blackheads but tonight I needed something SERIOUSLY HEAVY DUTY! So I shifted through all my facial mask packages and decided to go with the “Sweet Tea & Lemon Peel Off Clay Mask” because it’s made to clean out clogged/grimy pores.

I really don’t care for the “peel off masks” too much. They’re VERY sticky and sometimes a pain especially if they’re clear.

But since this was a PEEL OFF CLAY MASK; I went for it. Now I was really looking for something to literally RIP all the black heads out of my pores and close them.  Lately they’ve been very clogged and disgusting so this seemed perfect and omg was it!

It’s not clear so that’s a huge plus. It went on like a mud mask which is also a huge plus. HOWEVER LIVE AND LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES.

This mask really does literally unclog your pores by RIPPING THEM OUT. Exactly what I needed and was looking for, but BEWARE! I put a little extra on for my horribly bad skin. I don’t regret that part. I used the entire package which probably could of done TWO applications MAX (a large bottle is avaliable for purchase).

WHAT I DID REGRET, is getting it too close to my eyebrows and hair line. This WILL RIP YOUR HAIR OFF all baby hairs beware! Also be careful underneath your eyes. The skin is sensitive and it hurt really bad when I peeled it off.


You could FEEL the gunk being ripped from your face as you peeled. All blackheads came off instantly. My face was left as SMOOTH AS A BABY’S BOTTOM. No joke. It was so incredibly soft!

No zits or blackheads in site and all my gigantic PORES closed entirely leaving my face smooth, looking nice and feeling fantastic!

The mask smells like lemon which is great, but it also burned when I first started to apply it. Remember to stay away from eyelashes, hair lines and eyebrows because this stuff UNCLOGS your pores leaving your face fresh and fruity scented!

I really should of taken an up close photo of my cheeks to show you how clogged and bad they were! This mask is amazing and believe it or not MY NEW FAVORITE FOR HEAVY DUTY GRIME!! I did cry a little bit when it was coming off so really beware but man does this stuff WORK! I won’t use it as my everyday mask or anything. I usually use the Chamomile Tea Sleeping Mask daily before bed but using this when you really need to lift your face and get a new one. This is it. Look no further I guarentee this WORKS like no other mask I have tried lately.

Simply fantastic. I’ll probably need it again cuz I can’t stop touching my smooth face with my damn fingers! It just hasn’t felt this amazing in a while. I definitely recommend checking it out. I’ll be getting a full size bottle of this from now on instead of the Charcoal & Black Sugar. I’ll still use it in the small packages but this is my new go to for heavy duty acne. Let me know what you think when you try it out! xo

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2 thoughts on “Skincare: Freeman’s Feeling Beautiful “Sweet Tea & Lemon Peel Off Clay Mask” (Product Review)

    • Rose Pendleton says:

      I don’t dislike them they’re just more work in the “removing” process sometimes it gets in my hair and pulls out the small baby hairs, etc. I just prefer the mud/clay masks over the peel off but my fav peel off is the pomegranate!

      Will definitely read your post! Thanks for sending it 🙂 xxoo

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