Beauty Basics: Spring’s MUST HAVE Scent(s) – Watermelon Lemonade!



My all time favorite scent for Spring has officially changed! Last year I was in love with “Love & Sunshine” the Spring scent from Bath & Body works but it’s officially moved over for my new favorite!

Watermelon Lemonade, a smell so sweet I stocked up on scented candles, soap, lotion, hand sanitizers, if they had it, I bought it! It’s such a perfect scent for both Spring & Summer. Not floral but fruity with a bit of tart exactly as its described… It smells so great I want to eat it! My second favorite scent is the “Georgia Peach” it’s also another fruity one. Maybe I’m tired of the floral scents and need a change but all my favorites this year are fruit based. Third place is the Raspberry Vanilla.

What are your favorite scents during these hot, sticky months? xo

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3 thoughts on “Beauty Basics: Spring’s MUST HAVE Scent(s) – Watermelon Lemonade!

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