Confessions of a Shopaholic: Spring Sheets – Mint Green

So, I decided to go out with my mom to get some new sheets this past weekend because she needed some for her bed and I realized I actually needed some for mine too!  I was torn between two colors: mint green and coral.

Coral is a bit of an orange-red-pink color, I have a coral lipstick, I think it would of looked really cool because my walls are blue and I’m a diehard Bronco’s fan but my mom said it looked like a burnt orange… ultimately I went with the softer Mint Green sheets which were Vintage Prewashed and look AMAZING.  I needed a second pillowcase but they only sell two so now I have an extra case… but the sheets & the pillowcases both came with bags so I’m going to use the little bags for things 🙂



I also think the mint green will be a great backdrop in the future for photos of makeup & beauty products etc.  I tried it out tonight actually and I think it’s a lot better than the dark purple I was using before… the lighter color is less distracting.  Either way, I love the color and feel of my new sheets! So in love with everything… now to get a third pillow for the extra pillow case… lol

What color are your sheets? x

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