Confessions of a Shopaholic: Bath & Body Works Beauty Haul

Hey guys! I’m SO EXCITED RIGHT NOW! I FINALLY GOT AROUND TO TAKING PHOTOS OF ALL MY BEAUTY PRODUCTS!! They’ve been sitting inside of a bag waiting to be shot but I haven’t needed them until now, so I decided to shoot them in honor of my shopping spree this past weekend… LOL 🙂

So, these are mostly from Bath & Body Works. I got quite a few things from hand soap, to lotions, body wash, lots of hand sanitizer, etc.  I’ve split it into sections to make it very easy to explain… or easy for me to explain, not for you guys to understand hahah.


This has seven different sections: the spring scent OG, new scents/soaps, makeup, hand sanitizers & scented candles, hair, “my personal SPA” supplies, skincare & the makeup removing supplies


Obviously you guys are very familiar with my favorite facial care products/masks from Freeman’s Feeling Beautiful line. Below you can see a “Yes To” mud mask that I want to try and never have.  I have tried “Yes To” products before and love them.


This is my “SPA” supplies section including bath salts, facial scrub, facial cucumber mask/accessories, baby powder, and a green organic soap.


I had a lot of problems getting photos of these hand sanitizers… I already used all of my Watermelon Lemonade one which is my new FAVORITE scent for Spring.  I bought it in EVERYTHING from soap, to candles even my plug in air freshner was Watermelon Lemonade! More on that deliciousness later…


Again sorry for the horrible photo.  I’m so glad Bath & Body works kept this one around! This was my favorite last year so I got it in everything from body mist to lotion, soap & extra lotion… Don’t ask it was an accident haha!


My scented candles are amazing.  Georgia Peach is my second favorite of their new scents.  It’s really peachy.  Much like summertime air. Behind it are clothes and makeup wipes, etc.


This is my wall plug in air freshener.  I already went through all of my Watermelon Lemonade and need to go get more! 🙁


This is my new favorite thing on the planet and can be used for ANYTHING. My next blog will be a review of it and a more in depth of why I love it so much<3


These are not from my Bath & Body Works Haul, but it seemed more appropriate to add them with makeup/beauty than fashion.  I’ve never tried fake lashes before except when I’ve had them put on me by a professional makeup artist.  ELF was selling things for $1 each so I got a couple lashes, a new Face Primer and some Acne Gel from Target.


I cannot wait to try lashes though! Any tips for putting them on for the first time?


This was everything… the section dead in the middle was my hand soap, body wash and this amazing lemon scented lotion that I love but my mom hates… HAHA! I also got a bunch of hair ties in every color you can possibly imagine. Whats your favorite scent/smell for this season or Summer? x

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