Beauty Tips + Review: How to Clean Your Hair While On the Go!

We have all been in a rush to go somewhere, running late, don’t have time to fully get ready. That’s why they invented “Dry Shampoo”.  I recently went out to the store and got myself a nice set of hair products including mousse, gel, hair spray & DRY SHAMPOO. I wanted to start off with a brand I’ve known and loved in the past and I’m so glad I did because this dry shampoo IS GREAT! I’ve had so many compliments about my hair smelling GOOD when no one knows I didn’t have time to jump in the shower! I also choose this because it’s a color protection product and I love having my red hair vibrant (the store has been SOLD OUT of my color since DECEMBER so that’s why it’s really awful right now!)



Although your hair is TEMPORARILY “clean” it still needs to be styled! For us natural curly heads (lol) brushing it out and leaving it “poofy” is a real mess! I usually am able to just “add water” and my curls bounce back but sometimes they need a little help.  Although I haven’t found anything that’s passed up my FAVORITE curling revitalizer by Kimble, “Say Yes’s Coconut Curl Defining Smoother” definitely takes second place!


These two products alone did WONDERS for my dirty hair!  After applying my dry shampoo and brushing it out (which can be done in the car, etc!) Now that your hair smells GREAT and looks like a poofy lion’s main with no style what so ever, it’s time to fix it up!

IMG_6947 \IMG_6948

I got my hair wet in the sink and brushed the Curl Defining Hair Smoother into my hair.  I was originally going to give this a BAD review, but tonight I realized I just wasn’t using ENOUGH of the product! I brushed through my hair with the curling cream and decided to wait for it to dry.


The one thing I DISLIKE about it, is it kind of leaves your hair a bit “crunchy” in some places like you used gel or mousse to crunch your hair. That leaves once it’s completely dry and you start touching your hair though!




When my hair was FULLY dry, I noticed that my curls were definitely “defined” with everything from twists to spirals! This last photo was taken 3-4 hours after I was done “letting my hair dry” on my snapchat (rosependleton, but rosiesayshello has it’s own for photoshoots & events if you care to give either one a follow!) and tossed it over to get rid of the part. I’m simply in LOVE with how my curls came out! Definitely worth the price for when your curls just won’t curl or bounce, however as I said, nothing has topped the “Kimble Curling Revitalizer” but it’s sold in limited places and is quite a bit more money ($13 for 8oz bottle).


You can get the “Color Me Happy” Dry Shampoo at Herbal Essence’s site or at any local drug store / Wal-Mart. You can also get “Yes To Coconut Curl Defining Hair Smoother” at Yes To’s website or any local drug store / Wal-Mart! Kimble is sold at Sally’s Beauty Supply, JcPenney’s & online. I rarely find it in the store. What do you think? xoxo

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