DIY: Arts & Crafts w/ Maryjane

Hey everyone! So, I always used to have a little box (most of you do) to keep my sweet sweet herbal medicines in. The guy at my old liquor store would always give me his empty Swisher Sweet boxes (my favorite flavors are Peach ♥ and blueberry.  So one day I decided I wanted to change up the inside a little but I kept the outside because it was one of my favorite flavors.  I simply got one of those duct tapes that have designs (I’ve always been obsessed with zebra and used to have a zebra lighter that was fuzzy until someone stole it… now I have a beautiful little smiley face that says “Legalize It!” and a snowy red christmas themed one) anyways I choose to get zebra to match my lighter and just coated the inside of the plain white box with the tape.  You can literally choose anything you’d like to do it, you can even decorate the tape yourself by gluing glitter or sequins whatever you’d like!




After you are done and it’s dried and all finished, add all your goodies and voila! You are more than welcome to continue doing the decorating on the outside of the box as well.  Just remember that if you choose to use glitter it will be very messy and not JUST when you’re making the box when whenever you handle the box too. What do you guys keep your goodies in? I have a different box for my stuff now. It’s a cute little cheetah treasure chest box with fuzzy print on the outside and a little handle that lifts up.  You can also use these for anything you’d like! Jewelry boxes, keepsake boxes and if you go to your local gas station, smoke shop or liquor store and ask for the swisher boxes that are empty they will most likely give them to you for free! I mean… if they try to charge you for an empty box please say no and walk away… I still have my little glass bottle though (it helps with the smell). Thoughts? Ideas? Let me know in the comments below! xo

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